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  1. I hate how Dean always has to put a disclaimer on the end of every video that makes fun of either MSN or BBC. Jesus, if you can't take a little joke about your team/player, why are you even watching parody videos FFS. Kids nowadays !! SMH

  2. The difference between them was 2 goals, now it's 20!
    Ronaldo 120, Messi 100.
    Man, these last years Ronaldo took a giant leap over Messi.

  3. I have a question. U make a parody when u think a team they lose win? And u make a parody of the team wins and too thinking he gonna lose?

  4. My favorite fock crak cr7 jajajajajajajja rey historic greetings from mexico monterrey nuevo leon i am tiger futbool soocer gigñac frances tiger histórico 114 goals ??☻??

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