PUBLIC LAND CHALLENGE – DAY 1: Hunting through the STORM!
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PUBLIC LAND CHALLENGE – DAY 1: Hunting through the STORM!

December 9, 2019

what’s up guys we’re in Minnesota for
the public land challenge we got Jon Rentmeeter here from the hunting
beast Dan fault from the hunting beasts
Garrett also known as DIY sportsman is going to be here this afternoon I
believe and we’re gonna be hunting public land here for the next week or so
challenge I think it’s more than a challenge it’s gonna be interesting to
see just how other hunting tactics kind of compare we’ve all got a little bit
different styles and it’s gonna be fun to just see how everybody approaches it
it’s also gonna be interesting to see what the different hunters gravitate
towards because we have everything in this area we have Marsh we have Hill
Country we have pretty much farmland so it’s going to be interesting to see what
what all of us gravitate towards in the beginning and if we change that after a
couple days of hunting I think a cool thing is to that we’re not just doing
the easy route and jumping in there in the rut yep you know we’re gonna hit it
an early season yeah see what happens and the rules are there are no rules
basically anywhere within driving distance is allowed to hunt I mean as
long as you’re following the Michigan as long as you’re following the Minnesota
state laws I mean it’s you’re pretty much fair game we can drive as far as we
want to hunt speaking of state laws oh yeah yeah you guys know it’s a
four-point restriction right here right the whole state ain’t but this area is are you okay four
points on one side yeah okay and they’re i’ve never hunted an area like that that’s
pretty cool yeah I’m gonna be sitting there basket rack comes in with the binos I’m kind of like we do in Missouri or making sure he’s got four points and
if he does the bow is definitely gonna be in the hand and obviously you’re
watching this first video on our channel but we’ll have some video spread out
between the channels I’m gonna link off to that below and basically we’re just
gonna have people following all of us around with cameras documenting each day
and what the struggles are and what we’re learning so let’s do it
the deer are in trouble killer group worked like a charm, thanks Myndi I mean Ohio there’s not really I mean
nothing like you did a lot of outside of this area you get a lot of places that
just don’t have it but place these old girls up there where that titles ad or
whatever get to drive this very oftern maybe I could be you today yeah I
hey folks round 2 Aaron Warbritton here with you folks alright guys it’s day one me and Jake
are headed out now to go back where we going back to this to the March that we
were scouting last night yeah we’d around a bit there last night we drove
over there Me jake and Joe did and Jake actually tried
to get permission to walk through some private to get to the back of this Marsh
and wasn’t able to but learn some good stuff yeah the guy I talked to some was
a taxidermist so as soon as I walked out he had a nice buck hanging on the wall
there he said it son actually has a full body mount of a buck they shot beyond
the house I’d imagine there’s some pretty good ones back in there there has
been in the past yeah and they’re definitely coming in and cooked from
there because they didn’t allow us to access through there so we got to find
another way to get to the back of this Marsh basically what we got here is I
don’t know how many thousands of acres of public land it’s hard telling where dan
and Joe are right now they could be headed to the other side of the state
it’s hard to them but Jake and I are hunting pretty close to camp or that’s
the spot that we’re going to right now we like the looks of this Marsh because
it’s an area where there’s a lot of diverse type of habitat there’s a lot of
crops over there there’s still some green soybeans if it looks like it’s
really hard to access because of all the water and early season like this we may
be able to get up high and observe out across this Marsh job here right now
it’s raining it’s supposed to storm all day supposed to be kind of warm today
not saying that we can’t kill them today we’re definitely gonna try here at some
point but what we’re getting ready to do is more of a scouting mission oh there’s
a lot of bugs a lot of mosquitoes but we got us a rub right here first one I’ve
seen this year it’s a fresh one they’ve been here within the last two weeks
that’s what’s nice about early season rain jacket not good not good
you look like a wet dog I feel like a wet down the cameras okay at least the
camera mate maybe okay there’s a little bit of moisture on it but I think I
absorbed most of it anyway yeah don’t mind it and of course about the time we
get back up here to the Hummer skies are nice and blue clear behind this thing
oh well we’re gonna go Scout another spot now so what I’m I’m looking at here is we’ve
got a variety of terrains then you go look at the time of the year the acorns drop free heavy yeah
and I think that the hills and stuff was deer aren’t gonna move to sit on the take
res it’s gonna be hard that took me hard on but I think in the swamps the acorns are
boom because there’s gonna be those little isolated patches yeah kinda like
what we do back home so get on those isolated patches too old so we should
look at these swamps specifically look for oak trees yep
drive around them find little patches of them going and scout those little tree
grows yep do a perimeter check on it yeah I think
we’ve got here real quick yeah it’s rained quite a bit but you can see
there’s just a few tracks they’re smaller but could just bend a tree over
to rub that eye but there’s a rub line here from years past I start from old
ones going in so looks like we’re getting pressure back
here I don’t like the spot a like I want to get to the swamps there’s too many
acorns in here too much pressure this dry land spray got guys all over wait
four days of hunting season then you can see how packed on that parking lot was I
would probably just drove away but I know Joe was looking at looking at this
property so let him get it looking unless it the swamps right I mean if this is a giant bean field I
wouldn’t expect this much browse we lose teddy these are all stinging nettles in
here but if you look at them they’re actually browsed on if you look at the
size of this area and the amount of browse in here I mean you wouldn’t see
this much of bean field there’s a it’s just some heavy brows going on here yeah
so our goal is gonna be to find where those deer coming from what is nice too
is that parking lot is situated number one it’s pretty overlooked we didn’t
even know it was a parking lot that we got in here it almost looks like we’re
trespassed until we got back there figured out where we were at so not a
lot of people are hunting there and when they do it’s leading them out into the
woods that way so I think this is looks like it has has some potential these are his beast sticks i didn’t know if you saw them yet oh nice be a little different little learning
experience the way I want it it’s good us every time oh yeah
so we scouted a place about a million miles from here because Joe liked it
that spot sucked don’t get any more I really thought we had to concentrate on swamps
because it’s gonna be hard to get him to move any distance in the Oaks in the
Hills we found a swamp along the river that looks decent there’s a lot of deer
sign in there and a lot of old robes but not new ones but they’ve only been out
of elven for two weeks but the old rope so many big bucks have been in there
there’s a lot of brow sign so there’s been a lot of deer in there feeding and
we jumped a couple one of them sounded like a lone buck came off of a point ran
into the cattails and there’s a okay I’m on a sign they’re not a lot put an okay
amount and Joe said he’d like to hunt that and I’m more than wandering type so
I think I’m gonna wander down the transition a little bit and see if I
can’t find something and just scout and hang when I find it so that’s the plan
whether we can kill one or not it’s a different story we’ll go through the
shot yeah I got a tip for all the viewers every
time you go out hunting especially in this warm weather it really got sprayed
out I prefer deep woods off that’s what I
spray with oh it’s got to get the whole tip of the
day ain’t find it much for sign but it might
be all washed out I’m not sure but I do see a point up ahead hopefully or
something they’re not seeing a whole lot of lotta action we ran into two rubs out
here and we jumped one buck and it’s probably the buck that made those rubs it we
jumped I think all the sign I’m seeing on the food sources
there’s probably does and fawns when with all the tracks being washed out it’s
hard to tell but I’m gonna stay with the mission and just keep scouting ahead I’m
a long ways from the truck and I’m just his Scout my way around this thing and
see what I find transition lines along there I see a
point coming out there are trees mixed what can tell something to try that look
over there and see what does coming in and out of that but a lot of this stuff
looks good and really doesn’t seem to be yeah showing much sign back home this would be
loaded with deer all right here’s my setup notice how I wrap the straps in
like that tuck him in let’s keep him from blowing in the breeze and having
the deer notice I’m gonna look up the tree and see ya I went five sticks high
a pretty high set up but I want to see what’s going on way out there and it’s
kind of a swirly wind so I just want to get up high the one trailer had a track
signs right so over there the trail come through here you can see the old rub on
it it’s kelp trails going through here it’s all coming right out of this this
stuff that’s going out into the cattails I mean by no standards is it a lot of
sign well it’s the best of what I’m on to right now so I’m gonna set it so I finally made it up into the tree
here we got kind of naked in here we’ve got two guys obviously
so eventually a little split to it and basically we’re kind of sitting on a
point that goes that way there’s another point that goes that way the point that
was that was earlier that deer crashing and there’s I don’t maybe it’ll come
back we’ll see there’s a lot of all drops in here from last year so it’s
definitely bucks there’s cattails that way quite a few miles I would say
I’ll see what happens I suppose all right
me and Jake came back we got the ghillie suits and we’re gonna head back out we
just checked the weather and the storms that we’re supposed to get tonight got
pushed back just a little bit so that was kind of the determining factor
whether or not we were gonna go in and try to kill one the night and looks like
we’re gonna have an opportunity to go hunting so we’re headed out sounds like
Dan and Joe we’re probably already entry at this point so they found some good
stuff today we got wind cover and it’s super damp so we’re not gonna make
hardly any noise going in we could just take our time and supposed to be 10-15
mile an hour all evening maybe we can whack one before the storm
rolls in here we’d better get a move on yeah we’re better well we just kicked up her first year we
haven’t jumped a deer all day I mean we just were seeing all this sign but we
haven’t kicked up a deer that was kind of surprising so we’re hoping to find
some more rubs or something like that along this edge where we can just I mean
we could tuck in here really easy and have a bunch of cover well we got back into a spot that we
were hoping to find some more sign-in once we got further into it and I think
that rub on the edge of the field up there might have been a little bit
misleading because we haven’t we haven’t found anything neither here nor I are
very confident setting up right here so it might pull the plug and go try to
just observe something maybe call tonight a loss if we could at least
learned something before the cold front that’s coming in and while that could be
beneficial for us so I think we’re gonna hustle out of here and I try to go get
some eyes on some deer at least nice buck
nice buck let’s get up here boy on the other side nice buck yep we saw a nice buck and walk about eight
miles and eventually saw I’m 300 yards over onto the private but least we saw a
nice one let’s go get set up when I write a bit more around here there
definitely might be we’re gonna try to get down this edge a little further yes well after we realized that first about
looked like pretty much a bust we went back to where we first started scouting
this piece this morning where we cut that jack that really fresh track just
after the rain it was only probably 50 yards that way I guess the theory behind
it is either we bumped that buck he was just getting up in the middle of the day
either way he was walking he wasn’t running if you speak from us so I guess
the hope is that buck didn’t go far and he’s not been in very far away very well
could be that but on the other side of field – but we can see quite a ways down
here there’s tons of trails coming out of this cornfield through the CRP so I
think it would take a lot of luck but something could come through here yet
tonight they don’t have a whole lot of time well luck continues tonight the coyotes
are going off in the background and they’re actually howling at the tornado
sirens I think and stone just got a text that were under a tornado warning so uh
tonight’s how it’s gonna be cut a little more short than we had hoped so we’re
gonna go back and possibly pack up camp here because I don’t know if the tents
gonna make it through this storm it looks pretty brutal all righty that was Greg he’s in town
batten down the hatches sounds like he’s a little bit wet this time it started
pouring as I was getting through the truck we got severe weather warnings uh
while we were on the stand I come through the phone to take cover and I
stayed in the stand till it was closing time and sort of hoping it back it’s a
long hoof and I was using compass so I missed a little bit got caught in the
rain a little bit but I got back to the truck and I had to come double the ways
that Joe I had to come and Teddy and I’ve been waiting quite a bit and it is just
storming out there I hope they’re okay they don’t answer the phone I don’t know
be seated in the background but there’s just this torrential rain thunder
lightning they’re out there wandering around in this crap first time on the
property the excitement of a road trip right hey it’s been nine days I needed a
shower I’m good for another nine days no there they are they are coming they’re
live well Teddy did you get your shower you guys you’re out there for a while I
was sitting laughing cuz I keep getting tornado alerts
yeah here weather you know is out twice as far as you guys and I beat you guys
here by quite a bit it’s a good question Logan we just
bailed on camp we said nope loaded everything up and said we’re just
gonna come back old trusty here go freak people out with our face paint on okay a
little scared myself just hanging out and Mickey D’s once
again and Jake we’re just here trying to fit in Halloween favorites day to hunt
that’s not true at all November 7th watching Zach’s on for the second time
it’s tornado warning and I get on mind and look and it’s a watch you’re
looking at the radar and the storm stretches from Texas all the way up to
like Manitoba Canada alright guys we’re back at camp we’re
getting ready shut it down for the night we didn’t wash away Jake’s in here
finishing up capturing footage right now before we hit the sack for the night but
I think we were the only ones that saw a buck tonight Dan and Joe got skunked
then almost blown away by the storm at last light it sounds like and obviously
Jake and I had to run out of the woods but Garrett’s gonna be here in the
morning and after this weather blows through tonight we’re gonna get some
really good conditions tomorrow supposed to be winds out of the Northwest highs
in the high 50s low 60s should be perfect weather and everybody will be
here in camp everybody’s gonna be in the woods so hopefully we’ll start getting
these Minnesota bucks figured out here real soon for you guys but for now we’re
gonna hit the hay and see y’all in the next video thanks for watching

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