Quests, Sweepstakes, and NEW Games

August 18, 2019

[MUSIC]>>In this week’s show, we’ve got
new games to play on Xbox One, checkout Solos in Apex Legends, and show you how to take
on Xbox Game Pass quests. Let’s dive into This Week on Xbox. Here are three new games
to play this week. Need For Speed Heat is a thrilling race experience
that pitch you against a city’s road police force as you battle your way into
street racing’s elite. [MUSIC]>>Survival of the fastest, no prizes for second place. Where standing out means
becoming a target. [MUSIC]>>Experience epic naval
action in World of Warships: Legends as it launches into full release this week with
a boatload of new content. Play as one of foreign nations and customize your fleet
to rule the seas. You’ll want to team up to
survive the legions of creatures roaming the wastelands in
Remnant from the Ashes. VIP early access begins Friday the 16th ahead of
the wide release on August 20th, so you still have time to pre-order. Dynamically generated
worlds keep the experience fresh and the bosses
are turned up to 11. Good luck trying to survive. [MUSIC]>>World of Warships:
Legends and Remnant from the Ashes are part of
the summer spotlight events. So while you’re picking those up, don’t forget to enter
the drawing to win an Xbox One S all
digital edition console, a gray-blue wireless controller, and a code for every game in
the summer spotlight event. Check out the link below to enter. On August 20th, Persephone joins
the roster of gods in SMITE. We’ve got your exclusive first look
at our game play on Xbox. Persephone’s abilities focus on
the unity of life and death. You can use her powers
to create deadly plants, and skeletal warriors growing and harvesting her gruesome garden
in the battleground. Watch out for her ultimate
ability grasp of death, which conjures a ball of vines
that will in trap enemies. SMITE is free to play. Jump in today. [MUSIC]>>The big news in
Kings Canyon this week is the limited time solo game play. The Apex Legends Iron Crown
Collection Event also features new skins and an adrenaline fueled town takeover
designed by octane. So what is it like in Solo’s mode? Well, I can tell you, it’s
a great way to grab a couple of games and maybe level up if you
don’t have your regular crew. [MUSIC]>>Catch me if you can.>>Don’t forget your free games. Xbox Live members can try out two games for free play
days this weekend. First is the game or this week
on Xbox editor describes as an international sensation of
non-stop action. Right, Scott? Anyway, it’s Puyo Puyo Champions. It’s available to try
this weekend starting today for free play days and you can get it
for 50 percent off this weekend. Second is Black Desert, the award-winning
revolutionary MMORPG, where you’ll be challenged to
survive the harsh deserts, defeat barbaric tribes, and unlock the secrets
of the Black Desert. [MUSIC]>>Starting August 16th, Xbox Live gold members can download the latest
free Games with Gold. Take it to the track in
Forza Motorsport 6 and then go Gothic in Castlevania:
Lords of Shadow. Last week, we showed you how to use Microsoft reward points to get
free gift cards and memberships. Just to see how easy it
is to collect points, we gave our producer a checklist and sat him
down in front of an Xbox.>>Hi. I’m FourOwlsnacoat. I’m going to do the Xbox Game
Pass Quests for August for you. I really like Xbox Game Pass
Quests because it’s a chance to play games and get rewards for
playing games I would play anyway. You can use the the
app. This in-frame?>>Yeah.>>To track your points. The app even tells you
what other quests you need to go on and shows you what
quests you completed. So I’ve already done the log in
to Xbox Game Pass mobile app for 100 points and I’ve
already downloaded my next game through Xbox Game
Pass app, another 100 points. So I’m already well on my way. Hey look at that. Doom is ready. I’m going to play some games, get some achievements, and
earn some reward points. I’m going to try the Batman
Arkham Knight Achievements. I love this game. This entire franchise is phenomenal. Next, I’ve got to
earn three achievements in any combination
of [email protected] games. [MUSIC]>>Let’s try this out. Now,
isn’t it either. It’s close. [MUSIC]>>Okay. Doom. It’s going to play
through the first level of this. There we go, first level
doom, that’s an achievement, and we are on to the next achievement in
Borderlands, the Handsome Collection. [MUSIC]>>Just like that, 1,200
Microsoft reward points. Check out the Xbox Game Pass
Quests and enjoy the games.>>I’d say you’ve earned a couple
of big bonus updates this week. First is Sigma, now
available in Overwatch. He’s a barrier tank who will help his team dominate
choke points and has harnessed the power of gravity to wield hyperspheres
as his main attack. The new Role Queue will let
players select the role they want to play
before a match begins. The beta system will run
until September 1st, so you can test the system while
earning competitive points. And try out Sigma and the Role
Queue in Overwatch today. Your second bonus is
a massive update in No Man’s Sky called
Beyond. Jump into that. [MUSIC]>>Next week is Gamescom
and this week on Xbox, we’ll be on break. You’ll want to watch Inside Xbox at Gamescom starting
Monday, the 19th. It starts at 5:00 p.m.
local German time, that’s 11:00 Eastern in
8:00 a.m. Pacific to get the big end of
summer news from Xbox. That’s the latest news from This Week on Xbox. Thanks for watching.>>Who’s next?>>I’m next. [MUSIC]>>Go back to the ’90s. [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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