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August 11, 2019

it is opening day at Papa jakester
burger and burgers associates of burgers sir can I see you received an order Jake
I don’t have a receipt this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back
here who’s flipping the burgers come on boss how can that be out of beatbox
don’t my gonna play for tonight if I don’t have to brand your skin no one’s
gonna think I’m cool get some feed buck somehow I need to figure out a way that
I can get some B bus this is an emergency this this is an emergency
Logan Jake what’s going on where the feed box on for tonight Volken papa Jake
doesn’t have much left over no one’s gonna think I’m cool what can we do
focus Jake you know that’s not the end of the world you don’t need the new skin
to play for a night well can sometimes I think you’re
talking crazy of course they need the new skin to play for tonight we need
some sort of get rich quick feedback scheme it’s gotta be something we can do
we need like a lemonade stand but bigger people don’t eat lemons anymore Logan
the hamburgers wait dirty burger their burgers the Hader
burgers okay hoping this might be crazy but I have an idea what if we go into
the games and we purchase a franchise of dirt burgers and sell them in our very
own der burger box world will be rolling envy bucks everyone playing for net it’s
gonna get hungry and want to come over to our burger restaurant and get some
fresh burgers Jake sometimes I think you’re
actually insane would have insane person take a micro transponder radiator to put
myself into the game to ask the owner of der burger if I could make it do a
burger in real life what no that doesn’t sound like an insane person
sounds like a super cool person here we go tell me give my very own der burger
restaurant damn brigadiere we could do if we could do could you do okay hello
hello are you at home I’m here to purchase at a very good and
by that I mean you’re der burger restaurant and pop pop a what you can’t
just buy a der burger they’re not for sale okay hey what if I do this a wiggle
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
Oh wake up what are you doing don’t please please stop that putter such
brooches don’t want to see any more of that
hey wait what what did they give you a 2-meter Oh is that a real tomato okay if you can
have the restaurant if you could have the name everything I could just have
that tomater that’s all yours if I can have the restaurant it’s the best news
I’ve heard all day I can’t wait to tell Logan I’m in business my own dur burger
I got a dinner burger Tudor burger I got a Durr burger and we are back
today guys it is an awesome day because today we are doing something I have been
wanting to do ever since I first started playing for tonight and that is we are
making our very own dirt burger look Logan’s driving around in a go-kart look
what do you do is you know ok Logan’s comes but guys we are gonna be making
our very own dirt burger so that we can get some bucks because we want to buy
all of the awesome for tonight skins it in order to do that we gotta make some
some V bugs and five selling burgers so that’s exactly what we’re doing today
we’re actually gonna be converting the candy factory box 4 into a derp burger
box board we’re gonna have our own slurp juice dispenser we’re gonna have our own
fry cooker we’re gonna have a place to make burgers it is gonna be awesome and
I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it also I do want to say guys big
shout out to all of you guys who have been hitting that notification button
all of you guys hitting the bell button down below the notification squad is
growing and it is getting super super huge thank you guys so very much if you
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right I’m gonna go chase after Logan and grab some cardboard and then I think
we’re gonna start building this thing because I’m super excited and I can’t
wait to make hamburgers Logan if you ever made a hamburger before ok well I
have this is gonna be fun this is what we’re starting with and what we’re
basically gonna do is we’re gonna start by converting this box for it so we’ve
got a lot of work to do I kind of want to go for like an open concept box where
you know you have to have the cash register you gotta have the deep fryer
exactly deep fryers weed a place to make the patties like to cook them and flip
them and stuff and we can’t forget the slurp juice area we should get like a
slurp slushy machine going who do that would be awesome alright
guys so before we can actually get to all of that we need to start building so
we are going to start working on this got it and then we can start expanding
it and then of course going for the der burger theme so let’s start alright guys
so check this out the fort is coming along and it is looking six fill it in I
think about putting like some tables around now we still gotta put a roof on
cuz as you can see there’s no roof at all and we’ve got a life the entire
place and decorate it but we’re getting closer to making some super yummy der
burgers which I’m pretty excited about I think Logan’s can be taking over the
slurp juice station and then we’re gonna be pretty close serving our first der
burger alright guys check this out I made the der burger sign a deep-fryer
machine yeah do forget some deep-fried french fries up in here so I did get the
deep fryer go so no cookies like soap you bring them out and then we’ll have
some nice dirt burger fries that’s true you gotta get rid of the case eyes we’re
also gonna get the der burger menu up and we need some custom der burger you
know fry holders drink holders burger holders lot good stuff and I still need
to work on the actual like burger cooking drill thing cuz then we can’t
cook burgers so this logo a lot to do guys but we are making our way and we’re
getting ever closer to making some extra juicy der burgers so you this place is
looking so cool we already have the deep fryers going but now we got our grill as
well as a bunch of derp burger signs all over including the menu I’m working
right now on a table where you can eat your nice delicious burger but yeah guys
we’re almost ready to make our first der burger we got a few more things to add
to the sport and a little bit more touching up of but then we can
officially open for business and start making some juicy burgers still have no
clue on how to make a burger but I can make a mean slurp juice but guys that’s
what matters our not guarantee I here at der burger that
you’re getting a hundred percent meat or a hundred percent of anything but what
we can guarantee it’s gonna be a hundred percent yummy all right guys it is
finally time it is opening day at Papa jakester burger and burgers Associates
of burgers because we have officially completed our der burger box board and
this thing looks so cool I can’t wait to show you guys inside and show you what
we dump the place so uh why don’t we head in the front door as you would if
you’re a brand new guests to the der burger of course checking out our
beautiful der burger sign you guys know you’re getting a quality burger when you
have a sign like this but let’s go let’s go inside here and check out the dirt
burger so this is the front entrance this is what you would come in right
away guys you were brought in to our dirt burger now here is the cash where
you of course pay with v bucks order some nice delicious der burgers
we got a menu here so burgers are 10 v bucks fries are 5 V bucks and a slurp is
20 V bucks I think that’s a fair price to charge we also have well one table
because knowing for that you’re gonna be out running around you’re not really
gonna sit down and eat your bare burger here but we do have a table but I’ll
bring you guys into the back here and show you where the magic happens so back
here behind the cash I would simply take your order so sir what would you like uh
I’ll have one der burger can I offer you some der burger fries an extra five
bucks plus I’ll throw in a drink for 20 people that’s der burger deal right
there so first things first we’re gonna go over to the Fry’s section here and
start making some of our der burger fries now we’re gonna put these in the
two fryer here you want to make sure the fries get nice and crispy that’s the
durbur your special so the cries are gonna be cooking here
you can hear them sizzling I’ll tell you know the fries are good take them out
here all right take you some derp burger fries of course we’ve got our derp
burger themed fry holder here that’s the derp burger premium right
here these are premium derp burger fries so I’m gonna bring these over here while
I get your hamburger ready now this is where we make the derp burgers
themselves okay so this is actually the hamburger cooking station I’ve got some
hamburgers here already started because we make them fresh never frozen and
they’re always fresh to put on because you can hear that sizzle that’s how you
know they’re good now you might be noticing they are a little bit thin
that’s okay because they’re super tasty so we’re gonna flip them around here
make sure they get all nice and cooked up here what would you like on your
burgers I’ll have ketchup lettuce onions pickles green olives and cheese do you
guys want anything on your burger just let me know I’ll get Jake to cook Irina
all right all right that is that is quite a lot unfortunately all I’ve got
for you is a few pickles here that’s that’s that’s all you’re getting on your
dirt burger no cheese no ketchup nothing because I’ll just taste that good you
don’t need ketchup you don’t need mustard you don’t even
need cheese you just need a dirt burger all right these are looking about done
here let’s get the production line going all right burger on top sprinkle on
you’re one pickle there we are close it like so and there you have a derp beggar
we’re gonna put this in our luxurious derp burger travel case here so you can
get on your way and back to fortnight your fries included as well sir I’ll now
get your slurp juice ready so over here guys we got the slurp juice dispenser so
of course you know you’re having a long day playing for tonight you want some
slurp juice with your durbur core so you just come over here and activate this
like so and there you go you’ve got your own refillable slurp juice container
here it’s got a nice blueberry smell to it lock this up for you order up order
number one order number one is up derp burger extra large fries – slurp juice
here we go sir can I see receipt on this is your order Jake I don’t have a
receipt no this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back here who’s
lumping the burgers come on whose order is this order number one it’s literally
yeah I’m the only customer bucks Jake we built this place together neither of us
have VBox your slab just enjoyed that enjoy the dirt burger all right I got to
keep cooking them up we’ve got more people coming any second I just I know
it there’s gonna be people coming and getting der burgers so guys the key to
making a good der burger is enforce it all in the flipper here you want to make
sure you get a nice good flip and that’s gonna make sure that the burgers Logan
Logan quickly get behind you we’ve got our first customer are you boys okay you
must be extremely hungry doing your professor stuff in 4/9 well can I offer
you a dur burger here we’ve got three different options slurp juice fries and
winter burger itself hey I guess Durr burger with fries and a slurp that
would be quite nice perfect coming right up I’ll get yourself a Durr burger with
extra large fries fries come on perfect super yummy what I want those new skins so bad that
we all want the new skins now all your fee bucks all these dirty burgers me
bucks jakey looks pretty angry maybe you just do what the man says
oh okay okay all right I’m just I’m just gonna get some v bucks from underneath
the fryer that’s where I keep all of my feed box fries professor that’s right
you ain’t taking any of our v bucks and in fact I think I have a shotgun
challenge for the day by plus can be offered only see him next all right
well our first customer tried to rob us and we’ve sold a total of Logan what’s
the accounting look like how many B bucks are we up to we haven’t sold any
burgers no burgers I’m no accountant Logan but that doesn’t sound like a
financially profitable business come on Jake I think I have a good marketing
strategy what if we go outside cause some kind of distraction and tell
everyone to come to our dur burger joint that idea I think some people are
battling out front all right let’s gear up and go up front and show them that
fighting is not the way all right we should put down our Fortnight weapons
and come inside and enjoy some of papa Jake’s juicy der burgers come on follow
me hey listen to me alright look I know
you’re all playing for tonight and you’re all having fun and that’s good
and I’m happy for all of you but there’s something there’s something missing from
all of this fighting something you’ve lost
you don’t have any dere burgers that’s right
Dara burgers you know what I’m feeling in your stomach that girdle that’s
hunger and I know all of you right now could use some der burgers come over to
Papa Jake’s der burgers establishment where you can get fine quality burgers
yeah take guarantees 100% beef but it is a hundred percent der yes even you
dinosaur man put down that grenade and come get a juicy burger because at the
end of the day we could all use some of papa Jake’s there guys wait Jake I think
your speech worked everyone’s coming come on get back yeah do I think that
worked a walk under that I thought all right quickly let’s start the fryers we
got some cooking d’Urbervilles to do let’s go
Oh guys that was insane we’ve had over a hundred customers that we are rolling in
Vee bucks I think papa Jake’s der burger was a
success what do you guys think let me know down below and of course guys if
you have any other awesome box sort ideas or just other ideas you think we
should do be sure to leave a comment below and if you never want to miss a
brand new pop of Jake video smack the subscribe button smack the Bell button
but guys I will see all of you in the next video this has been pop Jake I’ll
see you guys next time

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