Ralph Macchio Named His Son After the Karate Kid
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Ralph Macchio Named His Son After the Karate Kid

November 17, 2019

-Ralph Macchio, welcome back
to the show. -Thank you.
-Congrats on “Cobra Kai.” -Thank you, man.
-Last time we were here, we were about it
before it came out. -Yeah.
-Now it’s been out, everyone loved it.
It was a super hit. It’s 100% Fresh
on “Rotten Tomatoes” Congratulations.
That’s a big deal. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s right. -I also read that it’s one of
the most searched TV shows on Google for 2018.
-We’ll take it. -Yeah, exactly, yeah.
That’s pretty good. -It has been
beyond expectations. And we are just, hopefully,
only just beginning. So it’s really exciting.
-I loved it. Are kids now coming up to you? -Yeah, that’s
what’s great about it. We have great young characters
in the show, along with the great rivalry
between Johnny and Daniel. But, yeah, I get
a lot of young kids now like, “This is
my favorite show,” and, “My dad — it was
his favorite movie. And now this is our favorite
thing to do together — watch ‘Cobra Kai,’
and it’s awesome.” And then they usually say,
“And my grandma had you on her wall.”
[ Laughter ] And I do the math,
and it’s maybe true. -No, that’s not true.
-But, uh… And so then you get these guys that the movie changed
their life or whatever. This is the show that they
never thought they needed. And they just are
very passionate. And they’re like, “And my dad, he grew up in Jersey
just like you, too, Ralph.” And I’m like, “You know,
I didn’t grow up in Jersey. That was the character.” He’s like, “No, you’re
from Newark man.” [ Laughter ]
And I’m like, “No, I’m not. I actually live in the burbs
in New York with my wife.” He says, “No, no, your mother
drives a green station wagon.” [ Laughter ]
“And when it stalls, you push it, and that’s
how you got to California.” -“Wax on, wax off. I know all about
your life, man.” -Memories get a little warped. Like, someone will also say, “I’ve been a fan
since ‘Happy Days.'” [ Laughter ] And I say, “Well,
oh, you know what? Pat Morita played Arnold
in ‘Happy Days,’ and he was Mr. Miyagi,
so I see the confusion.” Like, “No, no,
when you loved Joanie.” And I’m like, “Look, dude,
I’m not Chachi.” [ Laughter ] -“Don’t make me
roundhouse you, dude. I’m not Chachi.”
-“With all due respect.” -Is it true that
your son’s name is Daniel? -Yes, it is. -Is it based on
your character Daniel? -It had a little something
to do with it. It’s one of those things
that too soon — and who would ever think
I’d come back to it? -You never thought that you
would come back to it. -We love the name. My wife and I love
the name Daniel. Her cousin and good friend,
growing up’s, name was Daniel. The character initially
was named Danny Weber. And then I got the part,
and they added some vowels. -Daniel LaRusso.
-Yeah, LaRusso. But my son, I think,
is proud of it. That’s funny,
’cause when he was a kid — he’s like 6, 7 years old,
in Little League — I was not coaching the team
but cheering my kid on. And he’s running around third,
and then he takes a spill, going around third base,
and tumbles. And you just hear the coach
on the other team going, “Down goes LaRusso!”
-[ Laughing ] Yeah, yeah. That’s gonna happen.
-Like, “Dude, it’s my kid.” It’s like John Kreese
from “Cobra Kai” was coaching the other team.
-Exactly, yeah. But to be honest,
even if he was named Ben, he still would have said,
“Down goes LaRusso.” -You got it, you got it.
-Let’s talk about Season 2. I’m so excited about this —
“Cobra Kai.” William Zabka, who plays Johnny,
gosh, you guys are just — -He kills it, he kills it.
-You guys are great together! -Thanks, man.
-Did you guys fight this season? -Well, I can’t say too much
about it, but they put it in a trailer.
There’s a little bit of a tease. So, it was interesting,
after 35 years, you know, I was a little nervous
getting back there. Some people think I won
with the illegal kick in the original film.
So, here’s William Zabka, who, arguably, was considered
the dick of the ’80s, I guess. [ Laughter ]
-That’s how good he was. -He’s a great friend,
a sweetheart of a guy, a phenomenal actor,
but I’m thinking, maybe he’s a little pissed…
-Yeah, yeah. Wow. -…and it’s his chance.
And it was funny, we were doing the rehearsal
of some of the fisticuffs there before we shot it the next day,
and he’s like, “Okay, let’s just run through this
one more time. Let’s do this part
just for pretend.” And I took pause to that,
and I said, “You know, Bill, tomorrow,
when the cameras are here, it’s still pretend.”
[ Laughter ] -“Dude, we’re not actually
ever going to fight.” -And it’s like,
“You’re gonna be fine.” We shared a great laugh.
-He’s like, “Oops, yeah.” -And I’m here to talk about it.
So, you guys are gonna love it. The show is really, really good.
-The show is great. It’s funny, it’s got heart,
it’s family. I just — It hits
all the bases for me. I love it so much.
-Thank you. -What’s happening
in Season 2 now? -Season 2 is sort of the battle for the heart
of the San Fernando Valley. It’s Cobra Kai versus Miyagi-Do,
where Daniel LaRusso now opens up Miyagi-Do Dojo
to teach and carry on the legacy of
the great Mr. Miyagi. So there’s a lot of that
woven into the show. And it becomes, you know,
the good over evil, depending on which side
you feel is good or evil. You know? And it’s exciting. It’s exciting.
It’s a great rivalry. John Kreese,
played by Marty Kove, is back, and he kicks butt in the show.
The great cast. The young cast is terrific. -I want to show everyone a clip.
It’s fantastic. Here’s Ralph Macchio in the new
season of “Cobra Kai.” Take a look at this. -So, did I tell you I had to
double the classes at Cobra Kai? So many kids
want to join my dojo. -Wow. That’s great.
I’m so proud of you, Johnny. -I love how passionate
my students are. Sure, there may not be as many,
but they have heart. -Oh. Okay.
So, this is happening. -I’m just saying, it’s not the
quantity, it’s the quality. -Bigger is better. -Yeah, well, it was just
little ol’ me at the All-Valley, so didn’t need an army,
just the right moves. -Okay, are you two done
comparing class sizes? [ Cheers and applause ] -Dude, Ralph Macchio, everybody! The new season of “Cobra Kai”
premieres April 24th on YouTube Premium!

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  1. i love Ralph Macchio so much loves him since the outsiders, karate kid etc. He emits the sweetest energy definitely one of my first crushes on tv <3

  2. Oh Fuck that Paid off Rotten Tomatoes. Rigged site..
    Hell this Jimmy Fallon is rigged too…he doesn't rate to have a show… stupid Blood contracts.

  3. Back in 2005 I was in Miami and I met this woman who was 32, she was super good looking. She told me "I am 32, the train already left me, I am not going to marry at all". Today, a 32 year old GIRL is like just finishing puberty. I am 44 and I hang out with girl 22 just fine.

  4. Am I the only one who noticed in the beginning when he tries to say it’s fresh on rotten tomatoes it sounds like he’s says “yes itsfrejfxhbdrotskkssbsnck” lmao wtf

  5. Jimmy Fallon is so annoying. You really are the least comical late night show guy. Give the guy a second to talk before blurting out random BS that isn’t funny. It’s no wonder why half of the celebrities hate you.

  6. omf when he was 22 he looked like he was 10. he still looks like hes much younger than how he really is. man what kinda water do you drink ?

  7. Damn! He was one of my 1st crushes when I was little (like 8 years old). It was the Karate Kid part 2 (which I saw 1st, before part 1). And he has aged WELL! Got to be in his early 60's and he can pass for his 30's-early 40's!!

  8. Being 13, the karate kid is my favourite and watching all his interviews now and then just makes me wish I was born in that era, seems so cool

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