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November 17, 2019

Punk Rock Karate Rabbits They’re rabbits from Jupiter They are angry all the time Also they can’t read and like spaghetti They’re from the largest planet! Punk Rock Karate Rabbits And they get easily upset! Punk Rock Karate Rabbits They cannot read for shit! Eat spaghetti and they throw a fit! Punk Rock Karate Rabbits Jupiter, angry, and illiterate. They are spaghetti eating barfers. Also they date sheep. Karate Rabbits! [Punk Music] Man, with a song this good we might make
enough money to go back to our home planet. Shut up! Don’t talk to me like that! I talk how I want. I’m always mad! I’m madder than you! Dude! Stop fighting! Or what? Or I’ll crush your larynx with a karate chop! You karate chop him and
you’ll get a roundhouse kick to the face! Ah- you are asking for it bro!
Come here bro! I’m gonna kick you so hard, your teeth are gonna fall out! Come here! [Fighting sounds] I’m gonna break your foot!
Ow! My toe! Guys! Look! What do you think that says? I don’t know. Ok. Yeah well anyway let’s go get some spaghetti! [Eating Sounds] Uh, waiter! Another round please! Sorry boys, we’re out of spaghetti. WHAT?! I said we’re out of noodles. Then you go get more noodles! Or what? You’re going to kill me? No! Wait, I don’t know if I can eat
anymore. I don’t feel so good. [Barfing] Seeing you barf makes me wanna hurl. [Barfing] Heyyyyy. Y’all wanna go out on a date? Sheep? Hell yeah!
Check please! Punk Rock Karate Rabbits Jupiter, angry, and illiterate. They are spaghetti eating barfers. Also they date sheep! Karate Rabbits!

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  1. I needed some time to know that this is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reference

    found it out in 0.69 seconds

  2. Please bring more Punk karate rabbits I like them their mommy of Ninja Turtle but as rabbits please bring more and I will describe and like your Channel please do it what do around a kick your face

  3. I get that one guy is Doyle von Wolfgang from the Misfits, ones Dee Dee Ramone, and that cyborg arm is from biker mice, but whose the main guy supposed to reference?

  4. 9/10

    I'll give it a 10 if the sequel can have the following things:

    -The Big American City Specified
    -A Tragic Origin
    -A Wise Father Figure
    -A Tormented Mad Scientist
    -The Dumbass Supporting Vigilante
    -A Former Love Interest Split between Two Sides
    -A Cool Secret Base
    -A Villain Corrupt Politician who's secretly an Alien
    and let's not forget
    -The Smart Hot Ginger Female Human Supporter (April O'Neill and Charlene Davidson would agree)

  5. There was such a thing as Radioactive Adolescent Blackbelt Hamsters before TMNT. I saw the comic my classmate had and thought it was the dumbest thing ever.

  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, Bikers Mices from Mars, Extreme Dinosaurs, Mighty Ducks and now this

  7. Dear AOK it would be cool if you guys did an Edgelord crossover with the karate rabbits that would be awesome “Edgelord meets the karate rabbits” daaam that’d be so cool

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