Rebecca Long-Bailey criticises Tory police cuts after London Bridge attack
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Rebecca Long-Bailey criticises Tory police cuts after London Bridge attack

December 2, 2019

Well, I think today’s event was horrific and
it will alter the lives of people involved forever. Not to mention the families who were
affected by the two people who were tragically killed and our hearts
and our prayers are with them all. And of course, as I’ve already paid tribute
to the amazing police for their response and those passers by who intervened. But this was an extreme events. But we cannot ignore that over recent years. Certainly the last five years, we’ve seen
increases in violent crime right across the country. At the same time, since 2010, we’ve seen over
20000 police officers cut from frontline services. So it’s right to recognise that that
would have a direct impact. And of course, we’ve got to invest more
in community neighbourhood policing and Labour has pledged to do that. The eyes and ears of our communities. We’ve also got to invest in counter
terrorism measures.

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  1. Talk about bad taste and bottom of the barrel political opportunism. Using the deaths of people in a terrorist attack to score political points against the opposition. Shame On You!

  2. Counter terrorism messures….. Don't let people into Britain who don't want to be british. Tony Blair shouldn't of got rid of hanging for treason. Let the Europeans take people who don't want to be british.

  3. the tories have blood on their hands for down sizing the police force; there never seems to be a shortage of coppers in the whitehall area, however.
    if the uk hadn't attacked iraq those people who died today, would still be alive.
    incidentally, jeremy corbyn was opposed to the war in iraq.

  4. Corybn will lay flowers at the terrorist grave and lock up the policeman for shooting his voter before an election. Sure his postal vote will still be registered for Labour.

  5. Of course we need more police, and the Conservatives should be doing more. But the opposition just lean on the police issue to shamelessly score points, instead of proposing solutions of their own. Violent crime and terrorism are issues that need tackling at the root. The majority of the public do not believe that Labour, or any party besides the Conservatives will be tougher on these issues. The party that makes our justice system strong again will win over the public. One thing’s for sure, people are fed up of Sadiq Khan’s generic and heartless speeches about crime in London. Labour would do well to get rid of him, for their sake I hope they finally do.

  6. Really using a terror attack right after it ended to score political points, how low can you go, the victims are not even buried yet, but we got people already trying to use it to gain votes.

  7. Ironic that the Labour representative has the unmitigated gall to blame this on any party but her own. We all know what demographics keep Corbyn going ?

  8. Hahaha yes Beccy because more men with truncheons would have stopped an armed terrorist.
    Your own leader and shadow home secretary doesn't want armed response units!
    Get a grip!

  9. Wayne and Garth are playing hockey in the street. Camera zooms in on the dolls head that is placed on the end of Garths hockey stick. Its Rebecca Long-Bailey.

  10. Long Bailey! …..One can’t take her serious just like most of the Labour Front Bench. They are all simply incompetent liars.

  11. If you can never face the problem you will never solve it. Contagious problem with politicians! Panama papers+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  12. wow how disgusting to use this attack as a way to get at the conservatives, no amount of police could stop this type of attack

  13. Even before they disclosed the name, it was obvious for anyone with a brain that the person responsible for this is called Khan.

  14. labour pledge more police but also pledged open boarders and mass 3rd world immigration

  15. Yes and if that maniac corbyne gets power he will bring thousands over to do the same,and we all know he loves terrorist's.

  16. Yes Labour will really curb this issue won't they. If every second person was a policeman it wouldn't have stopped this, unless of course you introduce stop and search for knives, which as far as I can see Khan and the Labour party don't want.

  17. That's rich comming from the party of open borders cupcake you got any shame this is why we can't let corbyn turn this great country into a Venezuela.20

  18. Shocking, only labour can use this horrible event to score political points.. Rebecca, what didn't you get when Boris said he is now recruiting new police officers. If i was you i would probably pay more attention to labours proposals for lots and lots of free movement..

  19. This is what happens when you elect low intelligent people to parliament, she failed to mention that this attack happened in the worlds number one stab city, run by another very unintelligent person Mr Khan.

  20. FYI Labour's increased Police pledge also includes a reduced working week for all officers resulting in a 13 percent reduction of bobbies on the beat.

  21. Also the airport's… I tried going to the USA and I'm a born bread UK citizen and they sent me back to the UK… Be more like the us with open carry laws

  22. Anyone can enter the UK even walking off the plan withe a gun my friend did it and he's from the us (open carry law) and still let him in thank fully he's no threat, but how does anyone else know

  23. Labour opened the flood gates the three stooges. Blair Brown and Prescott and the joker in the pack are to blame. Who sent us in to war Blair that’s why we have the London Bridge attacks. And the terrorist Corbyn want an even more open door policy.

  24. No level too low for this scummy bunch to sink to? This was a failure of the judiciary and the prison service. Nothing to do with policing. This arsehole should never have been let out of prison on a tag.

  25. ROLL ON NO DEAL BREXIT! When our intelligence services cut ties with those of the EU!! Errr… maybe not such a great idea….

  26. Fancy using the death of two poor people for party political gains . Rebecca Long Bailey you have to step down . What an awful person

  27. Not sure having a bigger budget would have got police to the scene any quicker, unless you intend on building a police station on the bridge.
    Or invest in a Minority Report style pre-crime initiative.

  28. What a nasty individual, trying to make a political point when two people have died. It has nothing whatsoever to do with police cuts. Truly amazing.

  29. Modern politicians are programmed to never miss an opportunity. No situation is too tragic for a quick party political point. Then they complain they're the subject of abuse from voters who don't respect their humanity.

  30. Exactly what I said yesterday on YouTube."I bet Labour blame the Tories". Nobody should vote Liebour after her comments.

  31. Hello the policy should be plain and simple you come into our house hurt or kill our family you will be exterminated no stop in prison

  32. Was it just me that didn't hear Corbyn utter the any mention of "Condemning" of the attack on London Bridge, I am sure he didn't mention it in anyway.

  33. Nothing to do with police shortages everything to do with Liberal left human rights policies and a weak criminal justice system which puts the British public at risk. This individual was a convicted terrorist who was given an indeterminate sentence due to the gravity of the devastation he and his co-accused were plotting to unleash in London. A high court appeal and lots of human rights lawyers and academics have facilitated his release and now two innocent individuals lie butchered in the morgue, their families in shock, and as usual the system will protect those individuals who triggered the chain of events leading up to this terrorist atrocity and signed this psychopath as safe to be amongst civilised people.

  34. For those who aren't aware.. In the USA, if a person brandishes a knife in public and the police say to drop it, if the person doesn't, then they die. Period. No questions asked. You're dead.

  35. The hyper division of neoliberalism….. what could possibly go wrong?
    create enough economic dysfunction and the cracks of social division widen and stupid easily groomed nihilists will obtain their egocentric narcisist moment of supreme self importance and cause us all harm.
    Why is the middle class administering our entire species intyo the ecological abyss?
    Why isn't the middle class declared the most dangerous and destructive terrorist organisation in the world?

  36. Labour and Khan want us to hand over money if we don't want to be killed by their supporters. That used to be called extortion, protection racketeering or armed robbery didn't it?

  37. As usual labour completely out of touch . The recent terrorist attack was nothing to do with police numbers . He was a convicted , dangerous terrorist let out early because we are too soft on violent offenders. Lock em up and throw away the key .

  38. People have died ….but she use this as an opportunity to make a party political broadcast, sick ,It makes my stomach turn

  39. Police cuts didn't help but neither has multiculturalism, the tolerance of extremist preaching in so many Mosques etc etc.

  40. Tories criticised over police cuts in wake of London Bridge attack ►

  41. I thought it was Boris who was insensitive and callous for using the murders for political purposes?
    She got straight in there. Disgusting.

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