Rebuilding the ULTIMATE GAMING Setup: PART 3! This is getting INSANE!
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Rebuilding the ULTIMATE GAMING Setup: PART 3! This is getting INSANE!

September 1, 2019

Right so hey guys! What’s going on? My name is Alex! Welcome back to part 3 of building or rebuilding
the ultimate set up! Now, you’re probably saying: “Alex, it’s very
dark in here.” And the reason that it is dark in here – I’ve
chosen it to be dark in here – is because I want to prove a point. Hey Siri – Turn on the lights.SIRI: OK, the lights are on. ALEX: As you can see, that’s really cool. But what’s not cool is that purple glow behind
the middle monitor. Now, that purple glow behind the monitor is
powered by the series one LED from Phillips Hue. Now Phillips Hue is the ecosystem where you
can control all of the lights from your phone and wherever you are in the world. Brilliant technology. I love the stuff. I’ve got it everywhere. As you can see under here; this LED strip
under here is very, very bright. The LED strip behind here – not so bright. This is a series one. This – series two. This is series two. This is what I’m going to be installing behind
here and then we’re going to take this strip and put it under the desk to replace the standard
Amazon LEDs. So, first off, to answer a lot of the questions
that I got at the end of part 2 in the comments section where you guys were absolutely awesome
by the way – thank you for all of the suggestions on what to do with the monitors – so glad
you guys like them – one of the main questions that I got a lot was: “Alex, how are you going
to make use of that screen real estate? You’ve got so much here.” Well, as you can see, I’ve got an EdgeMAX
window open over here monitoring someone’s internet connection, I’ve got my Spotify window
open here, I’ve got a full screen browser to enjoy some YouTube videos, I’ve got my
tweet deck open – if you want to tweet me, it’s @MarzBarGaming and I’ve got a Skype
conversation open which I’ll blur out. I can easily make use of the real estate on
these screens. So, first off, let’s unbox and talk about
the Phillips Hue LEDs and a bit more about the ecosystem because I know that a lot of
you are interested in this. It’s a very, very cool thing actually. You see the attention to detail – they come
with little velcro straps to keep them in. So this is your LED strip – very thick and
very, very, very cool. Underneath here – we’ve actually got a UK
power plug; that is what I will be using today and then there’s a normal power plug so you
just take that out there wherever you are, put the new one in and off you go. So, this is your LED strip with M3 adhesive
on the back – we’ll stick that to the wall. Obviously, it comes with what’s called a controller
– this is what the LED strips plug into. This is what communicates wirelessly with
the Phillips Hue bridge which controls the whole system and then that plugs in to your
power supply. So, the first step is to remove the LED strip
that’s already there – by the way guys, if you just come around here, check out the awesome
panoramic wallpaper I’ve managed to set up. It took me so long to do this – I had to find
an image that was like 70 megapixels – got this one and it looks pretty sweet. What? I was like – what the f*** is that black thing
– please tell me it’s not spider’s eggs and it’s, erm, four ladybirds. CAMERAMAN: That’s normal. CAMERAMAN: Are you sure it’s definitely not
a silhouette? ALEX: Skilhouette. CAMERAMAN: Skiddily diddily, buck, oh it’s an H…ALEX:
Sweet, so LED strip installed behind the monitor. A lot brighter than the one before. Substantially brighter. I was thinking when I bought them – Is it
going to be worth it? Definitely worth it! So, we’ve installed the one that was there
before or under the desk as you can see – quick tip: Adhesive isn’t very good at sticking
to wood. So what I do is I stick in cable clips and
then just bend the cable clips back and then just tuck the LEDs under there and then, as
you can see, this sticky isn’t even working on these but they’re under the desk absolutely
fine because the cable clips hold them up brilliantly and they’ll be there for absolutely
years. So, the next thing, without a doubt, is we’ve
got these three, gorgeous, massive screens on the desk – we need a bit of a tidy up. I’m talking all of this stuff and, well, most
importantly the cables that are under – we don’t want cables. Now, I’m yet to decide what I’m going to be
doing with the speakers or if I’m going to be using a special monitor stand or keeping
them on the stands that come with the monitors yet. But, that’s not stopping us from tidying up
these cables and getting everything mounted to the wall behind it. Now, what I thought we could do is, instead
of me taking time to take these monitor stands that used to hold the last monitors off the
wall and, by the way, before you put in the comments section, these are nowhere near strong
enough to hold these up so that’s a no, instead of taking these off the wall, I’m actually
going to use them and what I’m going to do is use some cable ties here – I’ve got a massive
bag of them – and I’m actually going to cable tie these units to either side of these brackets. And, as you can see, we’ve made perfect use
of the monitor stand – these are mounted higher so you can’t see them below the monitors when
you’re sat at the desk – using our utilities to maximise power. OK, so, as you can see, the desk, if you just
get a bit lower down with me here – we’ve got no cables – everything’s looking really
cool and hopefully, yes – all of the monitors are on absolutely fine. But, there’s one problem – this cable, right
here, is from this extension cable. Now, what I was going to do, was run it from
below the desk down here, up here to behind the monitors and back out and then plug it
in. But I don’t want to do that because a cable
is going to be showing this side and I’m proud of this room. So – plan B – a bit of inconspicuous cable
trunking in the corner is going to bring the cable up and across. And then, once we’ve installed this, it’s
time to sort out all of this. Cue the montage. Right, so as you guys can see, right,CAMERAMAN:
I can’t get this mate. Oh! My foot!… ALEX: Right. OK, OK. CAMERAMAN: How the funk do I do this? ALEX: OK As you guys can see, I’ve got a plug
here so I’m just going to take the thing off here, I’m going to plug it in here and all
I’m going to do is… CAMERAMAN: … is cut off the power (!)ALEX: OK, that was meant
to happen. CAMERAMAN: No it wasn’t! ALEX: What I’m going to do with this is route
it through here and then the end goal with this is to plug it into that and then, the
end goal with this, is to plug it into this nice piece here, this five, errr, five USB
port charge. So, what we’re going to do, is plug that in
there like that and now, when I’ve got anyone coming around, all they have to do to charge
their devices is plug into the USB port here. Simple as and what we can do with this is… I don’t know what to do with it actually. Probably best to put it up there really, hadn’t
we? There we go. So Corsair gave us a shout and they said:
“Alex, we know that you’re currently doing the ultimate set up. Do you want – we know about your desk, it’s
pretty cool – is there anything we can do? I said about a wireless keyboard – I don’t
know how relevant it is now but down here, they sent me the MM800 RGB mouse mat. Now, I’m pretty sure that this is going to
be replacing this Mionix extended mouse mat to make the whole thing look a lot cleaner. So this is really, really cool. I need to decide what mouse I’m going to be
using. Brilliant! I hope you guys really like it when we have
the third perspective doing this series. I think it’s really cool. You guys seemed to like it in the first episode
so I thought that I’d bring it back for episode 3. Right, let’s have a little run-down of the
set up, shall we? Let’s see, let’s see where we are. Cable management looking perfect. Phillips Hue version 2 LED installed here. Previous cheap LED strip taken out from under
the desk and replaced with the old Phillips Hue strip that used to be here. Back of the desk is cable managed so nothing’s
falling down. And we’ve tested out this mouse mat. It’s been a week but guys, welcome back to,
well, part 2 of part 3 of rebuilding the ultimate set up. Let’s have a chat. So, last time, we had someone else filming
us – I know you guys kind of like that style. Unfortunately we can’t do that all of the
time – I’ll just try and get it done when we can get that done. But we unboxed this last time and we put it
on the desk next to my massive, extended mouse mat which, in one of my vlogs, I took away. So now, the whole thing is looking a lot more
streamlined and a lot more slick. And I like that. Right, it’s time to do something that I’ve
wanted to do for a very, very long time. And that is… Out of this whole desk, all of the peripherals
on it, all of them made by Corsair. M65 Pro mouse from Corsair. Right, let’s get this bad boy plugged in. Lucky it has this inbuilt cable management
thing so that I can just sort of – there we go – everything now on the desk is Corsair. And for some reason my computer restarted
itself, that’s not good. So now, with everything being Corsair, you
can do really cool things like these lighting effects and they all carry over to the mouse
and keyboard and the mouse mat. Now, the next thing to deal with – the speakers. I have my KRK Rocket 5 speakers below, behind
each monitor at the moment. One left and one right. Which, if you’re in to your sound isn’t what
you want – let me tell you the goals for sound. OK, so the main goal isn’t much to do with
the mid-range, or woofer drivers, it’s more to do with the dome tweeter which is this
bit. Now, there’s lots of things that specify good
speaker placement but one of the main ones in my opinion is making sure that the silk
dome tweeters when you’re sat in your optimum position at the desk are facing your ear. The left in your left ear and the right in
the right ear. Simple as that. And we can’t do that with the speakers sat
behind the monitors. Now, if you’re an avid watcher of my daily
vlogs, you’ll know that it’s been quite difficult to try and get speaker stands that work. I wanted the speakers to be just above the
monitors like so. The only problem is getting rid of these cables. Now, hiding these big cables isn’t much of
a problem on that side – it’s more of a problem on this side because, well, when I’m in bed,
I don’t want to be seeing that so I’m going to have to try and feed myself as much speaker
cable and there we go. That’s looking much nicer and a lot more professional. So guys, as far as the front of the desk is
concerned, wow! Guys, I think that we have absolutely nailed
the front of this desk. All that’s left now is to add some personal
touches but they’ll be coming in the next episode. I’ve enjoyed putting this episode together
so much guys. It would mean the world to me if you could
share it with a friend and slap a like rating on it. But for now, my name’s been Alex, all the
product links are in the description and I’ll catch you in the next episode. Adios.

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  1. I just wanted to randomly say this…his PC I noticed was in one of his 2 closets, wow, I'm amazed, creativity at its work, and saving more space ^_^

  2. The editing on this was wayyy rushed dude, the music overlaps are bad :// did you wanna get it done before you took a shit? lmao feel like it could've used a bit more work, you've done better

  3. Sorry but big fail on the speakers
    You go to so much work to hide the cables but that just makes the cable that is left much more visible and irritating [email protected]:32
    Plus the speakers are tilted forward and tilted to the side.
    Eagerly waiting when you fix this in Phase 3

  4. i was about to comment about how shitty the editing was, then I saw 90% of the comments are saying the same thing.

  5. I have been think of drilling a hole inside my desk and running my mouse and keyboard wire trough the hole but because I play a lot of CSGO so I wonder will it affect my mouse cable when I move it around?

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