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August 21, 2019

hear them owls out there isn’t that
pretty cool oh yeah I hear them let them here it once what am I doing here what’s this one doing over
here supposed to be over here somebody’s had this thing that ain’t right that’s
right better have these Ted pretty important
today well we got about a hundred yards forward there it’s not very far let’s go
down here and check it out morning starting off pretty calm Ted and I
came into a different spot today than the one we were at last night after we saw
the guy shoot that buck that we were calling to we decided to get out of there
cuz he was gonna go back in there looking for that deer so we switched
gears got in here this is a spot that I hunted some last year I actually was
with Erik Barber in this big oak tree right behind Ted when we had a real nice
10 pointer come in to the base of the tree this is a good cruising spot it’s
not a spot where you’re gonna see a lot of deer but it links up to big blocks of timber
and a bunch of bedding to the east of us as you all could probably see the road right
here like 60 yards away it gets quite a bit of traffic we’ve already seen one
hunter come down on the road and go down past us they’re in there duck
hunters are blasting in the marsh already but during the rut this this
spots real good because several ridges dumped down right here as y’all could
tell and here at the bottom it’s kind of a thermal hub area several ridges and
several bedding areas linked together so there’s always a bunch of scrapes right
here it said excellent cruising spot Ted and I didn’t see hardly any deer driving
in this morning and last night they were moving like crazy so hopefully by
mid-morning they’re up and moving around a little bit if we don’t see much here
though by 9:00 9:30 we’re gonna pull the stands go back to the Smurf and regroup
start bouncing around some more just like we did yesterday deer right here running at us see him doe and a fawn getting chased potentially see them yup coming this way afraid they’re going to get our wind right here he behind them I think keep following them had that little buck a mature doe and
two fawns come in they made it right up here underneath of us but they sat here
forever and eventually either caught our wind or maybe saw us in the tree I know
that little buck was looking up here every once in a while but they didn’t seem
too nervous they just kind of bounded back up the hill and then he went back
to chasing them around just completely calm I mean not a stitch a wind and in
the air right now scent just kind of hanging here around the stand that’s a
good sign already saw buck chasing a doe do you want me to say anything else no that good Ted
says that’s good we’ll talk to you guys in a little bit when we see more deer waiting for these babies to get warm so I
can put in my boots I feel like we’re gonna hear a deer coming from like a
half mile away he’s right here he’s coming right at the tree get on him hurry up he’s right here he’s gonna he’s gonna die right there Ted he’s gonna go down right there buddy what dude like hang on I don’t even feel
like this is real I know like guys we’re sitting here and we haven’t seen
anything for like two or three hours and Ted just says man I’d really like to film
somebody shoot a buck soon and I’m like well maybe today is gonna be the day I kept
saying I’m like yes I could not hear you I know cause this tree I was up behind this tree
I could not hear you I was like Ted Ted Ted like we’re running out of time
see quartering to yeah that’s why I put it right through the shoulder another big buck should I grunt at him or no do you see him I just look up and there’s another nice
buck and this thing looks almost identical to the one that I just killed
what just happened dude I’m shaking bad dude I’m shaking so bad
beautiful ten-pointer too real nice buck I told you man this is a good spot this
is a heck of a spot y’all can see that road right there Ted just film a truck
drive down it turn around come back 45 minutes ago
everybody’s going into this public and going way back and in there and you’ve
heard the waterfowl hunters back in the marsh shooting this morning we’re just
at a cruising spot right here and it couldn’t worked any better I better call
Greg holy cow hello he’s lying here dead yes big oak tree well not the big oak but a tree 15 yards
from it heck yeah gonna be a real easy drag drag I mean he’s 100 yards from the road oh nice have you found him or can you see him laying dead oh yeah we filmed him fall over nice okay we can drive down there and throw him in my truck sounds good congrats thanks shoot another one ted me and Ted just switched up it’s
gonna be an hour or so before Jake and Greg get here to help us drag this buck
out Ted’s got a tag in his pocket so never know might see another one
cruising through look at this guy just leaves his door open
we could steal whatever we wanted here comes Greg yeah I see them there there they are 75 yards off the road and
they said the buck is somewhere close by but it sounds like it didn’t go far
we got a nice nice easy trail to drag him out right through here don’t even
have to go down through the ditch it is gonna be the easiest track job ever
which after this season we’re due for one of those so I’m cool with that
can’t wait to see this thing he’s literally parking right where those
bucks walked across the road here comes another vehicle driving past them you guys deer hunting mm-hmm just getting out or
No our buddies are up in there right now they kill something mm-hmm did they nice buck or I think so yeah
really how about you not a deer well saw a bunch but you got the bike back there and we got a stand all the way in the back by the bridge okay so got a ways out there is he the one that parked on the hill here yeah yeah gotcha alrighty good luck yup you too was he like right here no right over there to your
left but you guys parked like right where
they came across the road did you think he was gonna get away for a second Ted just said it’s so funny because
he’s like man I’d really like to film somebody shoot another buck I haven’t
got to film one since Kentucky and I’m like well today might be the day never
know and I went Ted Ted Ted Ted Ted pretty sure he was standing right here wasn’t he
yeah 10 yards from the stand it’s pretty open up there I mean he would
have got us right here when we were getting skylit up there
he came basically from your truck to where I’m standing and then tore out of
here went up and I can see him laying there right now oh I see him get in there Ted look at how dark yeah I
remember seeing that like how dark his legs are I thought it was mud hunting down here in the marsh
and they get they get like that that’s real cool about these deer what do you
think Jake I like that nice work boys gorgeous deer that’s what you want it to look like double lung shot drove it down
through the shoulder into both lungs and maybe even caught some of the piping
coming off the heart tree is 50 60 yards away
not that one one things bond Tex 125 are you out of tags for the year then
huh are you out of bow tags for the year then yeah I’m out of bow tags
that’s gotta feel all right yeah I’m all they made me mad last year I messed up a
bunch I let a bunch of these things get away like some really good opportunities
at em too you’ve been out of that same tree essentially out of that same tree yes let
one get away right there at that spot all right let’s see let’s see where that
exit came out quick you see that how far back came out mid-body where
it came out on that opposite side you got everything yeah got everything
but man if you’d have been right there you know you might be looking at one
long lever guts at best I tell you see what I got today what’d you get some
National Geographic type stuff you filmed some like slo-mo buck chasing doe action
oh man is it awesome yeah oh man I can’t wait to see that I love those I love those surprises when
you look up like 40 yards away and all of a sudden there’s a buck standing
there I got one the other night when I was self filming I just heard footsteps
35 40 yards away and you see the rack you know coming at you and there’s no other adrenalin like that
as soon as I saw him I was like shooter Ted yeah so then how long
has it taken to close the rest of the distance oh I mean not very long like he
didn’t stop I don’t think yeah he was coming but you can look in here you see
all these ridges dump down even that one right over there
all of them dump down right here into this little bottom it’s like a thermal
hub and there’s always scrapes right there where you guys walked in at always
fresh rubs you know it’s just a really good rut travel area for bucks because
they got one ridge two ridge three ridges four ridges and then two big ditches
that are full of bedding cover that come together right here with the big marsh
and swamp on the backside and the duck hunters were just blasting away in there
this morning yeah the tricky thing with this spot though is that you can only
hunt it on a calm wind like when you guys pulled in Ted’s dropping milkweed
and it’s swirling bad really yup picked up a few miles an hour and that
was all it took huh yeah but it down here in one of these bottoms you know on one
of those hubs you know I’ve been wanting to get in here lately just yesterday
wind was too high but I saw those northerly winds this morning that like 1
2 miles an hour and that was perfect for this spot didn’t see much though just doe
and two fawns a little buck before him what was the wind doing when he came in
had you been checking with milkweed err yeah it was pretty much dead calm yeah
she wasn’t going anywhere no it was falling like I don’t think he would
have got us I think he would have walked right by us you know had I not been up
there shuffling around trying to get a shot at him
they just they’re half done when they’re walking cruising like that they just
don’t well it was the same thing the other day when I had that one literally walk under
the stand yeah I’m up there trying to film and trying to get a shot and I’m
grunting at him seven yards away he just marched into the scrape yeah yeah
they’ve got their guard down a good reason to have a reasonable draw
width that you can just pull straight back like that yeah then you’re up there you
know pulling too much weight and having to make a bunch of movement you may just
and mine is on the edge of being unreasonable as long as you can still pull it straight back I mean that’s the point is
if you can pull it straight back slowly when you’re cold and get all bundled up
then you’re good to go yeah but at the same time you’re able to drive through
the shoulder like that yeah that’s what I told Ted I’m lucky because I got
really long arms and the ability to shoot with long draw yeah so with a long
draw you can shoot heavy arrows heavy heads and pull off those types of shots
you know a lot of people will lose a deer if they’re shooting yeah
lighter poundage in a lighter arrow or if just a speedboat or something and I
mean that’s another reason why I switched back to those fixed blades yeah
is because when you encounter bone you have less odds of a deflection with them
you can talk about how strong you are to that also helps definitely not
especially if you watch that hunt that you and I had earlier this fall when I let down on that big
thing on the ground that was the thing that guy that we talked to you last
night they rattled that bucking that we almost shot he paddled like two and a half
miles to get in there yeah that guy you said wrote a bike way back there and I
think that’s the coolest thing about this bout this spot is everybody just driving
right by it’s kind of similar to Zach’s Nebraska buck where you can literally
see hunters driving by from the tree stand we say that a lot but it sure
seems like you need to use every inch of it if you got
a public area to hunt dark face ope shooting the Ducks and to the
teeth Ted oh yeah and right when I saw that other buck I just let one rip oh so you’re just
out here educating them huh yeah better not put that in the video because jurists might right here’s where the buck was standing
when I spotted it stands about 35 yards or so away you can see his track right
there and that scrape and he turns and he walks straight at the stand coming right
through here and you all can see this little oak right here in between us
and where the deer standing and it’s got all of its leaves still and when Ted and
I were looking for a tree in the dark we were expecting the movement to come from
this way so we wanted to have some sort of cover in between us and the oncoming
deer and without that tree and all those leaves I don’t think I would have been
able to get drawn because it was so calm this morning I mean virtually no wind
that buck is walking through here facing straight at us and as y’all can tell up
in that tree we’re pretty open we don’t have much cover in the tree itself so
we’re looking for other cover in and around the tree especially to get drawn
back that’s the biggest thing and there was just enough leaves in that tree as
he’s walking through here and then veering right I was able to draw back
real real slow when his head was behind all those leaves and he didn’t catch me
last year we set up in the same spot except we were sitting in that big oak
down there and I had a buck walked down the exact same trail except he veered
right here and went straight at the base of our tree and ended up with a terrible
angle and I couldn’t shoot him so we backed off of it a little ways tried to
get to a point where we had a good 15 yard shot to this trail 10 15 yard shot
to this trail it was really a perfect setup this morning and that’s one thing
that we’ve been trying to get better at these past few years is really
fine-tuning your setup for a killing shot opportunity and this this buck did
exactly what we thought he was going to do in this situation
and as you’ve seen here these last handful of kills or whatever that we’ve
had on the channel we’re killing these deer in the spot that we anticipate them
to be before they get there and when you’re setting up like that your your
practice drawing you are basically playing that scenario in your mind
before it happens makes it much easier to execute the shot
then whenever the buck does show up where was the shot at he was coming
right at the tree but he turned and walked right up through here this is where he pegged us and as you
can tell we don’t have any more of that cover in between us and the deer
definitely meaning it’s ten yards he’s right in the kill hole right here so I
had to bend around that dead limb that’s coming off that oak tree and shoot em Ted had to film him around the back side of the tree but at this point
that’s okay if he busts you because he’s you know in trouble

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  36. Here you go…help yourself.

    Marked Location,%20Chariton,%20IA%20%2050049,%20United%20States&ll=40.952018,-93.258427&q=Marked%20Location&_ext=EiYpKkmlGkR5REAxQ1ihn/VQV8A5qB7Ldmp6REBBJUgYwDJQV8BQBA%3D%3D&t=h

    GPS Coords
    40.95212, -93.25868

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