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Puta Nedir? | Okçuluğa Dair Her Şey!

August 17, 2019

Hi, I’m Ali Kesici from Navek Archery We will show you the targets we use at Traditional Archery Which is Puta *What is Puta? Puta is our target we use it for traditional archery At the history of Archery It was cotton seed and sawdust inside leather covers at first They made it at human shape specialy nowadays producers use soft materials like sponge Size of the puta targers are like this width is 90cm height, from top to bottom is 110cm It depends on the competitions mostly At some competitions we can use 76cm width too We have to check competition rules for sure Scoring system of puta target is like this If you hit the circle at top it is 3 points Middle circle is 2 points Every other hits out of this two circles is 1 point This rule can chance too depends on competition There are many different traditional competitions using different style and rules in this days For example, moving puta shots or steady puta shots

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  1. Ordan aldığımız yay ları değiştirebiliyormuyuz
    Bide ottoman base bow nasıl bir yay hakkında kısa bilgi alabilirmiyim

  2. Hocam putanin yerden yuksekligi ne kadar olmali peki
    Mesela putayi videodaki gibi ayakli sehbada bunu yerden yuksekligi onemli mi yada olmasi gereken seviye nedir tesekkurler

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