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August 10, 2019

hey there buddy its pop-pop Jade here
and I want to let you guys know that this video was sponsored by Mattel who
helped us create an amazing Jurassic world see buddy easy so sit back relax
and enjoy some dinosaur fun Logan you never heard of fly all right
let’s just calm down and take a breather Jake now Logan was that you know exactly
what that is that’s the t-rex come around this way t-bags buddy what do you
mean and why are you talking in that voice talking like this because I’m a
dinosaur trainer Logan you need to get out of here and you need to run as fast
and as far as you can Jake I’m eating my cereal I’m not going anywhere
I’ll defend you with my Stegosaurus he’s got a forward-facing attack with his
head and a deadly back attack with his tail now strength wise he’ll be pretty
good but speed speed will be a problem against the t-rex and since when did you
become a dinosaur expert right here on the diner bravas collector card each
dinosaur comes with one of these and it details their stats as well as their
abilities okay your milk Logan but what I do know is if
you want to find out more info on your dinosaur you can actually download the
Jurassic world facts app on iOS as well as Android and then simply scan the
bottom of your dinosaurs feetsies to add them into the app and get tons more info
that’s actually pretty sweet but Jake earlier you mentioned a t-rex rocky
alright looks like he’s coming right this way do something my cereal my
second source has got this that was sweet
social – came to the rescue t-rex almost ruined our breakfast yeah it did the day
before so what’s call the table phone yeah what
do you mean real Jurassic world I’m talking about an island with real
dinosaurs can you help me yeah yeah I don’t know I I’m I’m very knowledgeable
of dinosaurs III know t-rex Stegosaurus you know a lot of them yes both me and
Logan are doctors and scientists we’re doctors asses perfect
meet me on my island off the coast of Costa Rica nice yeah we’ll be there
we’ll be there right away okay thank you thank you no this is this is a great
honor thank you so much dude I just got a call from a guy that has a real life
Jurassic world and he needs our help with some sort of egg incubation issue
they’re having real dinosaurs Logan this sounds like a scam phone come on Olaf
Logan I know this is real this is real plus Jake how are we gonna get to the
coast of Costa Rica little bit if your credit card Logan and I might have
bought us a little helicopter Jake you use my credit card are you serious not
my credit card here we’re actually here guys check this
out this is the entrance though real entrance jeez I thought we were going to
a beach in Costa Rica do a million times we’re not going to a beach we’re going
to Jurassic world as a thousand times better there’s real dinosaurs beyond
this wall that we get to check out now look guys the scientist wants us to meet
them in the incubation chamber that’s it at the other end of the island which
means we get to do a little bit of sightseeing on our way there and it
looks like they provided us with a vehicle I get driver’s seat Jake is the
door gonna open I don’t know if maybe maybe we need to start start the ride or
something uh welcome to your ass over please keep your hands inside the ride
at all times do not touch or interact with any of the dinosaurs all right whoa
what is this place they are island filled with dinosaurs
it’s a baby Velociraptor Jake she said don’t get out of the car looks just fine
like that’s here hey buddy Jake what are you doing just one minute
man I’ve never seen the time sir okay easy there easy there all right no this
is why I brought my own clicker never seen the movies Logan use one of these
hey hey hey look at me I’m doing a tree yeah you want a treat okay all right Oh
tree pray open up day to go it’s a real dinosaur something Bad’s gonna happen I
can just feel it watch every single Jurassic Park movie I know exactly how
to handle dinosaurs they’re just like big cats right you never heard of fly
I’m gonna name you Billy okay your new name is Billy guys
everyone in the comments call me I love Billy cuz he’s very cute you aren’t you
cute Billy did you know all right Billy you got to go back with this yes I’m
gonna come back I’m gonna come back Billy hey Billy I’m gonna come back okay
but for now we got to go continue this tour so you’re gonna go back in here
okay all right I’ll be back for you Billy
I know don’t be mad all right well that was pretty sweet let’s keep going on see
what’s in the next cage it looks a little bit bigger this might be the mom okay well at least it’s behind okay okay
that is the most important thing this thing is behind the cage cannot hurt us
Jake shouldn’t we just meet up with the scientists now okay
so let’s get going this should be the laboratory this is where they’re
incubating all the eggs park the car up here okay it looks like
this is the lap come on guys let’s go meet the scientists wow this is really
make all the dinosaurs hello Papa Jane wait you look awfully familiar have we
met before no no we’ve never met I just know of
your work and your superior knowledge about dinosaurs which is why I called
you to my lab yeah well you’ve got that right and we’ve
already had a chance to look around the park I mean this place is amazing see
real like dinosaurs pirates William
they’re very deadly that’s why they must be kept behind cages so how do you bring
dinosaurs back to life well you see back at my earlier days I did lots of
experimenting with dinosaur DNA you extract the DNA from the fossil and then
inject them into these eggs to be incubated Oh looks like this one’s about
to hatch right now so you you you have a baby dinosaur okay what we wore back
back to the main question what do you need us to do exactly which brings me to
my next point I’ve been having trouble extracting the
DNA of a cheer s you see this is the sample I’ve been
using but I haven’t been able uh as I was saying I’ve been having trouble
extracting the DNA from this t-rex sample that’s why I thought your
scientist expertise would come in yeah yeah or our scientific knowledge
combined we most definitely we’re two scientists this put put the gloves on
cuz we’re ready to science it up in here oh well I grab some lunch why don’t you
two get to where did you go to enjoy your lunch and we will do this okay well
I guess we’ll just start extracting the t-rex DNA
yeah I guess so just wow I never think guys see dinosaur eggs in real life okay
well it shouldn’t be too hard right guys I mean he’s just the thing is behind an
electrical fence otherwise we would be in a lot of trouble but let’s let’s just
focus on the task at hand here we have our t-rex DNA oh that’s kind of gross
okay yeah we just need to extract the DNA from the sample oh no no no Jake
what did you just do with the t-rex DNA ah I might have dropped it a little a
little okay that’s okay that’s okay plus the Stars collected here gee what
was that what are you doing you mean that wasn’t you you touched the table
and it broke these eggs are super fragile Oh Logan
Logan this one’s moving little buddy tooth look it’s a baby Raptor no no I’m
sure it’s fine look look look let’s just let’s just uh get some of the science
stuff look we can’t look like but don’t know what we’re doing here look we tried
then this was all worth it otherwise he’s gonna know we’re just fake
scientists put the DNA and I don’t know what to do what I what are you doing oh
I can’t have him come back yours and see the t-rex DNA all over the place it’s
just flashlights get in here okay all right let’s just
calm down and take a breather Jake Jake what’s going on turn the light
off no drop a flashlight what’s going on hello doctor doctor the
power went out didn’t the doctor say that that was an
electric fence power went out so you must have gone wrong maybe is it
generate here look we gotta find you talk to you so um what happened
this looks like it’s some sort of vehicle maybe we can use this to find
the doctor or Mona if that Raptor was able to get out then the others would be
too this isn’t good let’s go come on watch the door lock the door do you
anything secure I don’t know I sort of order take their foot they start the
bars out the car and should be on now all right feelin steering well we need
to get out of here hi Jake I’m gonna start driving okay if the powers got out
we need to find the generator and hopefully find another way to turn the
power back on I don’t know where the doctors gone to but thankfully we found
this tank and we should be safe in here Boyle are we slowing down no no keep
pushing on the gas I am Jake I am but it’s just slowing down no no no no must
be the engine we must have been pushing this thing too hard I think we’re at a
complete stop now I got it go on look at the engine take some of these tools
watch my back the powers down then there’s nothing
keeping them inside you think it looks like there’s smoke man we really cook
the engine all right I’ll try to fix it I can’t really see through here you know
I’m gonna need to go around the side look it looks like the back of the
vehicle has another entrance to the engine to the bars man we really put a
number on this engine take the station to panel off here wait Logan was like
Logan was that you look is a wedding your right side
what do you mean this a raptor outside pull this here short drive drive drive
it on it all right that’s what we need to do now
is figure out why the powers gone off did someone do this or is this some sort
of accident I don’t know let us know what you guys think and more importantly
we need to find this power station I know we’re up against Raptors right now
but there were a lot more dinosaurs in this park and they all could be roaming
around we need to be extremely careful but before we go guys I want to give
another huge thanks to Mattel for sponsoring this video and helping us
make this happen but we need to figure out a way to get ourselves out of here
see you guys next time

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