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Rachel Bloom – The Hunt For Adolf Eichmann – Drunk History

November 17, 2019

– Hello. [snorts softly]
I’m Rachel Bloom, and today we’re gonna talk
about the capture… of Adolf Eichmann. So Israel’s established
in 1948, and Israel’s like,
okay, we need our own CIA. And so they form the Mossad,
and David Ben-Gurion, who’s the prime minister,
is like, I’m going to appoint you, Isser Harel,
to be head of Mossad. And Isser Harel is like,
awesome. We’re gonna hunt down
Nazi war criminals, ’cause there are
a lot of Nazis still, like, chilling. And the guy at the top
of their list is Adolf Eichmann, who literally planned
the Holocaust. So Isser Harel is like, let’s nail this [bleep]
mother[bleep] to the wall like a
[bleep] moose who’s been hunted. Meanwhile, Adolf Eichmann
is living in Argentina, making, like, a new alias.
And he’s like… [in German accent]
Hmm, what’s an Argentinean-sounding name? Oh, I know: Ricardo Clement. Good job, Adolf–
I mean, Ricardo. Wink.
However, his kids, who were there with him,
they’re like, well, I’m really attached
to Eichmann. It’s, like, in all
my yearbooks. Like, I’m just gonna–
I’m gonna–I’m gonna keep it. So, the Eichmann kids
are [bleep] stupid. – [chuckling] – [laughing] Okay, so… in the 1950s, Eichmann’s son,
Klaus, starts dating this very nice girl, Sylvia. And when she’s like,
Daddy, I’m dating, like, the best guy.
His name is Klaus Eichmann. And he’s like, that’s weird. My dog loves licking
her [bleep]. – [laughs]
– My dog licks her vagina more than any dog.
– That’s cool. – Anyway, so Sylvia’s father,
Lothar Hermann, is like,
huh, Eichmann, Eichmann… [in German accent]
Where have I heard that name? [dramatic percussive music] And so, Lothar tips off
the Mossad. And he’s like,
my daughter’s dating a guy named Klaus Eichmann.
Like, this might be Adolf Eichmann–
and this might be the son of Adolf Eichmann. And the Mossad is like, we need to check this guy out. And so, they send operatives
to Argentina, all of whom
are Holocaust survivors. And they’re like, you need to
take pictures of Eichmann to make sure this is Eichmann,
so that we’re not just, like, capturing some poor
Argentinean dude. – Smart. – Okay, so… – [chuckles]
– No! – What are you looking for? – My water went
under the couch. – I got you. You got it?
– Thanks, friend. – Mm-hmm. – So, they send a guy, who just kind of
walks up to him while he’s gardening,
and they’re like, tell us how you garden.
And he’s like, well…
and he, like, starts to explain gardening to them. And the whole time, they have a suitcase that has,
like, a spy camera in it, so they’re like…
[imitates camera clicking] And he’s like,
what’s that sound? They’re like, nothing. So they send the pictures back to Israel,
and the Mossad is like, dudes, this is Eichmann.
Let’s get him there. But Harel’s like, whoa. Argentina is really bad…
– Mm-hmm. – About extraditing Nazis. They, like, don’t give a shit
for some reason. I don’t know why.
I don’t know why! But they’re just bad about it. And he tells Zvi Aharoni, if we’re gonna capture
Adolf Eichmann, we’re gonna have to–
we’re gonna have to, like, full-on kidnap him. Like-like a kid
on a milk carton. We’re gonna have
to milk-carton Adolf Eichmann. – Mm.
– So… the four operatives, um… they go to Argentina–
it’s weird to tell a story about Nazis and be so cozy. – [chuckles]
– Anyway, they park a deserted car to lure Eichmann. And they’re like, okay guys, so…to distract ourselves we need to come up
with a group name. How about…
“The Kidnapping Friends”? And one of them’s like,
no, I don’t–I– okay, if we’re gonna come up
with names, now’s not the time to do it–
but if we’re going to, I think it should be called
“The Abduction Posse.” And another one’s like,
no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, how about,
I don’t know, “The Snatch Squad?” And they’re like,
Snatch Squad! And just then, that’s when
Eichmann walks down the road. And they’re like,
uh, our car is broken down. [suspenseful music] Psych! It’s not! And they tackle Eichmann. They just, like, full-on, like, bum-rush Eichmann. And they get him in the car, and my dog continues
to lick her own [bleep]. – I’ll be dogged. I wanna do the rest of the story
lying down. – You do it.
You do what you– you do it the way you want.
– So, they bring him to a safe house,
and then they try to question him to make sure
it’s Adolf Eichmann living in Germany–
Ar-Argentina. And Eichmann’s like, hola.
[laughs] Me llamo Ricardo Clement. [laughing] Like, he’s
pretending to be Argentinean. They’re just like,
clearly not. You are a pasty white
German dude. And finally,
he drops all the shit, and he’s like, all right,
I’m Adolf Eichmann. Can I get a glass of wine? And they’re like, okay,
there is a plane leaving from Buenos Aires to Israel. How do we sneak Eichmann
onto this plane? So May 20, 1960,
they sedate Adolf Eichmann, they dress him up
as an El Al flight attendant– which is the Israeli airline– and they literally, like,
drag him to the airport. Like, full-on
“Weekend At Bernie’s”-ing the orchestrator of, like,
the worst thing that’s ever happened
in their lives, and just being like,
hey, I’m tired. Hello, I’m an
El Al flight attendant. And they’re
literally carrying him like, onto the plane. I mean, like,
the story’s [bleep] insane. So they get him to Israel, and they put
Eichmann on trial. And he’s convicted,
and…he’s hung outside of Tel Aviv.
– Wow. – And the guys
who captured him are like, look, f… far be it for we
to celebrate death, but also, um, [bleep] yeah. – [bleep] the Nazis.
– [bleep] the Nazis, man. I’m alive.
I’m 97.4 Ashkenazi.

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  1. The catholic church matched biological antisemitism from the Nazis with their own religious based anitjewishness until 1938/39. The church supported the persecution of jews, including taking labour from nazi slave camps (concentration camps that focused on forced labour), however the church took exception to converted-to-catholicism-jews being persecuted as the church's bigotry was more religion/culture-based. The Nazis were still seen as allies against communism and yes "the jewish conspiracy" (i.e. jewish-identifying people, often presumed to be wealthier per capita as a part of numerous conspiracy theories, but definitely are not) for a lot of stupid people. Elements within the catholic church hierarchy even helped some nazi's escape. Argentina's politicians at the time didn't give a shit, because they were exactly the kind of people that still thought this way. At least liberation-theology evened things out a bit. It's all moot to me, I'm an atheist that doesn't believe in Realpolitik. Bunch of assholes really.

  2. Israel’s beginning was really interesting they where smart desperate and angry for revenge. Their history is very interesting and unique. The entire country is very interesting the way they work a small country with advanced tech and intelligence agencies.

  3. Not really sure the story of Eichmann's capture is suuuuuper funny. Are we supposed to laugh about the apprehension of a man whose utter lack of human ethics made the worst act of mass murder in history run smoothly?

  4. Amaricans when there Grandpa says racest shit: no Grandpa
    Germans when there Grandpa says racest shit: they don't here he lives in Argentina

  5. Obviously they get Tony Hale to play an intelligence agent. After all his experience playing Simon in Andy Barker, P.I., it was a no brainer.

  6. yeap, but Rachel forgot to mention that Israel violated International law. Maybe, she was too drunk. Or maybe, it's okay to neutralize each Israelian violation by repeating Nazi Nazi so many times that it actually sounds OKAY and blurs reality. But it's not.

  7. It is awesome they are bringing this historical fact to light. However the milk Carton, comment is disturbing and not appropriate.

  8. Too bad that was the start of the Zionists and the secret Israeli police. THE JEWS BECAME THE NAZIS THEM SELFS! DUHN DUHN DUN!

  9. “He drops all the shit”
    They tortured and ‘questioned’ him for weeks. He didn’t just admit to it.

    Then they tortured him more after they got him to israel.

  10. Eichmann nearly got away with his Argentinian disguise, but he had a momentary lapse of judgement and burst into Polka Face, blowing his cover

  11. She said he wasn't argentinian cause he was white??? She clearly haven't been in Argentina.
    Come one day and see for yourself how we look like, and go to the south of the country were all the germans, brits, swiss and other europeans descendents live (i am a german and irish descendant)

  12. Added historical context: Argentina, like the US, had massive old world immigration with segmented cities. Just like America has little Italy's and Little Mexicos Argentina had neighborhoods and entire villages of German immigrants and their descendants, some of whom only spoke German, which is why Nazi's hiding there was so ideal and difficult for authorities to find them, even more so with the thousands of post-war refugees.

  13. Also, Eichman's death sentence is the only death sentence ever executed in Israel's history, and the morality of it is still debated to this day.

  14. I know that this is a simplified version of events and all but can someone clue me in on the details? Looking like a criminal and having a son the goes by the criminal's surname is incredibly flimsy "evidence" and so is a confession of identity after being kidnapped and held in a safehouse for several days. I'm not saying he was tortured into giving a false confession but if this was the CIA or literally any other intelligence agency it wouldn't be controversial in the slightest to suggest he was.

    All this seems to make for a pretty weak case to hang a guy, there has to be more?

  15. Mossad didn't care about capturing Eichmann, the father of the girl dating Eichmann son was a German Jew, who was a refugee in Argentina and knew who was Eichmann very well, begged to the Mossad to get him. Is it drunk history or made up history? Also Argentina didn't create an Operation Paperclip so I think US was not just bad at capturing Nazis but they gave them a very good living in that country.
    Propaganda is not history doesn't matter how much you drink.

  16. Someone's obviously never been to Argentina, or she would have known that over 80% of Argentina's population is white/of European descent. Alas, like most Americans, she assumes every country South of us must be exactly how we picture Mexico's ethnic composition to be. ?

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