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  1. Like the concept of the video, but her personality sucks – for sure coulda found a host for this one who was more of an expert with an eye for detail

  2. Reported for violent content. What drugs were you taking when you thought promoting guns and hunters was a good idea? What's next, Kasey from 100 baby wiping out the baby daddies with an ak-47?

    Awaiting triggered Americans

    Pardon the pun

  3. Plz, how to save my progress in the Hunter Call of the Wild? There is no "save game" button.

    Every time I start from start point of the game. Fu… tired of this! Thanks!!!

  4. Is she actually in Layton Lake District? I play the game in Xbox one and that’s not what Layton Lake looks like in mine…I have all the reserves but I just finished Layton Lake and about to start a new reserve.

  5. wouldn't you be able to tell running and trotting apart from the distance between the steps? sprinting/running having more speed thus the prints of the hooves would be further apart?

  6. You guys definitely just put a Cano shirt on a staff member if she is a real hunter then she has to be god awful at it

  7. For someone who claims to be a hunter. She didnt seem to know alot of what she was doing. Pretty sure buzzfeed just wanted to get a woman in camo to play this to make it seem like a more gender neutral thing

  8. I don't even think she's a real hunter. She claimed she was, but she didn't even know things hunters know and things even non-hunters would probably know. If she even is a real hunter, she's probably awful at it.

  9. Obviously a fake hunter. Why, well, she sees a roe deer standing behind a tree at a terrible angle and she’s just like, YEEET!

  10. I love hunting in real life so can somebody who plays this tell me how similar it is to real hunting or if it’s worth buying?

  11. BuzzFeed are you sure she is a "Real Hunter"? She seemed clueless about quite a few aspects of hunting. One being that you actually can tell if a deer is walking, trotting, sprinting by examining tracks, and that you shouldn't be hunting with wind pushing their scent towards the direction they are walking. She must get told to sit in a particular stand and wait for something to walk by. smh

  12. You forget IT'S a GAME!!! Want 100% RL….. Turn OFF your computer & Get your chunky butt OUTSIDE. All through that Vid you were like "NOT realistic at all" BUT….. At the end you say "VERY Impressed" Make up your mind. which is it?

  13. I’ve never been hunting in my life and I know more than this woman, she makes this game look bad and it’s actually really good.

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