Ranting Greek Gamer’s, Hunter x Hunter review: Episodes 96&97
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Ranting Greek Gamer’s, Hunter x Hunter review: Episodes 96&97

August 27, 2019

Hello guys, this is Ilias the Ranting Greek Gamer and
today we are reviewing Hunter x Hunter, episodes 96&97. I deeply apologize for the lack of HunterXHunter videos on my channel lately, but the thing is that GTAV came out in mid September or so, which means that i started a video playthrough of GTAV, which
also means though that it took most of my time. Its also the face that sometimes our personal life
can get in the way of things, and we end up not having much time to
do the things that we want to do. And since last Tuesday, the series reached its 100th episode, i believe that its time to get back on Hunter
x Hunter and to fill in the gap. So i will review two episodes today, and i will review another two in my next episode, which i hope that it will help me to finally get back on track. Ok so: Reviews of Hunter X Hunter episodes 96 & 97. To me those two episodes are very important because
we have the re-appearance of the Genei Ryodan, or Phantom Troupe as most people call them. But i will call them Genei Ryodan, because thats how i remember
them by reading the manga for almost 12 years now. And seeing them re-appearing on the scene, to
me it was a very pleasant surprise. They are a line of characters that i
love very much in Hunter x Hunter, and i wish that they would make even more appearances and more important ones. But i believe that those two episodes, reward
the fans in the best possible way. Because not only we have their re-appearance, but
we also get explanations about their powers. Eventhough we did see some of the abilities of the Genei
Ryodan when we were watching the York Shin arc, we didnt know much about all the others. So in these two episodes, we get a pretty good
idea about their powers and how they work. So: As the Genei Ryodan return to their home town, Meteor City, they discover that the Chimera ants are already there
and are messing up the residents pretty badly, not only with deaths, but a new self-proclaimed Queen of the Chimera ants, who was part of the large group that left to
build their own nests after the original Queen died, this new Queen has two abilities: Not only she is very powerful and she is killing people left and right, but she also has the ability to turn
whoever she touches into a chimera ant. Which means that Meteor City not only has a lot of casualties, but
also a lot of new enemies as well as a result. They Genei Ryodan see this when they return, and they go to the Queen’s nest in order
to destroy her, without any second thoughts. They do not have any plan and they dont use any
subtle methods: They just barge in from the front door. Not only that but they also put a small bet
among them, about who will kill the Queen first. And who ever kills her first, will also be the new boss. And this is something that interests Killua’s sister who is with them, More about her, later. It seems that she wants very much to go
higher in the ranks of the Genei Ryodan, and maybe become the leader herself. So the Genei Ryodan begin their attack and each
of them has a chimera ant to face. The first one if Bonolenov, who if you remember, is the one
who is covered with bandages all over, just like a mummy, and he has a pair of boxing gloves too. And he faces his first chimera ant, that doesnt seem to be anything special. But as the chimera ant does a first attack
on Bonolenov and rips off his bandages, it seems that Bonolenov is a very mysterious entity. Its a human that has lots of holes all over his body. And according to the explanation that Bonolenov gives later, he belongs to a tribe who open holes on
their bodies from a very small age, and as they move their body parts, they play
some kind of music at the same time. Which they use as a kind of ceremonial music/dance before they head into battle. But they also use it to dissorient their opponents. And as we see in Bonolenov’s case against his opponent, he does a pretty good job with it. With the sounds that he makes from his body, he
manages to confuse him and lose his balance, And in the end Bonolenov destroys him very easily. by using the power of sound and lots of Nen around it, and not only that, but he also destroys
a large part of the next too. So we see Bonolenov in all his splendour. But i have to say that Bonolenov ended up
being something completely different from what i imagined. But “thumbs up” to the mangaka, because this character, is made with a lot of creativity and imagination. Because you can never tell what his powers are at first glance. So to me he ended up being a very
interesting character and i liked him a lot. Then we go to the more “common” characters, Phinx in particular. he also faces his own chimera ant. Phinx if you remember, is an enchancer just like Uvo, And the chimera ant says to Phinx “give
me your best punch, it doesnt matter”. Phinx’s ability is very simple to be honest. As he turns around his arm like this when he is preparing to strike, he raises the attack power of his Nen and it depends on
how many times he will turn his arm like this. So he turns around his arm like 15 times and
he demolishes his opponent with one punch only. So Phinx is much more powerful from what i thought at first, although we DID see some of his powers during
the York Shin arc to some degree… But he seems to be much more powerful from what we originally thought. After that we go to Shalnark, To me Shalnark always seemed to be the “brains” of
the team and not that much of a fighter. He looked mostly like someone who gathers intelligence and
not someone who fights all the time. So Shalnark is a manipulator, he uses a pair of small antennas to pierce his enemies, so that he control them at will, or to completely immobilize them. But it seems that Shalnark is facing another manipulator as well, and when Shalnark is facing another manipulator, then he is unable to use his manipulator powers on him. That seems to be the limitation of his power as well. But he does something else: He takes one of his antennas and pierces it on his leg, and he inputs a command on his cellphone saying “autopilot on”. And Shalnark transforms into a…. Super Sayan!! Litteraly! 😛 I mean if you see how he is glowing
and the amount of the aura around him, he really looks like a Super Sayan. And he uses his powers to destroy his opponents into bits. I really didnt expect for Shalnark to have such powers, because as i told you, i expected him to
be the brains of the team mostly. But again, seeing him pierce the antenna on
him and suddenly becoming a Super Sayan, yeah… that was some pretty crazy stuff 😛 But it was a pleasant surprise to see from Shalnark, as i never thought of him as the fighting type. Then we move on to Killua’s little sister, who can
hear whatever the other Genei Ryodan members are saying, she can make some kind of origami-like things out of paper, and throw out lots of confetti as well, which she can throw to her opponents without them noticing (if she wants to), so that way she can hear what they say, very easily. Also with that confetti, she can also use them as a weapon. She has her own chimera ant to face, A cockroach-like creature, that is holding a steel
rope and uses it like a whip, which she slices very easily with her fan, eventhough its made out of paper, which means that she must have nen imbued on
her fan, in order to do that. And she shoots her confetti to the chimera ant, but they dont harm it cause its skin is very-very tough. But she manages to do the following: She sends small pieces of confetti to the joints of the chimera ant, and then she shoots her confetti over there, as
a concentrated shot, to a concentrated point. So she also dispatches her foe very-very easily. The girl is actually very good and very ambitious
too (we will see it later on), but i still cant understand why she is with
the Genei Ryodan in the first place, When her Grandfather told her not to approach the Genei Ryodan, no matter what. And Killua’s father said the same thing as well. But i believe that she is over there mostly
because of her own ambitions and nothing else. After that we have Shizuku, who is facing her own chimera ant, Its a spider-like creature from what we see, it throws tons of web to Shizuku and it tries
to imprison her or to restrict her movements, Shizuku cannot break that web easily from the looks of it. And the chimera ant manages to imprison her inside the web at some point, but at the end she manages to escape
and defeats the chimera ant relatively easy. She does it by using her vacuum that
sucks all of the chimera ants blood, so she manages to defeat it without much trouble. I liked seeing this character development in Shizuku, because despite all the difficulties that she was facing during her battle, (and more difficulties than the other Genei Ryodan i think) she kept her mind focused during the entire fight, and every time here opponent would make a move, she was always thinking a move ahead. And lastly we go to Feitan, who is facing
the Queen herself from the looks of it. Feitan seems to be very good with his sword techniques, But it seems that the Queen is somehow overpowering him, and Feitan is facing some small difficulties. But he manages to overcome them. Basically, Feitan’s ability is to create this huge fireball, which we could say that it emits the same heat as the sun, and as a result it melts everything that is around its proximity. This is something that the Queen could not deal with, we are talking about a tremendous attack that even the
other members of the Genei Ryodan were afraid of, to the point where we see them all running away
so that they wouldnt get caught in the explosion. So yeah, we have another huge display of power from the Genei Ryuodan. And i liked seeing Feitan in action because he was
the most enigmatic of all the Genei Ryodan, and i was happy to finally see his
powers and what he can really do. After that the Genei Ryodan return to their city,
since they have obliterated the chimera threat. So i would say that the highlight of this episode where not the battles, but
the fact that we learned a whole lot more about the Genei Ryodan. Much more from what we knew previously. We saw their powers, their abilities, but most importantly, their motives. No one is afraid to die, none of them is afraid of death. Which means that maybe they have death as something granted. Its a rule that they dont get involved with eachother’s battles. And Kalluto is shocked to see Genei Ryodan’s way of thinking. Because as she sees the battle of Feitan against the Queen, First off, its something that she has never seen before. She
sees moves and techniques that she has never seen before. Secondary, the other thing that she sees (and shocks her even more), is the gap of power that is between her and the Genei Ryodan. Because she sees that when this team is fighting for real, their powers are beyond normal. Kalluto seemed to have lots of ambitions while being in the Genei Ryodan, but now they are all up in smoke cause she
realizes that she will never catch up to them. She also surprised from the fact that the
Genei Ryodan see this as a game. Meaning that if one of them died, then the next one would go and face the Queen. They tell her that the battles of the Genei
Ryodan members, are strictly one to one, without the others having any right to interfere. And this is something that not only the Genei
Ryodan members wanted, but Feitan as well. And as i have said in my older episodes, you can never say that the Genei Ryodan are truly “evil”. Sure, i know that they have done some
nasty things and killed Kurapika’s entire tribe, but again, i cant say that they are evil 100%. They just follow their own path and do
the things that they want to do. Again, i believe that these two episodes are very important, not only in the Chimera Arc, but also in the entire Hunter X Hunter, because not only they show the powers of the Genei Ryodan, but also their way of thinking and their psychology. So these two episodes are to me the
most important ones in the chimera arc, and i suggest you to go watch them ASAP. And thats all folks, that was my review for
episodes 96 and 97 of Hunter x Hunter, i hope that you liked it. Again im sorry that my reviews on the series are lagging behind, but unfortunately i cant help it sometimes. Ill do whatever i can to get back
into my pace with Hunter x Hunter, i hope that i will make it in the weeks to come. And i wish you to have a good remainder of your weekend, the day is lovely outside so take advantage of that 😉 And that was it! I will see you guys next time, take care! 🙂

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