Random Online Games #1
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Random Online Games #1

October 8, 2019

So You have found the hidden subtitles Yeah why are you watching my videos They are Cringe This Game Sucks Don’t play it yeah thats right i said it! I have never seen such a boring game This is boring at this point so why ae you watching Follow On keep on coming I will reveal what team am am in Poke’mon Go This is cringe central What is my favorite Pokemon You Ask Keep On Following My favorite Pokemon Is Scizor (Apart from Mewto and Articuno) But what team Are you? Comement Your team below if you have found these subtitles I am…. Not team Valor They Suck Insinct i am not but they are a tiny bit better! I am of course Team Instict Where ma boys at?? If You are mystic and made it to the end of the Video Hit the subscribe button and comment See U Boys Next Time

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