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August 13, 2019

(We Got Married) (Tzuyu and Jungkook) (busy driving where is he heading to?) (ofcourse to pick his wife up after her schedule) (So focused driving) (Safe driving for his wife is all that matters) Jungkook : Is it okay if we will meet my members later after our schedule? Tzuyu : Yes (Husband so happy with his wife’s answer) (This too just so simply sweet) (Suddenly look at his wife and check what she is doing) (Oh , wifey making sure she is beautiful on her husband’s eyes) Jungkook : You are beautiful without that Jungkook: I dont really mind her putting makeup but I love her natural beauty that’s enough for me Today I will cook something good for her (Honey Couple’s House) (looks like husband is getting ready) (What is he planning to do?) (Cooking Husband on screen right now) (Excited) (Tasting if it’s already good enough) (Satisfied) (meanwhile wife taking some rest on their room) Good Smell (Wife randomly sing because of the smell of the food her husband is preparing) (Wow!) (Will wife gonna love the taste?) Jungkook : Is it good? (Nodding to say her satisfaction) (Honey couple just love to enjoy their food together) (Husband on his schedule) Hobi : They are just together earlier and yet his still texting her V : dont bother her so much maybe she is resting Jin : I can say he really likes her a lot Jungkook : I just want to check on her Jin : Yes obviously , you are V : This is the first time I saw him like this V : Waah Jin: Because most of the time he is just sleeping (Elders so happy with their youngest) Jin : Make sure to bring her later Jungkook : I will pick her up later (Continuously checking his phone) Jungkook : I will see you later Members are all excited to meet her After the schedule we will prepare the food for later’s celebration (While Tzuyu is also busy preparing for something to bring for her inlaws later) RM : What do you want us to cook? JK : I want it to be something special for her Jin : Stew RM: or ramyeon Suga : I will help with the cooking (Thanks to tzuyu’s loving unnies for preparing for the food) Dubu : Why? Dubu: What are you thinking about Tzuyu-shi? Tzuyu : I am thinking about Tzuyu : If he will like this or not (ofcourse husband also prepare thanks to his hyungs for the helping hand) Hobi : Yah! Make sure to make it good JK : I am not really that good on preparing Hobi : Yeah you are not (Cooking Teacher continuously teaching) Hobi : Guys look at this heart it’s jungkook’s his heart is inlove Hobi : dont worry Army he still love you Hobi : Now this is for her (teasing jungkook) JK : Stop stop let’s make it fast JK : We still have a lot to do Hobi ; Wow you are really into this Hobi : Give your heart to her (teasing him again and again) Jk : dont say that hyung Hobi : Okay okay let’s be serious now Jk : You know I want it to be good right JK : This is hard for me Hobi : Waah you are eally a man now Jk : I never thought its hard to make this Tzuyu : Hi please come in Right now I am preparing I will put lipstick first I know he said that its okay but i wanted to look good since I will meet his members first impression last so i wanted to make sure it is good Now I am just finishing it This method will be my last step and Im done Is it okay? (The night is full of lights and noises all around) (Warm welcome from Inlaws) Suga : What was the feeling by the first time you met? Jungkook: For me it’s magical Jungkook : It’s weird because I felt very happy by the time I saw her (member’s so supportive) Suga :Why is it like V is going to cry? (tzuyu feeling at homw with them) RM: to be honest jungkook really looks different Rm : you are now a man V : Yeah his not acting like a kid anymore Rm : that is why im so shock because he is not like this before (jungkook getting so shy looking at her wife while hyungs teases him) Rm : Is it because of the rice roll? Jungkook : Yeah maybe Jungkook : No it is delicious to be honest (after teasing , hyungs will gave advise to the couple) Tzuyu : Oh I am scared Suga : dont be scared I might be serious but i am happy to see the two of you Rm : wow that’s new Suga : honestly i love both of you so dont be scared (Touched) Rm : Ah , our youngest is now a grown man I really love how it affects you because it made you better JK : really? Jimin : all I can say is I am happy for the both of you (thank you hyungs for supporting both of us) (and the night continuously sing the song of happiness) Do you have something you write for me? (Tipsy) Jeon Jungkook My mom used to tell me that I will met someone a gold that will make me shine (hobi satisfied look) and once I met that gold it will make me even brighter (Sweet) Hobi : I didnt expect that I wanted you to know you are the gold that makes me shine everyday and both of us together is a gold that will never fade so let’s be together for golden years and be with each other forever and ever My tzuyu let me give you a golden love that will shine forever (Tzuyu cant hide her smile) (even BTS members laugh because of jungkook’s poem) Jimin : he maybe too drunk thats why JK : all I said was from the heart i love all of you You are so cheesy tonight (Savage tzuyu) (Jungkook fell asleep after celebration with the members) (tzuyu trying to feed her husband) (So Sweet) I never really expect that he will say that I enjoyed everytime we bond I looking forward for next time (We Got Married)

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  1. hi unnie! Did u hear abt the daniel x jihyo date smthn. Its official! Wahhh im cryin , im so happy for them. I hope tzukook will be official some day ":(((

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