Rebuilding the Ultimate Gaming Setup: Part 1! The Computer ROOM!
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Rebuilding the Ultimate Gaming Setup: Part 1! The Computer ROOM!

August 22, 2019

Right, so, hey guys, what’s going on? My name is Alex and welcome to “rebuilding
the ultimate set up part 1.” Let’s do this! So, the only thing that I’ve bought so far
is, well, these two lamps because I bought these for the office and Ikea actually sent
me more lamps than I bought so that’s great because we can use them for this set up. Second thing – hope you guys like the new
style. You guys are going to be following me around
like this. I’m not holding the camera. It’s just magically following me. How amazing is that! So, great news to start off episode 1 – LG
have actually said that they’re going to send me two more of those curved monitors so that’s
brilliant – we’re going to have three of those bad boys out there on the desk. But we’re not going to be touching the desk
in the first episode – the first episode and probably the second episode is going to be
all about this room. We need to put some new shelving in here and
we need to get rid of this white, horrible stuff. By the way guys, this is an interactive series
– click the link in the description and you can tell me what you want me to do with the
room and I will pick the best options – so far, the best one I’ve seen for this room
was to get rid of these white shelves and put in some nice, bespoke shelving units. We’re going to try and do that today – we’ve
got some things to overcome like this horrible wall, this amp is really heavy so we’re going
to have to get some proper shelving and do it properly. Let’s go to Homebase and pick up some bits! Told you – should have done this earlier! Oh no. Here we go – we’re here. Down here, this is what I wanted to get. This is what we saw the other day and we think
that this might work. It was these brackets here. But they’re really expensive. Like, ridiculously expensive. But, they look like they’ll be perfect. That’s how big it is at the moment and then
this is going to be an extra long bit like that. So, we need one, two, three, four. This is going to be holding these up. We need some small, little screws that are
going to go into the wood. Does that one work? 15 kilograms. Watch this, look – “Yeah, Alex, you weakling,
you’re not going to be able to pick this up are you?” Well, you guys don’t know how heavy this is. So, don’t take the mick when I can’t lift
this up. SHOP ASSISTANT: Do you want a trolley? ALEX: I’m alright mate. CAMERAMAN: Slowly. ALEX: I might need that for VAT purposes.ALEX: What
are you on about – “Minis don’t have a good boot.”? I’ve got all of that in there absolutely fine. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Oh yeah, can I get, errr, a plain, double
cheese burger please. She’s broken down in front!ALEX: OK, so I don’t really
know where I’m going to start with this because, at the end of the day, we have to take all
of this kit off here and, right at the top, I’ve got my Apple TV, I’ve got my amplifier,
I’ve got Sky boxes – this is all stuff that I use on a regular basis i.e. I’m going to want to use them later tonight
so today, we are going to have to get all of this sorted. So, I’ve just realised that, on the wall,
there’s actually these things here which are, yeah, these are holding it up, these units
at the moment. So, I can use these as the support for the
new bits of wood that we’re going to put in because they are substantially heavier and
better quality than these bits of MDF that are in here at the moment. So, without further ado – let’s take all of
this stuff off the shelves.ALEX: I’m
laughing like that guy that got tickledMAN BEHIND CAMERA: Tickle, tickle,tickle. MAN IN FRONT OF CAMERA: Stop it! I’m ticklish! MAN BEHIND CAMERA: Tickle, tickle. MAN IN FRONT OF CAMERA LAUGHS IN A SIMILARLY
GASPY MANNER.Right, so in this video, we’re going to have
two different styles – obviously, earlier, I was being followed around with a camera. Now I’m doing it the way I used to where I
used to do all of the camera shots myself and stuff. So, for the remainder of this video, I’m going
to be behind the camera and also doing the practical work. Let me know what you like better down in the
comments section down below. But let me tell you, for now, where we’re
at with this. So, this is what the plan is at the moment. We have, well, I’ve taken most of the shelves
out, right here. As you can see, before we had one, two, three,
four, five, six shelves. This time, I’m only going to have three or
four shelves which means – the top shelf had a Sky box on it and this shelf had a Sonos
unit on it. Sky boxes take care of television and the
Sonos unit – I don’t know where it’s gone – there it is – that takes care of pushing
audio to the speakers in the bathroom. So these units – the Sonos unit and the Sky
boxes don’t actually need to be on show so I’m going to hide those up in the loft. That lets us free up two shelves which leaves
us with, well, four shelves left. We’ve got enough shelves now which is brilliant. Not to mention that the new shelves are a
lot longer than these are. I am going to be using one of the shelves
for this computer though so that leaves us three shelves for here, one shelf for here. Right, I’m taking this board out right now
and obviously this computer is being very shoddily held up by this board so I’m not
100% sure what I’m going to do about that just yet. I think that I need to unplug the computer. Oh! OK, so I’m in the loft right now – I’ve got
a Sky box in my hand and I’ve got another Sky box down here and I’ve got the Sonos down
here. This is going to be the set up for, for this. Right now. So, as you can see here, I’ve got a Sky Q
box – next to that I’ve got Sonos and then I’ve got the Sky mini box which has an HDMI
splitter which sends it off to the kitchen and the master bedroom. This box goes down to the main TV room and
just serves the main TV room via the HDMI cable. And then, obviously, I’ve got the Sonos there
which the speaker cables go over to my – my bathroom speakers which are in each end of
the bathroom and, as you can see, all of them have a CAT 6 ethernet cable which runs down
there, down there, back into the server room and connects it into the TP-LINK 16 port switch
so everything has gigabit connection. Now, all of this is up here and it’s out of
the way down there because, this equipment, you don’t really need to touch it. The remote controls do all of the work. Right, so I’ve got our new boards here and
they look absolutely gorgeous. So, what I’m thinking, is, if we go like this,
and have a board there, right, OK, let me think about this. You see now, this is where the trouble lies
– you see this wall – it’s fake. So, you have to use these special screws,
right, that go into the wall. Like, you put these into the wall – I keep
dropping them – you put them into the wall and then, as you screw them in, this bit goes
really wide and tightens itself into the wall. Now, I’ve bought this new tool to help me
do this. Usually, you’re just meant to screw them in
but this tool is meant to do a sick job at it. And then… Just kind of… And that’s it. Eh, eh, eh – this is the moment of truth this
is. This is the moment of truth. Oh, he’s nailed it boys. Brilliant, I’ve managed to put the computer
and the two games consoles on the table. One thing I figured that I’m not happy with
is, well, you can see that black cable behind there. That is the cable that’s powering the computer,
the kettle plug which comes down here and plugs into here. But I don’t like seeing that. And there’s only one thing that we can do
to solve that. And now, as you can see, this absolutely gorgeous
bespoke cutting job, from MarzDesigns renders this cable invisible behind the consoles and
now the computer can sit here and our cable can come up here. 11:47 PM. I started filming today’s episode at 3:30
PM. That means that we’ve been filming for over
6 hours. And still not even finished. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, it’s just not finished
yet is it really. So, I’m going to finish off this episode tomorrow
morning. Good afternoon guys and welcome to, well,
part 2 or day 2 of part 1 of redoing the ultimate set up. Part 1 – I’ve already said that. So this is where we left off yesterday evening
at quarter to midnight. I wasn’t happy with all of this here. I need to paint over these and I need to take
these things off the wall. And I think I’ve got a solution which will
let us take this bottom shelf out. I went to pick up some bits this morning on
the vlog. Let me show you what I got. So I bought this cable tidy unit. It was like a tenner or something, right. I bought some ethernet cables and I bought
some cable trunking. Do you guys want to see something really cute,
look? This is my cat – you alright mate – how are
you doing? So, what I thought we could do is, with this
cable box here, I thought what I could possibly do is, well, it depends how this thing works
really. Right, OK, so what I thought we could do with
it is drill it to the wall about here, right inside it and then just go ahead and put the
lid on it. Right guys, it’s all finished! I’ve finished it! It looks absolutely amazing! This has taken two days and you may think
that this is mental taking two days to put two shelves up but it’s been a lot more than
that and I hope that that’s come across in the video. But, guys, if you just want to take a look
at this – I’ll try and give you a walk-through of what we’ve done here in part 1. So, if you look at me at the start of this
video, this is what this room looked like – it was small and it was just a mess. It just didn’t look nice. It just wasn’t visually appealing. And the whole reason that I wanted to change
that room is because, well, we’re obviously redoing the ultimate set up part here but
the ultimate set up isn’t just this – isn’t just what it looks like on the front. We’ve also got to show off the back end – pardon
the pun. I mean, legitimately, this is where all the
magic happens. This is where the computers and the consoles
and the amplifier things live. This is what makes this – all that in there
– makes this all work. Without that in there, this is nothing. So, you can’t neglect this bit. So what we’ve done here is we have taken down
the horrible, white shelves and we’ve installed two beautiful wooden shelves in this room. We’ve installed ethernet cables and power
cables down here to all of the devices – every single one of these devices, including the
Apple TV, is hard-wired, CAT-6 ethernet, to the switch. We’ve done a cable tidy box, mounted it to
the wall and we’ve also got out surge protector there with no cables showing. And everything just goes where it needs to
go. I programmed the amplifier so if it says “Gcast,”
the Google Chrome cast is on the TV and if you change it to “Apple TV,” bad-a-boom, there’s
the Apple TV. I’ve cable managed all of the cables that
come out from the keyboard and mouse and all of the things under the desk and I’m just
going to leave this one as-is. The X-box 360 and X-box one are all wired
up and connected to the amplifier and they also connect into the Elgato HD60 capture
card, ready for live streaming. Guys, we’ve just finished part 1 – I really
do hope that you have enjoyed it. Pretty much, part 2 is going to be exactly
the same thing that we’ve done here but for this side of the room. And then, we’ve got to design the drone wall
which is going to go in the middle. Here’s the plan so far – on those shelves,
I have all of my networking gear all organised and then, in the middle, we have the drones. That’s going to be the next episode. So guys, if you have enjoyed this series,
please make sure you smash a like rating on it and if you’re new around here, get subscribed
to the channel and be sure to give me your feedback on the Qutee page in the link in
the description. As for now though – my name’s been Alex, this
has been part 1 of redoing the ultimate set up and I’ll see you in the next part. Adios.

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