Ralph Macchio Shares the Secret Behind Karate Kid’s Chopsticks Fly-Catch Scene
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Ralph Macchio Shares the Secret Behind Karate Kid’s Chopsticks Fly-Catch Scene

November 17, 2019

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  1. I just watched all the karate kid movies 1-3 last week and i just finished watching kobra kai and now the purpose of my life is to watch every ralph maccio/billy zabka video on YouTube!!!!

  2. Cobra Kai is A GREAT SHOW…. If you havent seen it , but your an old fan of the movie IT LEAVES YOU LOVING THE FACT YOU WOULDN'T WATCH THOSE SHIT REBOOTS WITH THAT CHICK AND RAPPER KID.

  3. Wow I can walk to Ralph Macchio house rn it’s so funny I live 5 mins from him funnier is that my mom grew up with him and then I moved and he also had moved even funnier I was at his sons high school graduation bc my moms friends son was also graduating I’m surprised that I haven’t ran into him and had a conversation ???

  4. Jimym Fallon can you interview or do about Bay City Rollers Members please, Eric Faulkner, Les, Ian Mitchell!

  5. He will always nd forever be handsome to me i had the biggest crush on him when i was younger hes so cute especially in my cousin vinny movie

  6. I feel like Ralph and Jimmy both expected more crowd reaction when he pulled out the headband…it was awkward without applause from the crowd

  7. Cant wait for season 3 and I also want karate kid 2 and 3 in 4k but there not out yet karate kid for me is one of the best movies ever made it like Ralph Macchio say there was good chemistry with Pat there and when making any movie there are 3 key things that will make the movie great chemistry between the actors good story and the right balance of action and drama and karate kid 1,2,3 had this and that is why they are loved by generations of people. RIP Pat.
    100% recommended cobra kai its awesome

  8. When he mentioned about everybody doing the crane kick my mom told me a story about how my her siblings (aka my uncles and aunt.) they were watching the movie not when it came out but in the 90s bc my mom was born in 1989. Anyways they entertained each other and my aunt said she knew how to do the crane kick so they didn’t believe her so she tried proving it to them so when she kicked her foot got stuck in the wall and everybody was dying laughing. They teased her until they realized that they were gonna get a whip ass so they moved there bunk beds to cover the whole. It worked until my grandma found out one month later.

  9. Ralph so good looking their I love his movies but not Outsides too sad for me. OTHER MOVIES GOOD

  10. Haven't seen the show and don't plan to, but from the clip Daniel comes across as a total douche, and Johnny seems like the good guy. 😀 Come to think of it, Daniel was always annoying, right back to the beginning of the first movie. Not sure why we were supposed to sympathize with him. That was really the only thing I actually didn't really like about Karate Kid….Daniel.

  11. He literally never shares the secret behind catching the fly, only the methods that failed, still entertaining interview though

  12. He tucks the headband in his back pocket like a snot rag.

    Movie memorabilia collectors nearly have a heartattack.

  13. did anyone realize he said the movie came out in 1983? that's when outsiders came out and Karate Kid came out 1984

  14. Saw Macchio off Broadway in '86 with Burt Young (Paulie from Rocky) & DeNiro in "Cuba and his Teddy." Funny, good stage actor too. His peak of popularity.

  15. He never explained how they actually did it… they just explained all the takes that they didn't use. Am I the only one who noticed this?

  16. i kicked his face …. and then all that rumble philosophy from your childhood goes down the toilet. You see it's just like star wars ppl say it's crap, it's not crap man, it's fantasy you know … we need that shitt, we need to believe in love so we won't crash in tear drugs and death. Well abou jackie chan's karate kid movie…no please god noooooooooooooo noooooooooooooo

  17. What i like about Ralph is that he never let his popularity get into his head and years passed he's still the same. No scandals. Like Keanu and Jim Caviezel.

  18. I wouldn't like my daughter going out with a abusive and a bully like. Johnny i still remember when he took the radio from his x girlfriend and threw it on the ground. ?

  19. My mom used to hate when us boys watched Karate Kid, because immediately after it was over we would running around kicking and karate chopping each other, and jumping off furniture. I was going to say boys-will-be-boys, but that's no longer true in today's disturbed world.

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