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August 23, 2019

hmm.. how bad was i really at Call of Duty? i found the setting for using manual focus now… and that is like way… where is the focuspoint? There… Hello and elcome to… (nah) So many people might not know this but i was a bit of a… well nerd i think its called i used to play a lot when i was younger and smart and wise as i was, i thought u know what guys, im so good that i should upload this to youtube so i thought, since i just worked out i thought i would eat my lunch now, cuz im hungry give me two seconds, ill be back oh god just look at this lunch we got chicken we got potatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese we have boxes to mount the camera on… and then you have me just a quick sidenote, wtf happened to the weather?! it was all sunny and then just, nope so this is just some reactions on my old videos this is gonna be painful wifi? no? okey… well so as i said, like just reacting to my old gaming videos and i wasn´t good either… just some swedish rambeling… the reacting will start in like 10 sec nooo, i remember this… im like not even close there we have it folks a 360, then like a paus for like 5 secs before shooting damn… i was talanted af okey lets change video wounder what this is… this is like a word font from 2012 u know that one u had for papers when you were like 3 good job, good job totally missed okey once more, 360 then just wait and pause u know, smoke break before shooting annd we are dead? well ok well good… hardscope (: i remember this, this was good nope oh no.. remember this and a smiley in the title… not looking forward to this first of all, way to hyped music for this its like.. its minecraft i built an engine, and i thought it was lit af and it didnt do anything, but the redstone was nice i guess well this can only be good have u seen spider man it looks just like the intro from spider man, u know the one from 2002 miss… and hit how could i believe i was good at this i miss like 3 shots nd hit one miss, miss miss, one more miss one more? oh no a hit fuck im good miss i noticed i like miss one and hit one, all the time this is bad af… how could i think i was good ooh the quality is bad… gogo! i believe in you alesso! oh shit, what the hell happened there good title, good title and that is not how a good player play who the hell plays like that that wasnt good at all.. okey last video cuz i´ve soon eaten up what the hell was that just jumped straight down and… real talent right there and some hardscope, yep that was like, a 90 plus 90, no where near a 360 good aim alesso, good aim, hitting him in the foot lets continue… that was like BAAAD there u have it, CoD star Alesso just want to put it out there, i dont play anymore thats good these videos will be deleted… for sure well im done with my food and we will never watch that again the worst part is that i thought i was good i was just a little boy… with big dreams i hope you have had a good day, hope you are having a good day just smash that subscribe button dude leave a thumbs up, or down… i would acctually get a thumbs down on this one shit i was like really bad i will see you when i do, until then byee

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