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Public Land Day 25: Missouri Bucks in Bow Range | The Hunting Public

August 19, 2019

you gonna be okay oh yeah get much water
a little bit it’s Halloween and we’re back here in Missouri Jake and I
had a bit of a rodeo getting in this morning we decided to come clear to the
back of this public property that were hunting on and it’s dead calm as you can
tell on our way and we could hear deer up in these woods moving around and we
just didn’t want a gum or straight up in here
and risk bumping them right here as you can see we’re in a transition in between
the river bottom in these hardwoods and there’s just rubs and scrapes all up and
down this transition on the way and we even heard a buck over here making
rubber making a scrape you there’s antlers hitting the branches that was
about an hour ago we left those deer work off that were basically right up
here underneath the stand and then we slipped in and we hung it or just now
getting settled in we’re a little bit later than I would like but not too bad
I don’t know if we’ve got a squirrel or deer coming by sounds like a deer love
yep here it comes looks like two adult does one came to
40 I mean if we can get through our
interview this time just had two does and a fawn come right off this Ridge
behind this could have been the same deer that we heard up to here milling
around but we just took our time sliding up in here to this tree I really wanted
to get on that Ridge where those deer came from but we could hear him up in
there the whole time we were setting up to stand so we just didn’t want to go up
any further and risk bumping him but we’re in a real cool spot I’ve hunted
this place several times this year and every time we seen a shooter buck just
about we came in last night we didn’t have time to get a hunt in but with a
big bluff all the way across this river bottom we got over there about six
o’clock last night and just glassed out across this thing we saw one pretty good
buck in several does and they’re just working along these transitions between
this river bottom and these hardwood ridges have been a lot of acorns this
year and even walking in we saw a fair amount of burr Oaks and I would think
that they’d be on their feet today oh yeah, he’s coming, straight on is he hitting a scrape? he’s hitting the branch here comes the does back to him it’s gonna be a rodeo doe and two fawns coming right at us alright he’s coming right at us do you have him now? come on yep that’s high he ducked it didn’t sound good it looks forward and high and moved a
bunch I don’t know I don’t have a good feeling about it I didn’t have a good
feeling about it when I saw him moving I saw the arrow hit I did not hear that
that good pop that you that you want to hear dang it I shouldn’t aimed lower I
knew was calm as it is I had to grunt real real soft and I grunting real soft
to stop him right in that hole it’s 28 yards to that big tree and it would have
been better if he didn’t went to the left side of the tree but then he popped
back out on the right side and I had to wait for him to get right those does
were coming in we’ll wait a while and then go down there and find out but I’m
pretty sure we didn’t get him might be him now what else can you do but smile I guess Jake currently does not have a tag
and I have a tag and I have an arrow in a buck over there and I’m 99% sure that
we’re not gonna kill that deer but you can’t just go shoot another one until
you see that through oh man insult to injury unbelievable morning tho all things
considered if we don’t end up finding that deer which I don’t think we will I
think he’s still alive and fine but if we come to that conclusion after we
search for the arrow and search for the buck still a pretty good hunt we’re in
the right spot this is a buck bedding area right behind the camera and that’s
right where we heard that buck at this morning it’s the same location that I
observed a few weeks ago when I saw and found all those rubs this is a little
Ridge in here where a lot of these Bucks have been for most of the month of
October and on Halloween morning today they’re getting back to their beds a
little bit later than they have been for the last three weeks and that’s exactly
what those two Bucks were doing they were coming off of food this direction
there’s some AG out that way and there’s more hard wood ridges and they’re
working this transition line all the way back into bedding we’re gonna go down
there and check for the arrow track that buck see what we can come up with
you never know weird things can happen on archery hit deer so we’re gonna get
out in there and get after this track job it’s just meat and fat on the arrow I’m sure that was his bed no luck on the tracking job went up
there I found my arrow it was broke off even though it looked like it went clear
through the deer we had blood for 100 150 yards or so not much but some and it
eventually just petered out we followed tracks for a little ways and
check some likely bedding areas up ahead with no success but my thinking is is
that it’s not a non lethal hit if you hit in front of the shoulder there on a
broad side deer above the spine there’s really nothing there so hopefully the
deer will be alright I seen him get hit there before and live and be perfectly
fine I mean seen him hit there before and be chasing does the next day I’m
hoping that’s the case in this situation but I found that last but it almost
looks like you might have worked that’s great he might have worked at yeah it’s
hard to say but it stinks I made a mistake that’s gonna happen when you bow
hunting I guess but I thought the shot was good before I released it I thought
it was a good opportunity and I wish I could have the arrow back that’s for
sure but wasn’t a shot I’d have had a nice buck right here at 10 yards an hour
later but you know hindsight’s 20/20 you don’t know that at the time but I guess
if there is anything to take away from it we were talking just last week on the
podcast about shot selection and me personally I’m very comfortable shooting
it at target clear out to 50 yards but when it comes to deer I don’t like
shooting them past 25 30 is my max range and that deer was 30 yards and it was
calm I had to draw when he got behind that tree if he just kept going on that
same path that other buck did an hour later it
would have been a different story I’d have had a much better opportunity but I
stopped him in the hole and the only reason why I took the shot was because
that foreleg was slightly forward and looking back at the footage it looks
like the deer was more broadside than I initially thought I was trying to tuck
it really tight to the shoulder and I probably would have killed him
had I have aimed a little bit lower but I remember floating my 20-yard pen right
about the center of his body that just goes to show you how much can happen you
know from zero to 30 a lot especially on a still morning like this shooting an
alert deer let me take a day to at least sit and think about it a while
dang you got a long walk out of here too so we better get to it

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  1. Once again another epic segment of public land bucks! But I do have a question how come you don't shoot a dloop I noticed you are shooting brass Nock point above your knock just curious.

  2. The same thing happened to me on a good buck. Stay after them man. Love what y'all are doing. I'm a public land hunter myself.

  3. Y'all guys are bringing it like no one else! I will hopefully be in the area this time next year! Y'all come on back to Mississippi and chase these Gobblers this spring!

  4. Keep the videos coming they awesome, I look forward to these public land series of videos every day from MWW

  5. he looked like he dropped 2 feet….i thought the arrow went over his neck and hit a limb on the other side at first….sounded weird….had 1 drop on me (alert, he saw me draw) and shot a inch over his back opening archery weekend. A huge 150 class and 1st buck I've shot at after almost 30 years not hunting. (just started back 2017)….hoping he comes back thru during rut..really like these vids..great job, that camera is awesome..nice camera work too

  6. You backstrapped him. He's good to go, eventually no worse for wear. Mad respect for passing that second buck after making what you were nearly certain would turn out to be a non-lethal hit. Good on ya, amigo!

  7. Whats the deer numbers per sq mile on the public you hunt you guys ever need to take does or plenty of other hunts to that

  8. That is an extreme kick in the gut and to add insult to injury that second buck comes so close.  You showed very good restraint.  Look forward to the video when you have one on the ground.  Good Luck

  9. Much respect for holding off on the second deer. I've given up on stopping deer with it a grunt. It puts the deer on alert and only increases the potential for bad things to happen.

  10. That buck is fine and you're a class-act, Aaron, for passing the 2nd deer. Please don't sit back for a day — get back out there!

  11. Wow….what are the odds. I just had the same exact thing happen to my on the 30th! I had to grunt to stop him bc he was moving quickly, and I grunted a bit too loud putting him more on alert then stopping. He was at 25-28 yards and I rushed my shot. He jumpers the string and I hit him equal with shoulders but high. I definitely hit shoulder bc I heard the smack but way high. I sent you the footage through your FB page (messenger)so you guys can check it out and not feel too bad….this video definitely help me get over it. Hope mine does too!

  12. Real hunting right there. The Tactics, errors, reasons and success of hunts are shared.. Give it time and you guys will b on top with these vlogs.. Good luck guys from southern Iowa..

  13. Hey guys I noticed you use your phone to find your tree stand locations in the dark. Is there an app you are using or Google maps? Just curious! Thanks, and keep the show's coming, it helps with my depression over it being 83 degrees on November 3rd!!!!!

  14. I appreciate this video more than any big buck kill. Had this happen to me more times than I’d like to admit. Good stuff guys keep up the good work.

  15. Dang I remember asking if yall ever hunt Missouri cause they got some huge bucks on public land their. And you said you plan on doing some hunts on public in MO in the future. That was on a Midwest Whitetail vid. And sure enough you weren't kiddin and yall are huntin it smart and hard, that's awesome. Im glued to these videos. Good luck to all of yall this season.

  16. I did the same thing this year. Shot an alert buck at 29 yards. He ducked the arrow and I hit really high and in the shoulder. Terrible penetration. Tracked for 200 yards to a bed with very little blood. Grid searched for several hours the next day and he never turned up. Saturated the area in cameras praying I see him alive.

  17. I just shot my first deer the other day. Pretty much the exact same situation except from the ground. I didn't have a lighted nock, and it was just after shooting light started so I couldn't see the arrow or the sapling that deflected me. All I got to work on is a loud snap I heard before impact and that the deer didn't bleed much. I never found him, spent 12 hours or so looking though. Feels bad man.

  18. What would Brackett do?  🙂  Sorry, I had to. It sucks that you didn't recover him but I really believe that buck is fine and will make a full recovery. Thanks for keeping it real!

  19. That habitat looks very similar to East Texas with big oaks and such, however our ag is coastal bermuda so its not really a food source. I would like to know how this area sets up and what is around it because it looks like you had the deer pegged here down to the trail they walked in on. Great stuff!

  20. Thats tuff break and know its tuff! When feel bad because thats not what u want to happen and its out of your control.

  21. I think you drew too early and held it too long. You drawed at 5:10 and held it to almost 6:06 that's a long hold and holding out the bow takes a toll and at one point in the film your shaking pretty good at 5:46 ….. That's my thought .

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