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RARE Dime FOUND Coin Roll Hunting – DIME TIME

November 19, 2019

Quarters? no no no no no quarters we’ll
get to you in a little bit but right now… it’s DIME TIME! that’s right everyone
it’s Dime Time – this is Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’m pretty excited
about these to dine boxes because there’s something different
They got some kind of a scan barcode on him this one has it on the other side
they are the boxes with the holes in them I’ve already checked
they’re definitely circulated pretty good we first threw a live opening this
box is pretty much thrown apart so I don’t know how the rolls are gonna look
inside of as far as organization but we’ll hunt it first to get it out of the
way let’s let’s crack the top knob and see if we have anything we’re talking
about so nothing really we’re talking about standard circulated dime box but
that means we get to hunt let’s check this one out a little excited about
these I’ve been on a rough run of die boxes I never had these with these
barcode stickers so I don’t know if it’s a different source or just a new policy
but it makes me excited to get into them definitely circulated definitely don’t
see any Enders but I don’t get them very often anyway 100 rolls let’s get to
hunting and pray we find something we’re showing last rule the box so that the
tribes hi thought maybe I’d catch a silver live but you haven’t been able to
and judging by what I see here looks like we’re still gonna be skunked box
one ended up being a scud box I opened the last roll live actually I filmed the
entire process but we found nothing so I figured I’d just keep the last clip
we’re on or box number two praying for a fine silver Ford anything well there
they are 100 rolls of Dimes searched zero finds I’ll see you when I get a few
more dime boxes and pray we don’t continue this gum streak well I did it
again since the last two boxes were skunks and I’m trying to get this time
time theater to have some fines I figured I’d pick up two more I’m hoping
that these two boxes can find me some silver pop the tops make sure there are
circular dimes they are nothing really that all looking
on top but they definitely are circulated they are not uncirculated
diamonds and that’s what your first thing you need to make sure you can see
the dirty one there so as usual we’ll be starting for silver any forints any
proofs I’ll take anything that’s bright and shiny so that I can upgrade it in my
album as well we’ve talked enough if I can get this first of all out right here
we’ll get started 100 rolls to go through we’re on rule 33
guys and I’m super excited right now and I’ll show you why but real quick all
I’ve got so far is a beat-up 2000 something you can barely make out the
date to zero it’s kind of denver mint on it I’m pulling out my 2019 so far those
are all DS because I’m trying to get DS in peace I realized in my Roosevelt book
I haven’t put any 2009 teens in it yet crazy so I’m gonna go through 2019
Denver’s and if I finally pees I’m gonna put them in my book but I bring you in
because I have just found a dime in a circulated box that I never thought I
really would but I have to look for it let me show you what it is unbelievable I had to do a double-take
I’ll slide them down and then this one was sideways like this and as I looked
at it the MIT mark looked funny and I always just kind of look at the 96 s so
I picked it up and looked closer at it and sure enough it’s a W it’s a W mint
mark West Point dime in the box rule 33 so for those that are new to the
channel or new to coin collecting you’re probably going Rob what’s a big deal
about a 96 dime it’s not even silver you’re right it’s not silver but at 96
the dimes that were struck we’re either Philadelphia Denver West Point or San
Francisco and San Francisco struck proofs only either clad or silver West
Point made a special mint sets strike only one point four five seven million
minted in ms 65 it’s at when are done now I don’t know I have looked at it
under the microscope if this is gonna be an MS 65 but it’s not far off if it’s
not it’s in fantastic shape and the reason why there’s a letter C next to
that is if we go to the red book and go back here issued in mint sets only to
mark the 50th anniversary of the design and as you know Roosevelt dimes started
being minted in 1946 and have been minted ever since 1945 was the last year
the Mercury dimes were minted and then they changed the design to Roosevelt and
sure enough we have got one now I have one already
because I got it given to me from a viewer on one of my mail calls but I
have never found one in circulation this bad boy is gonna get flipped up right
now and not touched anymore after that unbelievable let’s get back to the hunt
rule 37 box is looking better and better there’s my 1996 W dime just open the
roll boom looks like we got something silvery
right here and it looks like a diamond and not a foreign edge and we have a
mint mark on the back that’s a Denver Mint 1950 d-man if that have been a
nickel that’s a key date but don’t get me wrong I’ll take a silver dime in the
box right now still 13 rolls to go and we have a W let’s find some more figure
since it’s the last roll of the box and the box has been decent we’d at least
try to open it live see if we get lucky don’t see anything let’s peel back this
side doesn’t look good all right I’ll give you a wrap up here in a second so
the first box is down pretty good bucks I’m not gonna lie first-ever 1996 W dime
unbelievable I’m so happy to have that it doesn’t
matter if I find anything else that made my night but we did find other things a
1950 Denver silver dime I pulled out a lot of 2019 DS ironically no 2019 Peas
I guess they haven’t made their way to me yet still I’ll go through these take
the very best as a bunch this has got some rim damage so we’re didn’t know
that one’s no good but we’ll go through those and put one in my album and then
poor guy right there we’re gonna let him retire now we’re gonna get the box too
and see if we can find something else silvery or something else cool it might
be wishful thinking but I just pulled this roll out right here I thought
nothing there I could be blind and that could be
something wrong with it but that’s looking pretty silvery to me that is
looking pretty silvery to me right there League of a nether roll and
put it next to it and see if you guys can see the difference that’s looking
silvery to me knowing my luck it’s whitewashed and it’s not let me get the
tripod up and let’s see if that silver live so here’s the role in question
wanted to show both sides of it I would love this to kick us off with some
silver that would be amazing oh you can see it right there I may have
only gotten one other silver ender in my life and that’s our second one Philadelphia Mint – couldn’t leave addy
on there so that would new it would be Denver 1964 Philly
we started off box two with a 64 silver dime ender could there be more Bowl
number 18 haven’t opened it yet but we got some lucky land the lucky litt
didn’t help improve the luck of that role still well put it to the side and
maybe help us find some goodies I have to laugh there was even more lint in
that same roll looks like some old paper don’t know that’s a good sign or not
roll 20 and that’s not a good sign hope there’s not a lot more like that roll 21
uh-oh ba-bye unlucky lint roll 22 we get rid
of the unlucky lint and I was getting ready to pull it out of the wrapper and
I noticed there was a faux silver edge probably a Canadian or foreign figured
I’d bring in it is a Canadian Canadian non silver dime can I get a year off it
oh it’s a commemorative one that’s why I can’t find the year 1950 to 2002 I
believe there it is clear as day got a foreign in the box
stick along with other goodies rule 24 I already took a look but I set everything
back down to show you guys I don’t open this and I saw this black dirty one and
I thought nine times out of ten when it’s black and dirty like that it’s just
a house fire type dime but sometimes it’s silver so I took a peek and it’s
silver and not only is it silver it looked like it might have been a mercury
but I quickly set the roll down so you can see and take a look at this and it’s
hold and I think there’s a Mitt mark adjacent to the hole could be a mint
mark can’t tell just yet hopefully we can at least read a date on it but it is
a merc time 1938 we’ll have to put her under the microscope and see what we see
okay so it’s definitely a 38 as expected let’s see if there’s a mint mark that’s
an S 1938 s Mercury dime with the hole in it it’s trashed but guess what
hits more silver what a cool find I haven’t found a Merc time in a while and
that barely qualifies but it qualifies and we’re not even halfway through this
box yet let’s go Rolle 26 more new rules and judging by a
few of these tops we might have some more I won’t film any more for you guys
but it’s a bummer we’re getting silver in this box I’m having this is my now my
fourth role that’s 95% uncirculated and they’ve been 2018 Denver’s couldn’t be
at 19 or 19 Peas yeah 2018 Denver roll 50 of the box
we’ve actually had nine total roles of uncirculated 2018 Denver dimes so nine
out of 50 rolls is tough that puppy explains why I can’t find a 2019
Philadelphia because this box is probably packed towards the beginning of
2019 when the Denver dimes came out and they still had a lot of 2018 Denver
dimes in stock and judging by what I see it looks like we’re gonna be stuck on
the last roll so let me hunt through that and be back with a wrap-up so two
more dime box is down and you know what these two made up for all the ones I’ve
hunted that were skunks pretty good fines we’ll start with the top fines got
that odd shaved one I got to go through the 2019 Denver ones to pick the best
one for the album really bombed that in fine a 2019 Philadelphia but what do you
do I did pull up this one time right here because for 1987 that’s ridiculous
I’ll check it against my album for the silver a 1950 Denver and a 1964 out of
Philadelphia and then the oldest of the four boxes I guess for this hunt a 1938
s with the hole in it completely trashed but I’ll take it all day we also found a
Canadian 1952 to 2002 can’t get mad at that and then the find of the boxes
right here a 1996 West Point dime I’ve been looking for it forever we got one
I enjoyed these two dime boxes that’s why I never give up on dimes quarters or
whatever you know know when you’re gonna get a solid box
or two if you enjoyed this episode at a time time I would appreciate a thumbs up
and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. I miss this sho… it’s dime time lol hey rob a found a 2019 w in my cash register the other day

  2. Love the holed Merc. I have a holed 1909 Wheatie and an album full of holed half dollars but have never found any other holed coins.

  3. Regarding Canadian dimes — The last dime rolls I searched about a week ago had a Canadian dime — it was a 1957, which is 80% silver. I forget which year it was that they switched to pure nickel for their nickels, dimes, quarters, etc., but '57 is definitely silver (I looked it up to make sure).

    With their newer dimes, many are proof-like — easily as shiny and mirror-like as a US proof coin, but without cameo. Still, really nice looking coins. And I think that some of their dual-date commemoratives have numismatic value.

  4. congrats on finding that W, that's awesome! this video is giving me hope in dimes! and love that silver!

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  6. How much can you get off a 1964 p dime because I really want to learn about it and I actually found one of those one time.

  7. Great video and cool finds, I never get lucky enough for coins like that tho, the oldest coin I found was a 1919 penny that was in spare change, it had a huge scratch on it tho making it face value.

  8. reccomended once outta nowhere, addicting hobby channel , great work. Only thing I have is a silver backed 1$ bill. Takes all kinds i guess.

  9. ive been collecting coins past ten years or so…. now ive got a new addiction… currency!… so much fun finding star notes, web notes, serial numbers, etc… lottsa fun a new obsession

  10. my local convenience store gave me silver for change the other day… i asked if he had anymore… he had a few odd coins and let me swap

  11. What's the best kind of coin to start hunting with? I've always liked coins and I'd like to get into this hobby!

  12. Too bad about the hole in the “38”, but all in all I think you scored pretty well. Nice to find silver and a rare W.

  13. The irony is, I bet you make more from these videos that in actual value on these coins you find. Which isn't to say it isn't interesting, but these coins don't have much value.

  14. I used to buy boxes of dimes to search through and the bank started to get upset with me buying the boxes, they started questioning me on why I was buying them, and that they could only sell them to "business". then when I would return the coins to another branch, they would want to give me the money back only if I put it into a account, then withdraw the money from that account, got really stupid.  it got to the point where I just stopped getting them. how do you manage to get them without them getting upset. and the bank I was getting them from was a bank I have been with for over 20 years.

  15. Hey Rob, been watching a week now, just subed. Great show, think I may grab some coin boxes and start hunting! I travel all over the US for work, any tips for a newbie? Thanks!

  16. See this is why I put up with a customer service job, working as cashier, and as a coin/paper money collector you never know what you're going to get, either out the coin safe, what a customer uses as change, or what a customer uses as bills (Got a 1957B Silver Certificate yesterday in exchange for gas, I know it's not particularly rare, but for a 50 year old $1 it looks good, and it's a Silver Certificate, gotta love that). Got a 1947 Dime out of a roll, and a Customer used 2 1964 Half Dollars to buy a 1 dollar lotto ticket… Not to mention the dozens of other old coins, high denomination coins, and old bills that come through…

    It's a good job for this hobby especially when your manager understands your hobby, and trusts you allowing you to buy these coins/bills from the drawer…

  17. Could anyone please tell me the name of the book he had in the video that’s tells you about the coins and stuff I’m trying to get a collection going and would want to know what is rare and stuff like that so I would want a book like that

  18. I had a nice collection of mercury dimes,lots of Morgan dollars and walking liberty dollars,collected over years of working in customer service.all stolen from me.KEEP COLLECTIONS IN A SAFE!starting over though,fun to collect!

  19. Great video. I’ve got a massive coin collection but hardly any US coins! What’s the book you referenced in this video? I’m hoping to go to the US soon and want to learn all I can about all these awesome coins before I do

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    If you found the word freaking like this

  21. So I am just watching this and I was wondering if I got a 25$ set of pennies what would be my chances of making bank (more than I invested) in it? Also how would o go about selling them? I have no real interest in collecting honestly as I am only 13 and to persue my hobbies I would like to make some cash and this seems like a viable alternative to slaving away for hours and barley getting anything with chores.

  22. I don't know why, but I can't stop watching these. I haven't even collected coins since before the 2008 recession. Really making me want to get back into the hobby, though…

  23. Later on you should do a cool video of you showing the best dimes you found and if you do it definitely call it “dime finds”

  24. my first time buying 1 wheat roll with 25 in it and i got 7 silver ones i don't know so much but one of them said 1947 S I just wanna know it thats rare

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