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Public Land Day 31: Giant Buck at 30 Yards | The Hunting Public

November 18, 2019

that’s about the perfect wind right now it’s November 15th
and Brodie and I are in the open gate stand this morning Greg and myself
hunted here oh it’s been over a week ago now I don’t
remember the exact day we had a pretty good set actually saw a shooter buck
about 9 o’clock from the tree that morning but he came in and he smelled us
and most the time you don’t want to hunt this on a northwest wind which is what
we had today in fact last time we sat here four out of the five deer that we
saw came straight from the southeast which is right well wind is blowing
right now however Shawn sat here several times last year and I sat here earlier
November obviously and every mature buck we’ve seen out of this stand last two
seasons has came from the north should be a good morning I had a camera running
down here over this trail straight to the south of the stand for about two
months earlier this year and when Greg and I were in here last we pulled it and
we had a giant nine pointer on there that I’ve known about for several years
Shawn and I saw him out of this general area last year on the 6th and 7th of
November he was huge then and he’s huge now I had a few daylight pictures of him
in fact right around the end of October I know this is the area that he lives
but I don’t really get too wrapped up about hunting specific deer I like going
on adventure hunts and trying different areas and that sort of thing so I
haven’t been in here necessarily hunting him and there’s several other bucks an
area that I’d shoot as well but it would be really sweet to see that thing cuz
he’s huge oh man stay on him Brody, he’s going back up into bedding oh my gosh oh man that was him that was that giant
nine pointer that I was talking about in my opening interview right there
it’s almost 11 o’clock he must have caught a whiff of us or something I’ve
just been so nervous about this wind in this spot this is I mean it’s a great
area it’s just so tricky too hunt so tricky too hunt oh man I was at full draw on him he had
to take about five or six more steps to hit my opening monstrous deer giant giant
deer that there’s at least five or six years old I’ve got pictures of him for
three or four seasons now this particular unit that we’re hunting in
gets pressured very heavily and this is one little back corner it’s not very big
it’s maybe this little draw that we’re in right here’s you know 40 50 yards
while height at the bottom and it goes down into some thicker bedding that just
goes to show you right there what a heavily pressured public land buck like
that will do when he came counters even the slightest whiff of human scent he’s
gone he’s out of there and I didn’t think that I mean I’ve been
dropping milk weed and it’s been floating down here in this little valley
behind my shoulder here all morning and when I saw him coming up right there I
was like okay we’re in good shape you know but instead of turning and coming
up the trail right here he actually turned to veer round and go back up into
Betty oh man he was at 30 yards I come to full draw he’s going through that
thick stuff I thought we were getting ready to kill him I mean I thought he
was gonna come right up here to us he went to his right instead of going to
his left and taking this trail right up here in front of the stand I mean look
at me I’m shaking like a leaf dangit the struggles continue for me this year
anyway that’s still really cool to see him I told Brodie when we got in here
this morning that it would just be a privilege to see that buck you know he’s
he’s probably six years old and he’s been living on one of the most heavily
pressured pieces of public land that hunt and that thing is still alive you
know I mean he’s not been shot yet he’s probably been shot at but that’s why
he’s still alive right there seeing that thing come through there like that I’m
shaking no I said Brody and I were getting ready to do an interview and we
talked about blue jays all the time you know and this is something that my uncle
David taught me when I was a little kid I actually heard him say something about
it when when he took my cousin Brandon and I hunting we heard a bunch of blue
jays fussing in a cedar thicket across from us you know this is 20 years
ago and my uncle said get ready boys dear gettin ready to come out and sure
enough two toes and a fawn came out a few minutes later and ever since then I
remembered that and I’ll tell you right now when you hear blue jays fussing in
the woods most of the time they’re fussing at a deer in this instance I
just sat down and doing interviews about 11 a.m. and Brody and I heard Blue Jays
right down the draw right here tell us like be watching that way Brody well I’m
getting my stuff ready here cuz there’s probably a deer in that draw sure enough
it was the biggest buck on the whole property in that draw Brody I still have no idea how he got oh no
idea cuz like that winds pulling back the only thing I can think of though
is that it’s going up and it’s tumbling back through there somehow he
hit he hit a brick wall yeah for sure and he turned around I I don’t know if
he was catching her ground sent over there I can’t imagine that was it good
on you hit it and you knew he hit it when you did it I’m feeling it
that might they have my back a little bit right now I’m gonna end up using
this whole pod trying to figure this out don’t even remember if it oh because the
wind came up at that time or it was calm when I’m worried about though isn’t it
with this wind it’s actually dumping into this bottom and once it’s getting
down in there 30-40 yards just wanting to kick around and swirl cuz that buck
was over there too earlier well you see I don’t there’s no way he could have
smelled us at this spot like he definitely smelled us is what I’m they
from somewhere right but it could have been coming from down in there you know
and that’s probably why he’s moving the way that he is is because down there he
can smell everything up and around him I’m gonna tell you something right now
these big old ancient mature bucks on public they just I mean it’s the middle
the rut and we’ve just got done talking about it on a podcast last night they
just do not get up and move long distances this deer has been living here
in this little ditch all season I probably yeah I mean this whole life
basically and we saw him in here two different days last year I’ve got
daylight pictures of me and now I’ve seen him right there and we
just about killed him look at that oh yeah see it pulling down there’s
pulling down it’s pulling right down to him and that must have happened like
there when he was moving Brody and I are just now making it back up here to the
car just wanted to kind of recap what happened I was pretty excited in the
tree while ago after that buck came in and eventually moved off it’s
interesting to see a buck that’s that old I think he’s at least 6 years old
and he’s lives and you know moves every day around on this public land and
they’re just such a hard critter to get close to when they’re living in these
types areas as you can tell rody said it best while going we climbed out of the
tree he said you know those old mature bucks on public land they have to be
right 100% of the time or they die you know and and that buck was right this
morning he was moving up through that draw for a reason and with that with the
way the wind was blowing I thought it was perfect and most of the morning it
was but when it died had actually swirled back down and through that draw
and the way that buck was moving up through it he could smell almost
everything out in front of him and that’s how we got busted right there
it’s always been a tough spot to hunt but it also is a great lesson and how
habitual these mature bucks are Sean and I saw him in there two different days
last year maybe 60 yards away from that tree that we were hunting this morning
and he was using that very same ditch that he was traveling up this morning I
had a trail camera in there earlier this fall he was the only mature buck I had
on there I mean I might I’ve only had one or two other bucks on there period
there’s hardly any buck sign in there there’s a small rub here you know maybe
a little scrape on the edge of the field it’s just the one area of this entire
public piece where nobody ever goes no human scent has ever in there he didn’t
seem to spook real bad he looked like he definitely hit our wind something that
alarmed him in he turned around he went back into the bedding area that he was
coming out of but he just walked back up in there I would assume that
encounters that situation many times out here because of all the hunting pressure
so I bet you that he’s in that draw like he’s probably just moved a few hundred
yards away but if we expect to kill that deer this season we’re not going to do
it out of that tree so may come back in and hunt him one more time I definitely
know where that buck is living at in there and most folks would probably go
in there and hunt it and hunt it and hunt it but I may try to put together a
strategy with the guys and go in after him one or two more times but if that
doesn’t work then you know he wins for further rut anyway because I’m not going
to spend I only have probably seven or eight more days of hunting left in
November with family obligations and stuff around Thanksgiving and I
definitely would like to fill my tag and that deer is going to be super tough to
get close to but we may give him a shot one more time I know that he’s living in
that little draw and if we get perfect conditions to come around the backdoor
and hunt the opposite side of the draw from where we were at today we may try
it but very interesting to see that deer super old buck just an absolute giant
buck you know one that you see once in a
lifetime but very cool we’ll get back to the office and regroup with the guys and
try to hit it again soon

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  1. Found your channel about a month ago and absolutely love it! Look forward to watching your new shows almost everyday I’ve learned a ton about hunting public land from everybody involved! Good luck with your hunts and thank you for all the information!

  2. What a nice buck, especially on public land. You will definitely get an opportunity, keep hunting. Thanks for the tip on the blue jays

  3. I found a spot where there are 2 licking vines 2 rubs and 2 tree scrapes. All with in 20 ft. Of each other. Going in Nov.19 early .

  4. Awesome hunt, and love the videos I've kept up with all of them. You've been so close to many times it's about to happen, and I hope it's that one. Good luck

  5. What an encounter!! Hunting public adds something extra when a giant comes by.

    Had an encounter with a giant 8 in KS a couple years ago. He worked slowly with a crosswind to the edge of the timber/crp on public land. He then stood there for 30 minutes just scent checking, watching and listening for danger. He would spin one way, then the other, every so many minutes doing the same thing and never moved from that spot. At the time, I did not realize what he was doing, but he was just waiting for dark to leave and cross that field and blacktop road to the other side. The spot he was on had a blowdown he was standing behind to screen him from the road along with some cedars. The wind was blowing to him from the woods to the crp….it was about as foolproof as he could get!!! No way someone could have got to him without him knowing.

  6. Warb, don't feel too bad. On the same day approximately 45 minutes later, I encountered a giant at 40 yds….same result you had. Being so close without closing the deal is frustrating, but somehow awesome at the same time. I was shaking for 20 minutes!

  7. This won't make you sleep better, but my father has FIVE Emmy awards and your hunt blew both both his doors and mine clean off………..

    so you move 75 yards on him and reset…………..

    maybe this year or maybe next…………

    outstanding work……just outstanding………….!

    Either way we are both guy hooked for your next attempt.

  8. You are top notch. Best new hunting team since Roger Raglin early 90s videos. This is first comment I have ever posted on anything. I hunted heavy pressured bucks over 30 years the last 10 with bow only thru all firearms season amazing animals I can't learn enough about them. There is one thing I have noticed and after this video I was compelled to bring to your attention. Your not wearing gloves walking to or hanging your stands or checking wind or cameras always where gloves even if you spray down, its like walking bare foot to and up your tree without them. I want you guys to shoot the biggest reclusive never before seen buck that ever walked Iowa. Stay confident and focused he isnt going anywhere to far no where left to go…Hunt em hard boys…!!!

  9. Damn man you are having a rough season. Hopefully you connect on a big one soon! Keep the videos coming, best channel out there!

  10. got a big old buck that I missed opening day of archery 2017 ( inch over his back)..and he's making it very very hard to get back on him ( It;s Nov 18th now)..those old big ones can be ghosts when they want too…if at 1st you don't succeed …………

  11. My dad has told me the same thing about blue jays. All the deer I have killed the blue jays are going crazy and when I tell my friends they just laugh cause they don’t believe me

  12. Not trying to sound like a know it all but 1 thing that has worked great for me to last 3 years is smoking all my clothes. I can honestly say I haven't got winded that I know of since using it. Highly recommend it

  13. Yall are the real deal! Im a public hunter myself and the filming , adventure and hunting itself is %100 percent better than any show on outdoor or sportsman! The bluejays are spot on my papa told me the same thing and the first deer i killed with a bow i was 14 and was in the tree day dreaming and the jays was going crazy and looked down and he was standing like a statue scanning the bottoms lol never heard him. 4point died to the ol carol intruder

  14. Loved the hunt! Have y'all guys thought about venturing back down to Mississippi for some public land whitetails? I'd love to swap notes with you if the chance occurs.

  15. Just as everyone else says, I really enjoy what you guys are putting together in your videos! I also hunt public land exclusively in Missouri and I can relate to a lot of what you guys are doing out there. Hunting pressure, thick CRP and warm season grasses, wooded creek bottoms and thick draws. Even though I'm 47, you guys are "relatable" to so many of us who hunt similarly, and also to some who don't. Great encounter by the way. Keep up the great work!

  16. You guys are killing it. Keep doing what you're doing and you guys are going to make it in the hunting industry. I appreciate what you guys are doing.

  17. I only shot public land in mn and I couldn't agree more with your comment about blue jays. I've shot several deer after blue jays have gone crazy. Great observation. Good luck!

  18. Aaron, Dang man bad luck.. You guys are what make me want to get back to hunting after loosing my hunting partner two years ago. I love the hunting public videos and cant wait to check for a new video daily..I been hunting once in two years ,but our gun opener is in the morning and will be in a tree for sure. Keep the good informative videos coming guys!!

  19. I first subscribed to your channel when you only had a few videos out. You guys are the only other people that I have seen that hunts public land like I do. (except I hunt Indiana) Im 18, and every deer I have killed was on public land, including a 153 and a 140 inch buck. Everyone always tells me I won't kill another like those but I still see nice ones every year. You guys have taught me a lot of tactics that I can actually use because we hunt the same style. But sadly yesterday, I missed the biggest buck I have seen while hunting. Im guessing him to be in the 160 range. I still feel sick over it but I am glad to have had the opportunity to lay eyes on him. Sorry for the long pointless story, but anyways, keep up the good work, I love coming home and watching your videos. It always makes me feel like I am right there with you guys on every hunt.

  20. You've hit the nail on the head. An "educated" mature buck on public land is the best of the best. Even to get that close is a huge accomplishment. These bucks are incredibly hard to pin down. They have eluded hunters for years. Stay on him. The wind tipped the balance in his favor this time. Next time the wind might just favor you. No buck is so smart or so lucky that they can't be killed. His number will come up at some point. Persistence will win the day. Not many hunters are savvy enough to get that close on purpose. I think this old buck has met his match! My money is on Aaron. Good luck!

  21. you have too kill that deer he's a giant man i really hope you get him!!!!!!!!!!  good luck… you guys are awesome i love watching and learning from you guys

  22. Where do you get the "milk wheat" from? I've looked online and cant find it anywhere. I use the powder now but would like to be able to use what your using to check the wind.

  23. I totally agree with you about blue jays alarming of approaching deers. Squirrels are also top notch of alarms for approaching deers.

  24. There are a ton of lessons to killing a mature buck in this video. One of the best I have ever seen and there wasn't even a kill. I hesitate to share it in fear my neighbors might see it and learn something but I'm gonna do it anyways. Great work!

  25. As Dan Infalt says, if you're not bumping deer you ain't close enough. What an amazing deer that he caught that whiff and high-tailed it so fast. I've seen that happen more times than I care to admit but every time it happens I'm amazed at the supernatural senses these animals have.

  26. This is why you guys are the best hunting/educational hunting show out there. Anyone with money can get in a scent containing condo and shoot a huge buck they've fed all summer! It takes a true outdoorsman to go into public ground, hunt a deer that is like a ghost to 95 percent of other hunter's and get as close as you did. You accomplished something that other hunter's dream of, yeah it'd been great to put your hands on him, but my guess is very few hunter's have seen that buck out of a stand. Keep it up guy's, I wish I had a company that I could get you to sponsor! This show will be big!!!

  27. just started following you, Wonder footage!! You guys are characters and good hunters. keep up your good work.
    I am a Colorado deer Hunter on public. Mule deer are my quest mostly. Getting ready to start on river bottom western whitetail, wish me luck. Good hunting to all

  28. I only hunt public, lots of work, killed my nice 8 pts same windy day, watching u guys keeps me going, wish I have a nice tight group as u guys are, I'm jealous

  29. Those days with gusty winds are tough to hunt. Right before a big gust starts, the wind kinda dies down and blows the opposite direction….kinda like a backdraft. I've been screwed by it plenty of times and dont hunt much when its gusty anymore.

  30. Unless I somehow missed a video or you guys have not posted a hunt yet, it looks like Aaron did not tag a buck yet. I am extremely interested at what his approach will be from here on out. I am in the same situation in Ohio where I have access to private but only hunt public. I had several close encounters with shooters before the rut but terrible luck during the rut with hunting pressure, so was not able to get a shot at a mature buck.  I hope he hunts some with a bow and films it. Thanks for the videos so far.

  31. Aaron, u guys still working with bill? love bills shows, but always admired u guys little more, cause u hunt where I hunt, just public

  32. Your grandpa is very good in the woods he is the only one that I've ever heard say that other than me that's what I've always noticed blue jays r the biggest snitches in the woods when cardinals r around be on the lookout for a buck

  33. do you know exactly where his bed is get closer a lot of times they will leave a bed with wind too their back might have a big primary scrape near it ive killed a bunch of bucks that way get in and kill him before the rut next year when its still thick and green so you can get closer if you can get a hundred yards or less you got a good chance also you ever sit ground level at that tree might get rid of some of that swirl your getting with that hill behind you

  34. y’all have deftinely got it going on, one of the best hunting channels on the tube for sure in my mind! Only thing i cant stand is how much this Aaron dude talks. In every episode with him, there’s a couple minutes of actual action all together, the other 12 minutes are of him talking.. Y’all are doing awesome none the less! Awesome buck!

  35. This could easy enough be mine and my buddies story. We hunt public National Forest land in Va. all the time. I catch these huge bucks with trail cameras all the time. These deer are not like farm land deer. Farm deer may wind you and not get overly alarmed. One whiff and these public land big bucks know all they need to and are gone. My buddy finally took one of these bruisers this year, after many years of trying. They got big by being smart. They know the game. To get one you must know the game also. One mistake and the score is big buck 1 and hunter 0. But that’s the way we want it….right. No big challenge and the fun of the hunt is over. Enjoyed the video. Good hunting to you.

  36. I want to add one more thing. I can tell from your video you have a job and use vacation time to hunt. Hang on to the fun of that. I’m 72 years old now and you think when you’re working you can’t wait to retire so you can hunt every day. Don’t do that. Enjoy the moment. I’m here to tell you Brother, retiring and hunting every day is just a young mans dream. In reality it’s not going to happen that way. Trust me on that.

  37. "Caught a wiff"???? Ya THINK? your scent hit him in the face like a baseball bat! you have no scent-lok….no hood,face mask,gloves….nothing! But digging the white mesh truck stop ball cap!!

  38. Guys perfect video. Could not be better. Keep up the awesome work I watch the channel just about every night. I've learned alot from you guys as well. Good luck in season guys and hope you get that buck.

  39. This really is a spectacular video. That buck is unbelievable and it is pretty obvious how he got that big. Your demeanor and evident respect for the hunt and the deer is great to see. Very well done, I felt like I was there.

  40. Love what you said about not targeting one specific deer and sticking with it. Im same way, still use cameras but love hunting fresh sign and the surprise of what steps out, its the way I grew hunting and i love not knowing what could show up

  41. It never ceases to amaze me how they're able to sense danger and high tail it out of there just in the knick of time before being killed. Deer truly are amazing creatures

  42. Yes blue jay and chippies and red squirrels will tell you on if it's a predator like bear coming in all three are great animals to Liston to. They helped me kill a 17 plus old bear at end of bear season in Wisconsin they would tell me where bears where holding up waiting on night time to come in to my bait so what does the hunter do yep gets a sat veiw grabbed a climbing stand went down wind of my best guess . Paid off with a filled tag and old smart bear met the one

  43. Here's my hypothesis: deer sense of smell varies like all traits. the deer with exceptional noses are more likely to survive. if you see an old buck, chances are he a top 5% sniffer among deer. so you are dealing with the genetic elite.

  44. Hey guys, I started watching you guys on chasing November and then saw you started the hunting public. I just wanna say you guys are awesome. I am 30 and have been hunting since I was about 11 and have learned so much from watching you guys. Love how you guys get these monster bucks.. keep up the good work. s

  45. What a heartbreak. I love this channel hunting public lands. Good luck. Hey here's the deal, "you don't have to be good if you're lucky.

  46. Blue Jay's and Squirrels Aaron. Big time. Also, if you hear a limb crack or snap, it will be a Buck. Does do not break limbs when they walk. Bucks will.

  47. Hunting tip. Collect all the old artificial Christmas trees you can. Makes great brush in limbs. Always green, quite, you can drill holes in a tress and stick the limbs in it to shadow yourself.

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