PyeongChang Winter Olympics Day 5
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PyeongChang Winter Olympics Day 5

November 17, 2019

It’s day five of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter
Olympics. I’m Kim Hye-sung with the latest on the games. Let’s kick things off with the highlghts so
far. In the women’s ice hockey prelimary match
that ended an hour ago, the Unified Korea team lost to Japan by a score of four-to-one. Ice hockey was one of the headline grabbers
for the olympics,…hockey being the only event in which the two Koreas formed a joint
team, making it a symbol of peace and unity. It was a loss for the joint Korea team, but
on the bright side they scored their first Olympic goal…. — that goal was put away
by naturalized Korean national Randi Heesoo Griffin. Neither Korea nor Japan will be moving on
to the playoff round. At 7 p.m was the women’s one-thousand meter
speed skating. All eyes are on South Korea’s Park Seung-hi,
a former short track speed skater who won two gold medals at the Sochi Olympics. Going back to earlier today. Another gold for team USA in the halfpipe. Yesterday 17-year-old Chloe Kim hogged the
spotlight. Now it’s Shaun White’s turn….A.K.A. the
flying tomato. He claimed gold in men’s halfpipe with a score
of 97-point-75, becoming the first man ever to win 3 snowboarding gold medals. Japan and Australia took silver and bronze. Speaking of making history. Last night, South Korea’s Kim Min-seok became
the first Asian speed skater with a medal finish in the men’s 15-hundred meter event. Clocking in at one minute 44-point-93 seconds,
less than one second behind Dutch gold medalist ( )Kjeld Nuis. He’s just 18, meaning we could be seeing more
of Kim on the podium,…next time. Weather conditions in PyeongChang aren’t really
helping the skiiers. Womens’ slalom was scheduled for ten this
morning, but was postponed to Friday due to strong winds. Now, let’s take a look at the medal tally
so far. Germany sits atop the standing. The Netherlands trailing behind,… with all
four gold medals from speed skating. The United States is number three at the moment. Austria with two golds from luge and alpine
skiing, ranks 8th. The host country, South Korea, is at number
10 with one gold and one bronze. There are more exciting events coming up tomorrow. Pair skating finals is slated for 10:30 in
the morning. 16 pairs will take to ice, including Team
USA’s husband and wife duo Alexa and Chris Knierim. At 8 in the evning, men’s 10-thousand meter
speed skating and men’s biathlon will take place. That’s all I have for now. Until the next PyeongChang Winter Olympics
updates, I’ll wrap things up with the latest results
from today’s events.

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  1. Yeah. A joint team was a disaster. South Korean females never got the chance to fully have their own and defeat at rivalry team.

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