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  1. What's happening at 01:08:30? Mancubus is just watching the player slaughtering the monster on it's left. When the player starts firing at the Mancubus type, than the Mancubus starts firing too. Normally, in the original Doom, every enemy was firing at the player, no matter what the player did. Also Arachnatron seems to be a pussy in this version? Original Arachnatron was shooting yellow plasma constantly at the player. The atmosphere is TOP, the surroundings on Earth are TOP, the screenshots 01:02:16 and the views at 01:02:33 are a real wow facture! Double TOP!

  2. At 16:50 you said something about QuakeCon sale everywhere. No bethesda game on sale on **. Care to explain?

  3. Weapons look like a remake mix of old quake and unreal. Is it just me or the pace seems to be slower than in the early Doom games?

  4. So the Doomslayer became so buff from his demon smashing workouts that his armor no longer fits him and that is why his massive biceps are exposed.

  5. Boy that gameplay was horrible: the music is garbage, the animations are shit and the monsters look like they have been made 2-3 years prior to DOOM IV. Boy I hope this is just alpha footage

  6. What was going on in id Studios? Were they just sitting there thinking, “How can we make Doomguy more badasser? How about we give him a wrist-blade. You know what, how about a shotgun grappling hook. You know what, let’s give him a FUCKING LIGHTSABER!”

  7. Oh good they finally got the hint from brutal Doom and put something that was a concept in the original game in the game after 25 years.

  8. 1:00:42 Oh God. The enemies from the invasion are controlled by players…Well there's a way to ruin someone's day

  9. That chain is an excellent addition to the gameplay, lot more manouverability. The performance of this game looks to be great yet again.

  10. The absolute single thing I have to bitch about (everything else made my pants alot tighter) , is the music, doesn't seem to have the same "oomph" as the prior one, but it's only a small part of the game, so I'm hoping I'm just bullshitting here 🙂

  11. …Wow, I think Lubbie-1397 removed his comment, or somebody managed to get it moderated. That's alright, he was still mortally-challenged anyway. Tossing this up as a paraphrase of my original point about the invasion mode;

    It's a really neat riff of the Dark Souls co-op asymmetrical PvP concept, but…

    I am not too fond of the difficulty spike from day one if Bethesda decided to mandate it. I won't hate the game so much as I could figure some way to filter the Internet requests so they just null out and I can play my game in peace. They have one year to make it right, and I have faith that despite this seeming like an insidious play of the tried-and-failed make everything a battle royale meme (and yes, I am calling it a meme), if implemented as a toggle option (with off being default, preferably) it'll still be a rippin' good game they don't have to patch over in order to get rid of it.

  12. "welcome our new friends" => lololol wait….
    "refer to them as mortally challenged" => I TOTALLY LOST MY DERPS
    This is gonna be AMAZING

  13. Game of the year contender? I will play the living hell out of this game, its so badass when your grappling from demon to demon blowing them to BITS in the process.

  14. Lo que me gustaría es que en Fallout 76 no salga más lo de la pestaña verde para saber dónde están los demás excepto lo de ponerle una diana a la persona que se ponga en plan campera y se ponga precio a su cabeza y salga la pestaña roja en la brújula. No sé si me explico.

  15. "Brothers and sisters, let us help our friends with migration to our continent […] Remember:" Illegal Aliens "may sound insulting, call them" Refugees "[…] Europe is the melting pot of humanity"

  16. No joke. I cried watching the Doom Eternal gameplay. I forgot what it was like to feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. It's been so long since a game has excited me this much. Bethesda thank you so much for this game.

    A breath of fresh air.

  17. I love how in the end Hugo and Marty gave a shout out to all of their colleagues. Really shows how ID is more of a family than just a company

  18. Bethesda I’ve tried to give you my money from months,do I have to throw it at the screen or what?Am I doing it wrong?JUST TAKE THE MONEY AND GIVE ME THE GAME I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT

  19. The place with the coliseum either that’s the city of dis from Dante’s inferno or we may be journeying not only to earth and hell but also heaven

  20. Theory: the UAC will be taken over by Demonic influenced authorities turning it into the DDA. (Demonic Dimensional Association) with the remaining UAC enterprises yet to evolve. Samuel Hayden will be the last UAC member to Join the DDA who then – REFUSES and sticks to his original plan with the UAC and DDA all fighting each other but share one fear…the Doom Slayer.

    (Or it just says as the UAC to prevent suspicion BUT it's a bit to late now)

  21. I think the only thing I don't like is how the shotgun and super shotgun sound in doom eternal. I prefer how they sounded in doom 2016.

  22. The first game consisted of entering a room, putting your hand in the heart-fleshy-thing in the center of the room, killing all the demons that instantly spawn, doing the same in the next room. Awfully repetitive and nothing like the first Doom games, which was all about exploration.

    This doesn't seem much better.

  23. is it just me or the concept art for Doom looks a bit… bad?
    Don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing, but that concept art is pretty meh! I mean, I've seen way better stuff for simpler and smaller games…

  24. DOOM Eternal, the only game on Ps4 that looks interesting; as in, I'd want to play it this year, compared to anything else besides Animal Crossing Switch. LOL what is happening with games these days? They're all boring overpriced garbage that goes on sale instantly and are worth maybe a day or three of play until beat. Disappointing, but at least this makes up for it!

  25. Anybody else find themselves coming back to watch game play and get pissed this game was announced almost a year ago

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