Rattlesnake and Copperhead Hunting In Pennsylvania 2019 – Seth Tags Out on a Copperhead!
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Rattlesnake and Copperhead Hunting In Pennsylvania 2019 – Seth Tags Out on a Copperhead!

December 3, 2019

all right it’s the second week of the
rattlesnake season and with Seth again and we’re gonna go up and hit our best
spot that we found some big snakes last year last year we went real late in the
season this year we’re gonna go early it’s a really cool day last year it was
so hot it was was crazy but we’ve got a nice breeze cloud cover was a little bit
a Sun trying to peek through there is a small chance of rain today hopefully
those snakes are gonna be out trying to catch any Sun that they can get today
and we are way way back in for sure I got her first snake just spotted it
right on the top of that rock right there oh there’s two of them two snakes
right there might even be three looks like three three snakes or snakes looks like they’re people
yeah they’re all little ones they have the blue eyes which means they’re ready
to shed I still have a black face black heads they’re starting to rattle see notice
how they’re not trying to come after us they’re just gonna go slowly down back
in we’re not even gonna touch these things so we know that they’re not big
enough to be a legal snake so we’re just gonna let those snakes go right back in
where they came from we’re just gonna let those ones go first
for snakes about we’re at the end yep seth caught one too oh yeah there’s a
yellow face yeah nothing too big there should be two blue eyes yes
there’s decent rattle I don’t want any rattles the games
yeah they’ll be shedding any day so we definitely have big snakes here
because that’s just found a really big snakeskin very part of it so far back in quite a long yeah comes right up to
these rocks here that’s the head hit the end of our line and found seven snakes
probably nothing over more than three feet probably all black face except for
one yellow and it’s kind of strange it’s a little bit cooler they have all been
laying out on the rocks they’re hoping to catch some Sun but it doesn’t look
like we’re gonna be getting any Sun anytime soon just kind of strange we
found some really big snakes some of the biggest snake I ever handled before here
and we haven’t even seen the legal snake yet could baby underneath the rocks
still waiting for more Sun it’s hard to say we also found some snakes at the end
of the line which we didn’t find any last year so it’s just a little bit just
because you come to one spot and you don’t find any or don’t find as many
does it mean can’t come back the next time and find a whole lot more here it’s
kind of the opposite for us so we’re hit the spot that to get to these rocks we
got to go through some of the nastiest stuff through here this is crazy just
look how thick it is yeah we are on our hands and knees whoo you got to be
careful what we’re doing here but it could be promising
you never know that’s part of snake hunting when you’re finding new places
half of its just about the exploration so we’ll see what we find
oh yeah she would see you a two feet away I can’t even see your two feet away
I’ll see what this looks like boy I look super snaky but we didn’t see
a single snake here just find this giant click beetle turn upside down hey start
the clicked already how they get them upside down and try to click oh they blend right into the rock said
he’s found a copperhead oh yeah yep that’s definitely a Copperhead then grab
try and grab ahold of it you get it out on the lid yeah
boy he’s really hidden you ready yep that that’s really cool copperheads pretty
cool looking a lot of people see water snakes and confuse them with copperheads
by far milk snakes and water snakes are so commonly mistaken for copperheads how
dark he is because he needs to shed he sees he’s not blue-eyed but notice how
that head is just that color of a brand-new copper penny and it’ll be way
brighter after he sheds he’s about he’s just starting to get a
little bit cloudy eyes and then look how dark he is compared to the rest of the
body and you can see how the tops of his body they had the hourglass where the
pinch of the hourglass is in the top of his back that’s one way that you can
tell from the pattern and if we look really really really really close we can
see he has like cat eyes ain’t gonna give you much room in that too yeah you might be able to just hold them
in there yeah you could probably just pinch that end so it’s not real hot
sunny day little and that’s another thing to notice copperheads are not that
big around compared to timber rattlesnakes you know back his way so I
guess that’s not gonna work but we can get closer in Phil and see him in there
I’d say he’s about what a twenty inch or you’re allowed one rattlesnake and one
Copperhead there’s no tag to be filled out for the Copperhead there’s no size
limit male or female it’s just one Copperhead so that’s well there you go
I tell you what at all the rattlesnakes here we could see what the belly looks
like we could just see turn him around there again see how that real shiny
copper color there on his head compared to the rest of his body and we see those
slit eyes and we can see the shape of his head so there’s how we can tell a
copperhead from water snakes and milk snakes and we are really way up on top
of a hill so I mean I did nowhere near water
I did not expect to find a copperhead anywhere near this place that’s cool
that I think that it’s so awesome to see that because I told John there’s a small
one I there’s a little one over here and it turned out to be this guy yeah that’s
pretty cool now you gonna tag them are you gonna let
him go I know you were looking for a copperhead but oh this is my very first
one I’ve never ever handled one before yeah I don’t know what I’m gonna do
we’re gonna sit here to think about it we’re gonna think about okay I’m gonna
go over here and see if I could find some more well Seth said that he is
going to tag out on a copperhead so we’re gonna put in a little pillow sack
tied a knot take it home with us you don’t want to come on there to go
it’ll hold the bag there he goes down in there alright first Copperhead Congrats
it’s exciting yeah I don’t think he’s kill it out of that cool all right we’re
on this line we met Nick another snake hunter so we just kind of joined up
start to look for some snakes right off the bat we found a little one here don’t even see it worst oh yeah oh yeah
he shit yeah he was pretty nice shed oh yeah real pretty Seth said he found
another way blackface yeah yeah he just shit a little bit of a
button that’s gonna show you how a tubes if I
can do this hard random snake in there he’s not stepping real hard on
him with his foot just enough to hold him make sure he stays up inside there this is a female I can tell by the bay
you can kind of see okay we’re just gonna release it right away I don’t want
to mess with it we got babies you can see how they just want to go away
they’re not trying to strike that young come after you once you let them go they
get away from you yes just caught another Copperhead yeah that one looks
way smaller than the last one oh I can see his head there pretty cool yeah I assume did pretty
good from here yeah so there’s one that’s a little bit lighter colored see
how those eyes just look like a brand-new copper penny he’s moving
around pretty quick yeah this guy here’s fiery that was probably about 20 inches
the same yeah all right there they are fast you

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  1. Those snakes had a perfect spot beautiful view I bet… the rattlesnakes here in West Texas most of them don't even rattle anymore. I seen someone take the head off with a shovel. the snake did not rattle once. Most of the time we just pick them up and leave them on the outskirts of town and they never rattle I wonder what's up with that a lot of people say it's because of the Hogs

  2. I never go out here in southern WV without snake boots. All the way into late October and early November at times I watch my step while hunting.

  3. In Texas, see a rattler, shoot a rattler. Period. Same for copperheads, coral snakes and any other kind that might be venomous. All of them. BTW,… tastes like chicken.

  4. why not release king cobra into these regions?
    we have many king cobra in Nepal. releasing the king cobra will control the rattlesnake and copperhead population.

  5. Where I live in England we don't have so many poisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssonousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssserpentsssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssslithering about.

  6. You guys are brave. I live in Brevard County Florida near the Upper St. Johns River Marsh. You'd love the place! It's full of moccasins and pygmy rattlesnakes. Nice video.

  7. First time watching channel. Intensely watching with great anticipation. Sees shadow moving across shirt from hand out of corner of eye. JUMPS BACK OUT OF CHAIR 10 FEET!!! Finds something else to watch.

  8. If they're young plus blue-eyed they're gonna be qwik t'strike cuz they cain't see good and they're young n'dumb n'dont kno not t'blow all yer pizen in one bite…

  9. Hands n' knees, HELL! Get bit in the face er neck and yer daid rite NOW! Or at least a knarly scar on yer face when the meat dies and rots off and leaves a big hole.

  10. I'd shure like to have a purty patterned hide for a leather project…plus, I shure would like to have a nice pair of feral hawg tusks t'make a bracelet of..mebbe dangle th'buzzer offa th' snakehide on it like a charm bracelet.

  11. What do you do with these snakes? Ill typically check em out here n southern indiana. Even pick em up if i feel comfortable and especially to move them away from ppl whom are scared and might kill em. But messing with a venomous snake would have my heart racing and hands sweating. But i will handle my 6ft gator

  12. There will come a day when Timber rattlers are as rare in PA as they are today in New England. And we'll look back no doubt on whether legally hunting them in the northeast was a sound a idea. There's little in the way of meat on these snakes, and the skins are a cheap trophy for "harvesting" an animal that was little challenge to "hunt". More like "collecting" in my view. I figure people will hunt anything there's a hunting season for. If PA established a hunting season for dog turds, you can be sure there would be someone out there collecting those.

  13. Aside from what ever meat, leather or Anti-Venom you harvest. I feel like rattle snake hunting and roundups are born as result of fear of snakes. Or superstition. I'm more afraid of Lyme disease carrying deer tick infested rodents. Breed these snakes and release their babies back into the wild. Please. So, I don't have to wear deet to forage and fish. Nice video thanks.

  14. I did seismic work up in williamsport area , very steep terrain walking up and down all day, i ran into these snakes almost everyday, some alaska dudes killed and ate them lol

  15. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my whole life and only saw a snake one time and it was when I was hiking. It was in the middle of the trail and t was super small . We just let it go across the trail back into the trees. On the other hand I’ve lived in North Carolina for 4.5 months and have already found a snake in my pool filter. It was a gartner snake but still… I haven’t lived her for long at all lol

  16. My Dad grew up in Delaware Water Gap area before the war. He told me that on the PA side of the river, it's all copperheads, on the NJ side it's all timber rattlers.
    If you want to find the motherload of copperheads, go to the PA side of the river at the point of the gap, locate the cold air cave pull off just a short way from the parking lot towards Portland, and climb the boulder field above the cold air cave. I got caught up there on a cold morning in May filming peregrins, and when I climbed over the boulders to go down after it warmed up, there was a huge copperhead under every second boulder coming out to sun itself.
    They were everywhere. Scared the shit out of me, don't know how I found a snake free path out of there. Never going back.

  17. I'm a snake man. I've handled and been bitten by many non
    venomous snakes. On purpose of course. But I would like to go do what you guys do sometime. I'm from NC. We got some Rattlers but you rarely ever happen upon one.

  18. God I'd kill(or pay) for that location, love injecting new blood/genetics into the ol rattlesnake collection, love the variety and color you find!

  19. Canebreaks/timber rattlers are my favorite snake to collect! Prettiest rattler in north America in my opinion

  20. Very cool man. I learned more about snakes from your video than I ever knew. Especially the Copperhead info.
    I live in CT and we have the same terrain as where you shot this video but I've never even seen one rattler in my life.

  21. I Love hunting! Love fishing! But never understood killing snakes. They are the best defense against mammalian disease vectors, ie. rodents. I know PA has a low harvest count. Just don't cry when xyz plague comes to town. Won't thumbs down, but no Up from me. .02 cashed in…

  22. if ya notice seth has his ear circles in and this important when catchin snakes.next episode me and seth will be posting our latest call of duty video game footage. stay tuned.

  23. alot of people sees a cowboy hat and thank I ride horses but I only where it for the videos. its for the show guys I dont really where a cowboy hat. but look this must be a 20 incher. is incher a word.lol

  24. Out of all the time's I hunted in deep wood's" I never Seen A Poisonous Snake. I seen I black snake one Time. Shot him with the 12 Gauge & never raised it to my Sholder. I did hunt Around Cattle. Snakes dont Like Cattle or Hogs! Hogs will Eat them.💪🏿😅

  25. Great video, we’re polluted with rattlesnakes in my little corner of Montana. I only kill the ones near my house and if they try to bite me. I didn’t know there were copperheads in Pennsylvania. I thought they only lived down south. Well I learned something new.

  26. Dang! I'm from the south here in georgia we have rattlesnakes in some parts! But I didn't know that Pennsylvania had that much timber rattlesnakes!

  27. Is it possible that they are getting scale rot from getting scrapes from being caught up in the tube's from multiple catches and maybe a little duct tape around the bottom of the tube would be a little more helpful for the body of the snake just a thought …….ps a new subscriber

  28. Copperheads will almost never kill you. Rattlesnakes depends on the type. Either way I cannot imagine how folks hunt for these fellas lol!

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