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Puts People to SLEEP! | 10 Strange Amazon Products!

August 27, 2019

M: WAITWAITWAIT!!!! Cue the music [Music] T: Hope the music still or else I’m looking dumb right now [Intro] (Subtitles made by Jurosik) (One segment by HowBoutDemCowboys) M: What’s going on guys I am your boi bearded Mathias back at it again with another video T: You slipped into an accent, that was LOUD. M: This is Tanner. He’s picked out 10 – strange items I don’t know. I was like 10 strange items on amazon.com (not sponzored) And I’m gonna let you know where these items are dope or nizzy-nope. T: I feel like I’m on split you know T: I’m saying you went from like New York accent to like [Weird accent]: Heeey got some items hea! M: Got sum iteeeemss M: When you search “Matthias is” on Google, guess what it comes up with first. Christian. T: Really? M: Yes. And the next one is gay. (Matthias and Tanner laugh) T: Which is ironic. M: Yeah, which is ironic. Well, maybe it is (x2) depends on you views right, but yes, I am Christian whatever that means to you T: U have to answer that gay part. [laughter] M: I think that is a little self evident!!! [ironicly] M: I have got a wife and a kid!!! T:They are asking the question. Just answer it for em. No, I am not gay T: There we go not that there’s anything wrong with that Seinfeld You do you, boo. You know what I’m
sayin’? So long as I can do me. First product! Oh funny family finger twister board mini version T:I fantasize about it playing this song M: Me and you? the actual game of Twister or finger twister will start it with the really Sounds like how do we never gonna play? Yeah? Well, this is weirder I think the real game of Twister would be weirder for me in you and this is where that search result comes from you Right okay? I’m the Christian One-eyed scared of the do Knights gear to hold in your hand I’m secure with my masculinity Remember the gloves we had where you could like both share one Glove and hold hands, and you said no because no but that that wasn’t that wasn’t because of a fear of homeland Say homophobia or homosexuality that wasn’t because of a fear of because the fear of Homosexuality is homophobia right that wasn’t because of homophobia That was because I like legit think your hands are dirty and up right after that. I got set you were sick Birds I don’t think so as long as I don’t touch anyone I don’t get sick, but everyone wants to touch me is the basement ages Oh? Like I need to fire you just like right anytime anywhere for a competition. Oh, what is that a sticker of a boot? That’s a sticker of a boot. What does that stick rub like a dead dragon? What are these even stickers? There’s a little hand on the fingers. That’s a hand sticker on their fingernails Just like was weird Stop, are you ready for this. Oh look this explains. No It doesn’t at least explain though the stickers come from I get it because you play twister with your appendages with your hands and your legs oh My gosh that thing. That’s a lot again The link was so far away because it was called finger twister wasn’t like disguised your finger twister all right. I’m gonna spend first I’ll go read on index finger hold that was my index finger this mm-hmm sweet. Oh You’re not setting yourself up for a good position man blue and middle finger come on. I’m gonna be flipping up the hammer Just fell off the wall. What does that Thor’s hammer? Do you have you have to be careful not to look like I’m doing anything obscene? Yeah, what are you talking about? I’m too innocent come on yellow How do I spit with your other hand? Index finger on green my across. This is how I get sick again The ring finger on blue. Oh you don’t want to go that there. Oh wait This is you thanks for spending uh thumb on yellow Oh, that’s just not happening see that’s pretty much all of our fingers the middle finger on yellow look Oh my oh okay. Here’s one. Yeah, your thumb is strong. Yeah. It’s good. I lose. What who loves blue I think I fell off first, but see that that your hand doesn’t require balance yeah, it’s chooses Holy so the way. You lose on twister is you you fall. That’s the whole game so on this one. It’s just like you You break I think no toy Smith Hootin Hollerin Amell caller toy They just like we’re about to resolve the rhyming and then another word trigger blow into the whole that nightmare toy I’m not going to do you know maybe it was the other word blow into the 9 inch horn to make it roar ok That’s what it says. That’s what it says select nine different critter calls includes a handy strap. Oh good, though You got a demo mode so that everyone and their mother can just suck on the horn. That’s actually why we bought it You know oh, I have the card and your imagine this being sold at a store Just like every kid’s like luck mom and they just put their mouth all over it and like it’s been on like eight mouths Luckily they do cover up the horn thing here so yeah on in the story. You can’t be sucking on that straw boy What do we have here these images are like Unnecessarily tiny yeah, so tiny that you have to like look at it this close. That’s a wolf. That’s a mountain lion a moose That’s another wolf. That’s an owl Eagle duck and Ike Turkey okay, hold that I’m gonna go to the moose I’m so confused But why do I have to blow when you could just press a button because they want you to feel more That’s why is it do it twice you shouldn’t do it twice You’re a pack of wolves You yeah, this is me my giblets, but that’s not like when you’re blowing into something it makes a constant noise You can’t destroy me nope a while back. I reviewed a product Here’s that video noob right iRobot 7:10, Cobra oh Okay, oh 199 alright, so I asked you guys to like this video if you want to see that boom 10,000 11,000 likes Blair We have it for you right here noob right RC multifunction iRobot Oh, but this one’s on Amazon and the last one was on Toys R Us multifunction. Oh heck Yeah, dude. It does this in that Add to Cart let’s hit this puppy up wow it’s so big. Yeah. It is okay It’s a little too big. Let’s go Let’s walk any with that no no no no why do you think I have you dude unbox it for me. I’ll be that All right while you put it down before I break it yeah, this guy’s an amateur unboxer dude, dude this thing big Cut that out Wow this doesn’t look near as cool. You know what it duped me. I thought this was the remote I didn’t see that that was a phone. That’s just me though. I’m pretty stupid. It’s just a screen not oh oh not included Wow Okay, so I got take off some tags. What are these tags say? I robot need help have questions one hundred eight seven seven MBI toys. Oh I wanna steer. This is real I want to see if this is really see this they say if you have any questions call us Let’s see if they’re helpful by the way this doesn’t mean spam them alright when I make a SkyMall video, and I spam them It’s okay, cuz I’m banging your that famous douglas band SkyMall. Thank you for calling oh They’re closed it is 10 o’clock Western time so that means Eastern time here It’s 1 and it says 8 to 5 open Monday through Friday. They’re gone. Yeah, they’re not open they don’t exist anymore That’s a lie. Good to know noob, right? You’re perpetually on Reads bin Dastan’s Really doesn’t even get out of it. It just stopped working. Yes, right up. Just stop writing. Did you rip that number up? Yeah? We don’t like those people anymore. Okay, wow that was it it. Took a little teeny hit is that a mess camera? It’s a knockoff wait is that real nice looks like a nice camera bro? Oh? What it just came back to life? I’m gonna hold it in place Okay, the camera function not working here check this out. I really want to give you this Tim, okay I need to give you this, but the robots here. Let’s say. I’m too lazy to move anything about my fingers Here we go Oh Perfect spacing oh It’s too aggressive and killed them pupils like what’s up? Let’s pretend. That’s back there. Okay the power of post-production Wait wait wait wait wait Now you try and take it oh You just paid me no wait what oh my? I would say not all of these are probably gonna have a defective battery So I mean if you do have a defective battery take it back, but other than that It’s it’s a lot of fun, and it works relatively well aside from like a couple kinks here and there I’ll say dope just because for the most part. It works alright guys, so we’re gonna get back into it here for a second Excuse me he just wants to watch Umbra Grassi organizer I Actually nodded. Yes of consciously. Yeah, crazy organizer you go organize all your grass You know thank you. You got this friend. You got that strand strain strand You know that I don’t a different kind of know what grasses Yeah, a strand is literally like you pluck one thing of grass and a strain is a tight yeah Of marijuana So what is this though? I assume this doesn’t organize your grass hold standard toothbrushes pens and pencils for those times when you’re drawing as a dope sketch But you’re like this tooth is dirty, or you’re brushing your teeth, and you’re like. What would I look like with purple teeth? Necessities up right between flexible blades of grass made of plastic Oh, yeah, that was made of grass great for bathroom and office use pick one 35 bucks what I even see that I stood it was like two dollars. Oh, yeah, what is this? Oh, it’s Umbra? I’m breast like a name-brand out of cars. You know what this looks like looks like a column for Giants They put two different tags on it. They’re like this person’s not gonna know what this is foot tool You can’t see the other side start your robot There you go How’s that feel not bad actually can you imagine putting this in your pocket just pulling it out didn’t go on You have to unzip your pants and put it in to get that thing in your pants You know you want me to unzip my pants I didn’t mean to say it, but I do feel like the top search result for Tanner is beautiful is Tanner beautiful I Got you a few of these Utensils, I’m just gonna use this as a comb honestly like this. No this. Yes. No. This is way better Yeah, that one probably feels more Cup. Oh this feels so nice. Dude you ever brush your beard before oh, what’s that? You don’t have a beard that’s right twelve-year-old Innocence yeah, honestly I give it all up to be 12 again Look at this action fight basketball game mini desktop tabletop portable travel office game set in door for outdoor indoor for apt aren’t they fun sports novelty toy or gag gift Depending on who you give it to I guess either. It’s fun or it’s a gag gift. It’s like they don’t want to commit to Fun unless the person hates it We actually got this for you after your basketball performance in the last couple days Oh, maybe we can make it more tabletop size delete that video real quick. Oh that just doesn’t look right Aggressive to a basketball yes, seriously basketballs everywhere upset about that. Oh, that’s when you slam home. Dunk it So hard at kill Eight like I play basketball Freeze I played basketball for like 5 years when I was like no the basketball kid age I used to be super into it up until I was like 12 roared core into basketball like Michael Jordan Dude, watched him play Kobe Bryant Michael. Just got drafted. I’ve Been trying to push this into the frame, but it’s getting stuck on things and he’s like I’m gonna do it Go you did. It. Dude. You nailed it high five. I’ll be like What actually? What happens if I’m just incredibly good at this I mean I wouldn’t be that shot has an automated basketball game That’s top, thanks my favorite part of my job look at this this is all metal dude. This is actually all metal and I think I literally picked up the ball Are you? Kidding me thought. We live in the freedom age. Let it be free wow what the heck this thing’s a piece of junk, dude a little harder Way too far Yeah, this thing’s a piece of junk dude. I made a hole in the desk. Did you just slam dunk it on me Thank you, that’s body. She’s just gonna clean up Thanks nice job cleaning up suck face before we get into that notification squad what? Before we get to that next product big shadow too. I don’t know I don’t know Big shoutouts, I don’t know I don’t know for commenting down below and being part of that notification squad They say hey, love your vids notification squad Thank you very much. Next time comment something about the video, so I know you actually watched it oh No, I’m just kidding, thank you very much If you guys want to be picked for a shout-out just comment down below and click that Bell icon next item perpetual Wall calendar what does that even mean? I think it means it never goes out of stock? You know how like most times count the calendar last year, it’s not in style It’s just out of date Dan Risinger is dynamic and bold the interactive calendar encourages the user to create beautiful combinations of color and composition every day for more than 40,000 days let’s buy it because most expensive calendar I’ve ever bought oh, it’s so big mama That’s what Luna says when she she says mom it’s so funny like we’re trying We’re trying to teach you to how to say like mama. Please and daddy Please right obviously if she spends a lot more time with Amanda right so that when I’m like alright say dad app please right so Go mama and like I can’t help, but laugh But if I but if I actually laugh like if she doesn’t three times in a row she gets upset Because she’s like I’m trying here. I want what you’ve got, but I can’t seem to say it. You know some slackers mama Mama, but and then finally she was like dad that blue, and I’m like nailed it She said put four please really a huge thing of the world Wow oh That’s just fantastic just a blank piece of cardboard hello, sorry, buddy I Can’t open that that was interesting mom about 50% of people How many people does that trigger dude leave a like? Clean that up body Okay Typical body That’s it. I just do this this is what it wants me to do And now and now I’m a designer it’s abstract art in other words not art What is art art is life art can be translated oh shut up, dude Are you like what like make a bowl of macaroni and cheese and then splat on the wall is that art Kind of no art takes courage that takes courage just to clean that up. No it takes courage to clean it up the actor Let you guys vote on this, would you put this up in your house, or would you just look at your phone? Original Walker rule Stilts by air kicks with ergonomic design for easy balance walking interesting this takes courage know what took courage was the Kingaroy? Stilts in a little bit of like wait. What do you mean you remember like in the oh the other one that was scared okay? This I think I’m gonna be able to do pretty easily install flash player this takes courage No, I said family I’ve gone round the skateboard and taken a moment if I see that family I’m gonna literally like call like the defensive department I Kind of phone is this anyways When I try this product I want to exclusively hear this music Add to Cart are you gonna give them to me or what Tanner? Can I get him to you? Yeah? Oh? Thank you? I had no idea there right there are these for you wait wait wait wait wait wait Can you help a brother out where anyway cue the music I Hope the music still are awesome, right? I was trying to jam out to the music So it’s not hard if you’re constantly in motion, but you can’t like really stay still take some really good balance Yeah, I mean I have generally really good balance. Just hold me up like that like some weird things about power sticks I Mean How much are those 50 bucks? Oh, you gonna have some fun with that Yeah, I’d say dope just don’t use them as a family this works. Sleep plus plus pillow spray What what is this you spray your pillow with this? And it helps you sleep doesn’t sound very natural right a fast-acting natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns It’s not you kill Z. It’s chloroform. Uses like shit and just fall asleep on your pillow. Oh my god I look so good. I forgot what happened. That’s not constantly always breathing it in just like never wakes up What is chloroform some chemical compound or Four Organic compound it is colorless sweet-smelling dense liquid criminal use. That’s what we’re interested. I don’t think that’s what this is guys After reading into a little bit more Award-winning deep sleep supervised. This is so hard to read this works award-winning Deep sleep super blend is released through the night using motion activated encapsulation Thank does that mean to support a longer less interrupted sleep. What does that mean motion activated encapsulation? Maybe that means when you rub your face on the pillow, and then it like you yeah, it disperses into the air Yeah, but what is it Add to Cart let’s find out? Alright here. We go this is that deep pillow? Clinically proven 99% sleep better slept better 89% fell asleep faster 92% felt more refreshed in the more 100% would recommend deep sleep pillow spray to a friend Okay, you could almost buy any of those until the last one okay I know this last one. Just negated all of these 100 percent of people have recommended it to their friends How do you even know that? Let’s just smell it contains fragrance mixture. Just some random things that don’t look like you should be breathing them in oh Not good, not a good smell that 100% make it so I couldn’t smell what aslee mouth What is that like smells like eucalyptus menthol or something got you a pull-off ready for this? It dosent even come out right! Just like squirts. Maybe I gotta get a little farther away Okay, but now I just have a wet pillow Oh, oh, you smell that maybe one spray dude that smells like menthol, eucaliptus and old woman Oh my god. It hurts. He’s the one that mentioned It first too! – mamacita modern fast-acting natural way to restore normal sleep natural expertly blended with a scent Lavender that’s the smell You know what’s funny lavender vetiver and wild chamomile Amanda uses that and diffuses it in the air to help Luna sleep And it works really yeah, I know lavender works for stress I don’t know about the other one But what happens when you have an aversion to lavender like I do. You have an aversion to lavender? Just means I don’t like it. Yeah, I Hate it. It smells horrible. Thanks, man It gives me a headache if there’s too much, but if it’s a hint I can soak that puppy up. No like any bit of lavender, and I’m like this is so distracting. I can’t sleep I wouldn’t sleep well on this thing and that’s just because I don’t like the scent that’s literally it, I don’t like the scent I like more of like citrus like fresh kind of like fruity scents there’s that search result again Sorry buddy is that okay? Thanks Look, at this picture Squeeze this way it looks like is like being squeezed out of a toothpaste Someone’s like just pulling his head out of like a can of toothpaste. can? Yeah, it looks like hes being born! can of toothpaste? Yeah, that would be weird haircut shampoo styling umbrella BLUE for home use BLUE! Essential tool for any home stylist okay, Amanda cuts my hair not bad. She does a decent job. She’s a trained licensed cosmetologist I’m laughing cause this is like the 18th time you’ve said this on the channel Hey, I’m just trying to give my wife the respect she deserves is that okay with you? I think it’s more like you’re trying to convince yourself that your haircut is good and… *chattering and laughing* because shes a cosmotologist My wife cuts my hair, you know it sounds bad, so you go shes a license cosmetologist! *laughing* alright, aliright, I’m gonna now show this video to Amanda all right Guess what I would love for me guess what here’s the thing you think I run this company. I don’t I answer to her She goes home She’s like tanner Michael, fire them. I’m like, okay yes boss! I tried convincing them that the haircut was done Amanda the haircuts great you doing great yes, so I think she would actually like this a lot Add to Cart All right, so go ahead and put it on you. Have a whole procedure here wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I have to figure out how to put it on. It’s telling me to Do it like this this is what it’s telling me to do either that guy’s massive or this product does not work this product does not work! *laughing* now we’re done! its a dog cone you’re gonna bite you Tanner No doesn’t work Sorry come on everyone down in the comments tell Amanda how awesome of a job she does because that also complements me D click TM. Oh glad. I’m glad you trademark D Click because I wanted to steal that real quick Hey, what should we name our company D Click. click on those D’s! Four gigabyte 8 gigabyte 16 gigabyte 32 gigabyte 64 gigabyte COOL USB high-speed flash memory stick pen drive disk and then they say at the very end oh by the way It’s a finger look. How real that looks? Why does that look so real that is a real thumb that they just Photoshoped There’s no way it looks that good I’ll pay 10 dollars if it looks that good really. Yeah, dude, cuz then you could be like Oh What happened to my thumb? There it is, in the computer Hey computers got your thumb, that’s a new game that I play with Luna Just stick her hand, in the CD drive! *puts on voice* OH LOOK AT YOUR THUMB! thats, thats the worst parenting eve- A thumb drive oh my I thought that was obvious that’s why I didn’t even mention it tanner But it’s funny that they actually don’t say that, nowhere on it Do they call it a thumb drive so that some people that haven’t heard that terminology? May be like why why is the thumb on a computer this thi- add to cart! Oh that looks so fake! What does that look like dude that looks like well? That’s creepy. This is actually upsetting Give me a comparison between your fingers accurate size coloring is nowhere close What about you? You’re a little redder than I am see your thumb. No, you’re not you’re whiter look how much whiter He is dude definitely In every way It’s actually giving me like Weird like weird internal vibes like you don’t even like touch the nail it’ll give you That’s kind of cool no touch the head touch the actual like tip of the nail oooh, I don’t like that! oh, I dont like that at all! Actually a weird like really like super you’re touching a dismembered finger. Yes Oh wow It feels like it feels like what do you call that the the gap that opens up when like things look almost real enough? Oh? oh! umm… Hidden Valley, that’s a ranch sauce Something Valley uncanny valley in aesthetics the uncanny valley is a Hypothesized relationship between the degree of an object’s resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object so basically The more real something gets there’s a curve that happens like when it starts to look really real It starts to actually be physically unsettling to humans up until it’s actually real, and then it comes back up Yeah, it’s a really bizarre thing But this gives me that uncanny valley vibe even like the thumbprint on there is just, gives to me the weirdest vibe That’s a nope. thats a $10 prank that is 100% worth it! Ima plug this in Thumb tanner? you sick person! Whaat, dude? You guys, this is kind of sick, I’m gonna be honest like a black mirror episode This is odd What a way to finish an episode guys, what a way this right, there is a Segway hoverboard it’s actually one of the coolest hoverboards I’ve ever tried doesn’t work like a normal hoverboard at all so it’s pretty cool. This right here is an arcade on your watch That wasn’t disappointing at all Also if you’re new here click subscribe and we’ll see you here around more often that make sense

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