R64: We’re going on a Luigi hunt
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R64: We’re going on a Luigi hunt

December 4, 2019

[Retarded 64 Intro] Mario: MamaF**#er! [Robotic Sounds] Mario: Hoho! Hello! It’s-a me! Have you seen Luigi? That motha-facka owe me some money… You: He’s over there! Mario: Thank you so much- YOU OWE ME SOME MONEY, MOTHERFUCKA! Luigi: *Screams and Run* *Door Slams* Mario: LU-I-GI! HERE’S Mario! Luigi: NO GOD PLEASE NO! Mario: LUUUUU-EEEEE-GEEEEE (exclaims in pain) M4M4 FU**3R Who throws a shoe? Honestly? Toad: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Mario: Aw! Zhet! Luigi: TROLLLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLO *TRIGGERED* Mario: LUIGI! *Peaceful Music* SMG4: *Scream* AHH!!! Mario: Hey Stinky! *gibberish* Mario: Hmmm….. (Mario’s Flashback) Past Mario: When the moon hits your eye! Like a big pizza pie! That’s Amoreeeeeeeeeee! Luigi: I’M SO DRUNK I CAN BARELY SEE! BUT IT HELPS ME GET THROUGH ANOTHER DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Mario: When an eel lunges out and it takes a bite out of-
Luigi: (incoherent singing) Mario: AAHHH!!! WHAT THE FUCK?! GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE! *KABOOM!* GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE (Terminator Theme Plays)>:C (Distorted)Mario: HeY LuIgI! Luigi: (Incoherent mumbling) (Burps Loudly) *Slow gibberish Luigi: WAHH! Luigi: Mama mia.. Mario: MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MOTHERFUCKER! Luigi: (Shudders) Okey Dokey! Mario: *roars in anger* Luigi: *Screams like a little bitch* Mario: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM *gibberish* Grr! LUIGI F***ER Luigi(?): Oh yeah! *laughs* Mario: ITS RAPING TIME!!! Gotcha….Bitch! Wah?! Weegee doll: (Laughs) Weegee! Weegee! x2 O-Yea Hey Mario! FAHK U! MY N*GGA YOU GOT ROASTED!!! (YEAH!!!) (Weegee doll triggered) Mario: Grr! Maama Mia! Lets -A Go YOU CAN DO IT! Chain Chomp: *sniff sniff* *fart* 5700P1D! x3 For God’s sake! *TRIGGERED* Mario: ok?? Toad: Heh, yeah boiii Chain Chomp: ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM
Toad: OH FUCK YOU! OH GOD! WHAT THE FUCK! Mario: WHAT DA FAHK? Toad: Uhhh…. I can explain. DADADIDA x2 Mario: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Toad: RUN BITCH! Mario: MAMAF***ER! *Smoke Weed Everyday Remix Plays* Mario: ‘cuse’a me? *record scratch* *Short gibberish* Chain Chomp: ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM ÑAM x2
Toad: Oh shit! (x9001) *gibberish* Bird: Yo’ mudah (mother) is so fat, that when he jump for joy, she got stuck. Mario: Nooooo Clerk: How about this instead? Pole Dancing Chicken: What’s up? Mario: Oh you so good! Mario: Thank you so much! Retard Detector: Uh oh! Retard Alert! Come Here Fishy Fishy! HERE! Fishy Fishy! Mario: Uh…BYE! *Retard Detector still goes off* Mario: THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! Oke-Do-kie YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Bounty Hunter (Aka Sniper From TF2): G’dai! What’s up? Mario: FUCK HIM UP! Alright! HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHH *singing* Swiggity Swooty, I’m coming for da booty! Be vewy vewy quiet, i’m hunting LUIGI! *laugh* That piranha plant tho…. Luigi: *screams* Bounty Hunter: Ahh… PISS. GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE OH WHAT?! (“Haddaway – What is Love?” plays) A demoman in a bunny suit: Oh! I’m gonna to lick ya! Luigi: *screams* Luigi: YOU SO UGLY!!! Demoman: I’ll be gentel! Luigi: *screams* (Spotted!!) (“Never Let Up! – Mario & Luigi: Dream Team” plays) *Bleating* Luigi: *screams* Demoman: LEAVE HIM ALONE! Demoman: Hey you! Back away from my wife. Bounty Hunter: nah *PUNCH!* Mario chillin’ Mario: SON OF A BITCH! OOOKKIIEEE-DOOO-KIIIEEE HUHUHUH *cries* Luigi: Mama mia… Wah?! Heh? Mario: C’mon, C’mon! *annoyed* Mario… *Reversed gibberish* Luigi Luigi: Fuck this shit, i’m out! Mario: YOU SON OF A BITCH! GET OVER HERE! *moans* Huh? *nervous blubbering* Mario: Hey…..Luigi…. Mario’s Tunnel of-a Doom! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mario: OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO! YOU DON FUCKED UP NOW! Luigi: *screaming in agony* Nobody cares! NOBODY! And…you need to shut up! Green Bird: Oh shit… Green Bird: BURN! BURN! *HEY FUCKERS* MAMAFU***R!! NOOO! *gibberish* Green Bird: Hey Luigi! I got a funny joke for you 😀 Luigi: *screams* *dat outro*

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  1. No puede ser pobre luigi nunca esta tranquilo que tal si haces un vídeo en la que el pueda descanzar

  2. A luigi hunt eh? I got a song for that

    We're going on a Luigi hunt
    We're going to catch a big one
    What a beautiful day
    We are scared

  3. 8:10 Luigi te quedarás amarrado para que aprendas a que no debés emborrachearte cuando estés manejando

  4. Mario: i'mma just torture you forever

    Parrot: YOU DON FU*** UP NOW!


    SMG4:godammit mario what stupid crap are you doing this time.

    SMG4:Mario Where You Mark

    Mario: no where u mark

    SMG4: stop luigi how you save your mark

    Luigi: I Don't Know

    Mario: GRAB LUIGI MARK..

    SMG4: ookay…

    Luigi: Waht?

    THE END.

  5. It's funny that you said he here's Mario but it's actually supposed to say here's Johnny even that's my name my nickname

  6. 1:39
    Apparently Mario is out of money to get
    new girlfriends. So thats why the rich kids get the girls these days.

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