Punjabi Rams vs Team Umbro: Anwar Uddin
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Punjabi Rams vs Team Umbro: Anwar Uddin

December 3, 2019

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever played at the home of the Rams? ANWAR UDDIN: I’ve never And I’m very excited to be here Looking at the pitch, can’t wait to get on there It’s a fantastic stadium I came here once to watch you guys win but never been on the pitch anywhere near the pitch in fact INTERVIEWER: You’ve played for many clubs across your career But surely playing for Punjabi Rams is the pinnacle, no? ANWAR UDDIN: It’s got to be the highlight I thought my glory days were over but I’m playing for the Punjabi Rams tonight on a fantastic pitch so special occasion let’s hope I’ve got another 45+ minutes in me INTERVIEWER: We know you do a lot of work with the Football Supporters’ Federation How important is it for football clubs to have groups like the Punjabi Rams? ANWAR UDDIN: I think it’s massively important I think it highlights football’s for everyone Everyone loves the game But it’s also there to be watched to be experienced The fact that the Punjabi Rams are here tonight in the stadium I think that just highlights the relationships that can be developed Some people, some communities don’t even have a dialogue with their clubs The Punjabi Rams have And that’s come from hard work People here watching games Home and away Developing a relationship with the club and to have nights like this where you can get the lads together on the pitch just a fantastic way of showing what that relationship’s all about INTERVIEWER: So expecting a couple of goals from you? Score prediction today? ANWAR UDDIN: I’m hoping to win They look very fit I don’t really get goals I’ve got a few own goals in my career Let’s hope I don’t get one of them tonight

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