PUBLIC LAND Bowhunting w/ HUSH, 3-Day EMOTIONAL Rollercoaster – DEER TOUR E32
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PUBLIC LAND Bowhunting w/ HUSH, 3-Day EMOTIONAL Rollercoaster – DEER TOUR E32

August 16, 2019

all right as we are stuck in two real
close to where those books were fighting last night we have a grove of trees that
we looked at yesterday morning before we found the book though we really like to
start with as it turns out the Bucks were fighting within 50 yards of those
grove of trees we’re gonna go do quick observation pick
out the best tree we’ve got a couple trails coming out of his own great we
just dropped crossed it go right through the trees
there’s just no cover wind this morning it’s very very quiet
go get these stands hung and cross our fingers nope one of those big boys
steps out today about 7:30 November first and me and
Jake just got in the tree took us a little longer than we thought to get
here we had to drop Aaron and BMAC off in the spot and then drive the boat
probably four or five miles down this river so it took us a little longer than
expected with all the trees and stuff that we had to look out for but we made
it here we’re in the stand so we’re only about eight foot off the ground but we
got a lot of back cover a couple of trees around this this is actually the
same spot that Erin and Jake were at last year and they had a bunch of action
back here deer running around out in this open field and then working along
this edge so hopefully they’re doing the same thing this year
like I said we’re in here late but last year they didn’t start seeing deer till
around mid-morning so there’s fields up top and we’re hoping that the deer are
just gonna be working down off some fields and back into this bottom like it’s a side to granted wait they just know where it was
right after that once more I try to snort wheeze at him just had a real nice buck came out
of that creek walked all the way through this bottom up those Ridge and then kept
going after he topped the red so he just carries him through this morning which I
got an adamant snoring he’s had him and he loved hurt it but he didn’t didn’t
want to come in so it’s good sign it’s canceled I’ll play something else come
through it’s been a exciting morning so far what
a good buck sneak it behind us trying to grunt at him and snort wheeze
of it didn’t seem to have any interest maybe it was a deer that got beat up
last night I don’t know but we’re learning a good some we’re not very high
off the ground maybe 10 feet but it has a good canopy lots of back
cover that’s a plus i think we’re in a good zone must be a hot doe here see that clear over there there’s a crossing the creek what okay he’s following the doe
really can’t let these do and she just went up to left see the buck i don’t see her i just saw her
working up that way or it might have it’s about 9 o’clock now and just had
another shooter chasing the dough clear crosses creak pop fried 200 yards from
us he chased it right over to this hill went up the hill no they’re still up
there crashing around so I mean there’s a good chance they’ll end up down here
in this bottom and in front of us it’s been a pretty eventful morning we
had two deer that we can shoot sneak by us we also are quite a bit of grunting in
the bedding areas to both sides of us but those deer haven’t materialized out
of the woods yet but I think we’re gonna slide out of this tree go meet up with a
fella sounds like they had a pretty good
morning as well we know we’re in a good spot just get on the right trail with
the right trees on the trees around here this morning in the dark so that’s the
plan but it’s been a lot of fun what Zach it’s gotta stay persistent we
always say the HUSH group always says its time and pressure if you put enough time in any
apply enough pressure that things happen in the woods you’re hunting guys it’s
about 11 o’clock right now and me and brighter climbing out of this stand and
gonna go back and meet up with Jake and Ted that make a game plan for the
evening set but both groups were set up in a similar situation this morning you
could tell behind me we got the lake back there in this little sort of
drainage that’s leading off from the hills down into the lake and where those
creeks flow in down there it creates kind of a Cove and up towards the head
of those coves or those creeks shallow up a little bit or do can actually get
across them is where we’re set up at in both situations we’ve got bedding to the
east bedding to the west and then even more thick cover to the north up the
creek with the lake bottom behind us basically were blown our wind from the
land side to the cove where we came in from and then these Bucks are crossing
from bedding area to bedding area at the head of this ditch right where I
mentioned the creek gets real shallow before it flows down into the
it’s a real natural funnel but during the rut we typically hunt funnels in
between bedding areas not necessarily as much from bedding to food as you would
different times of the year because right now those bucks are going from the
first bedding area to the second one and that’s exactly what you saw this morning
they were cruising west to east east to west we just want to set up close enough
to them to get a shot so we’re gonna head down out of here go check with the
guys and see what they saw and then get back after than this evening here comes
a ride Ted’s got that prop turn and we got an issue what ran into a real nice
gentleman on the way out that’s going back in there what he’s going back in
there to hunt kind of close to where we were today really yeah I mean we talked
to him probably was just gonna hunt back in there he’s gonna be a little bit to
the south and we’re gonna try to get up tonight where we saw most of those deer
okay sweet he said he saw that big one last weekend he was voting in no walking
come in there with waders on or something just me we can follow the edge
of that river just fine right okay sweet drop you out Ted tell about your day
discovered got this stuff called mountaintops
ignite and boy it just fired it up especially in the morning about 4
o’clock 3:30 4 o’clock just kid drill a supercharged and focus not a sponsor it’s more like the second hydration
caffeine kicker that likes a little kick here it’s got it there yeah those ones
at the trail facts are convenient because you can just dump a minute thing
water if way you go this film and the new guy finally got in the game
Greg Pelican the pilot here I’ll cameraman mo to know how to bring in the
bench over Erin’s breaking the number-one rule on Ted’s boat
don’t leave your trash he gets really angry captain’s not having it so here’s where we step inside this mine welcome back it’s the afternoon right hi
Ken we’ve exchanged Aaron for Greg because he’s going to see his girlfriend
I think I feel about that it’s November first we just saw like a ton of bucks today
and he just left let the audience decide what what
do you think about that decision but so we had a great morning we are gonna move
this stand kind of order where we saw the box slide in mind we’re in like the
triangle I feel like if goodness because yesterday there was a ton of activity
the fight was there this morning there was action a lot going on we just need
to get in a better spot to get a shot so hopefully the adjustments that we made
by just kind of what we learned in the last day and a half will pay dividends
and if not I hope the boys came on because they have our on a great pop to
today so we feel good about the evening of November 1st best trails just draw right there you can
kind of see that’s where that deer came we found a tree and I feel like it’s a
good one Greg tell the word got us up here it wasn’t easy
got some obstacles in the way but this is the most confident place that I feel
we’ve sat so far just based on collecting Intel the last day that kind
of set the stage we got a creek in front of us that’s had a heavy amount of
traffic bedding ground across the way the waiter out yesterday tried to sneak
in on that deer spot in stock the buck fight occurred right over here ours
morning Stand location was about a hundred yards to the north and we had
that buck cruising this morning right here so two of them kind of came in from
both different directions if you take all that data plus the big rubs behind
us I think this is a pretty damn good spot I hope Ted and Jake got into there no
location as well you know they really do another honor but they had a chance to
chat with him got his number and I think they both agreed that it be cool if they
hunted by each other so they’re not too far away but there’s a big buck in there
and I think the big takeaway there is when you’re on public land is go say
hello to the person introduce yourself if you can develop a little rapport with
them it takes away and maybe some of the anxiety or potential frustrations down
the road and it’s easy to get upset when you see other people in your spot but if
you just go try to work with them sometimes you end up becoming buddies
with them and helping each other out to be honest so that that was pretty cool
that the guys took the time to get to know this gentleman and they actually
asked him if it was ok if they returned back there
they didn’t want to try to like that’s a base on good karma comes to those that
are polite to in the woods quick time check 4:45 p.m. we’ve seen
two does out in front of us and I think with the number of bugs we’ve seen in
the area having a couple does up on their feet certainly can’t help but I
heard him say yes like I said earlier real confident this spot I just hope
they get on their feet and start moving before it gets too dark is he legal yes that happened so fast that felt like a
good I mean it looks good to me but holy holy crap
we were just talking about blacktail honey in Oregon and how cool it would be
if these guys took their tactics and and chase black-tailed deer we thought we
heard like a inhaler a couple minutes ago we had a tree and then sure enough there’s a deer right there
that block snuck right behind us and was doing a scrape and I have man maybe an
eight-inch window to get an arrow through but he was like perfectly right
there I thought this tree was gonna give us an
opportunity I just really hope that it was a good hit and that that buck is
dead I heard that last crash that was tumbling or that was just calling
attention to that yeah that’s gone sure you see the arrows sticking out yeah but
I don’t know if you like lodged in the opposite shoulder right or what it was things happen fast in November I recorded it off the screen so we could
go extra slow on the iPhone it’s like a nice little tip that we’ve learned over
the years looks like a good hit we heard a big crash and after looking at
everything I feel like we got it right in the pocket that we needed to but
again all these want to just be cautiously optimistic is a term I use a
lot but man I sure hope he’s just laying up there and be a big huge relief
because he slid in behind us we were kind of expecting him to come this way
which is why it open or out in front of us which is wide open the only place
that would have been tough was directly behind us
but he kind of angled and he gave me an opening of about that big and honestly
there would have been maybe one more spot I could have got a shot without him
most likely walking away from us but I thought I feel really good cuz he was
preoccupied he wasn’t moving and his weight informed it like stop doing the
screen for a second lift his head up made sure my buckle was level and try to
just make it smooth Shaw you know I’ll be excited to get down this tree Greg’s
holding me back not letting me climb down cuz I wouldn’t be down there right
now lucky if it was just me but we’re gonna be a little patient give a little
extra time and then hopefully you’ll find this buck moment of truth I’m gonna just kind of keep phone it out
we are two pretty big crash overhearing this ticket you’re hoping easily in
there there’s some right here it sounds like it’s alright huh hard to say he’s gone further than I
would have expected him to go through the blood the whole way but we decided
that we should yeah get some help yeah it’s in the super tall crp here at
you know yeah I won’t hurt to go grab something to eat yeah yeah more
time let’s get a little stronger lights and more of them it’s about time to go look for this buck
I heard some kites in the area so we don’t want to leave him all night you
gotta wake these guys up look at that main oh well this is
gonna go I don’t seem particularly enthused Ted
like just ain’t not even alive whoa I’ll get there you go I wonder why
you’re putting your harness on to go track a deer but that’s usually your mo
yeah it’s barely November 2nd let’s go get him Brian hit this buck last night at
what time 5:30 5:30 and the shot looks good but a little low and a touch back
like maybe liver we’ve seen him hit in this area before and definitely don’t
want to take any chances Greg and Brian track the thing little ways earlier and
had good blood all the way but he made it a good 200 yards so we backed out and
now we’re going back in mill the night to try to come up with him we don’t want
to give him all night because the Coyotes could be on him if he’s laying
in there dead and the boys are gonna take their hunting stuff because they’re
gonna probably go straight from tracking to hunting tomorrow morning I’m ready
right now there it is right there it looks like it hits like two inches
above the belly line maybe even higher than that it makes a funny sound kind of
when you double lung them or hit them right up in the chest anywhere where
those lungs and heart are it’s like a drum pops you know so and that’s another
thing that you may have gone for you sees on the way down when the arrow is
hit me just gonna take it real real easy liver shot deer you never know you live
for a long time great west right here hit the edge of
that field quick all right it is uh it’s 150 in the morning 150 yeah it’s a
mistake water packet place that Greg and I
stopped left in the arrow in the trails makes it easier to find them shot the
deer at 5:30 Oh give it him decent amount of time I just hope and pray that
we recover this book it’s been a pretty brutal last few hours just waiting that boy driving me I’m sure that’s his
track so I saw it up there it was like super refreshing it rained its butt off
just a few days ago I should say I’ve lost it already yeah there’s any time he’s back but it
suspect now bad boys good progress but soon as soon as we got out of that big
tall CRP field and then this cedar thicket the button was really hard to
find really hard to see then we’ve been in here for 30 45 minutes just on our
hands and knees combing around trying to find it didn’t have any luck so we
eventually just went back to the first spot where he entered this eager thicket
and started crawling out from there sometimes it’s good just to regroup
especially when you’re tracking at night Jake’s got blood right here skirting around the pond just to happen
to see if maybe he’s there but that’s kind of where we’re at right now no no
no beds yet yeah yeah Greg’s filming over there sorry for the lights that’s
how we got some hunters just napping you know you know Shane Simpson I know he’s
part of the united blood trackers which belongs there yeah right right yeah yeah
we run a youtube channel called the hunting public I think I said subscribe to
it and I’d do some traveling for work so oh I’ll listen to it once in a while but
you know yeah put some names with faces I guess but sure yeah Brian and their
brain is called hush and they have huge YouTube following as well and we’re
gonna film the whole thing if that’s cool with you
thank you yeah there’s impact yes it seems the be so there’s the white the
white line right here that is an area close to that stomach I was talking
about but if the blood you were seeing wasn’t consistent with it you may have
gotten liver and liver will kill much faster than then that stomach well I’m
concerned with what waiting you know hitting there should have issues as if
drive through him and we see some deflection you know on larger
blade sometimes when they hit the liver you know normally it’s not like directly
square with a deer like that we see much but the you know on an angle quartering
shot of the large expandable it sometimes can open quicker than getting
inside the rib cage in glances down more on the outside of the rib cage but
that’s you know that’s not sure you know I mean yeah we’re hoping like I hope
being that cedar thinking you know mm-hmm and then that’s where just like
hands knees all right gives you an idea on it and you’re our best it’s the next
day and we’re good ready to go back out tracking again we track this thing so
what for this morning 4:30 came back got a little bit of rest and called the
United Blood trackers and one of our one of our friends Shane Simpson actually
does a lot of tracking blood tracking with his dog Cali up in Wisconsin I
messaged him he got ahold of some of his friends through the grapevine there and
we found Doug here about two hours down the road he’s got a blood tracking dog
so we’re gonna go in there and see if we can pick up the trail and go to this
buck we we think it’s a fatal head so we’re gonna continue to exhaust every
option until we find him yeah I bet they’re home where’s the dog
okay no that’s always great yeah definitely a porch garter the art of
door knockin seems to be a little bit of a lost one well they’re coming out to
him and didn’t get bit by the dog I’m trying to see if this gentleman would
allow us to walk walk through his property to get down to the public area
that we’re hunting just to try to avoid having to do the bone and then give Ted
and Jake a chance to get out and do their evening hunt but we’ll see how
that goes some folks are cool with it and other
folks know thank you so no Aaron is pretty good at developing a rapport
though so I like our chances you know at the last area can be the
hardest part of the track because even though you don’t you don’t step in and
inside the blood and everything everybody’s walking around so we can
have the dog work kind of meticulously around that area sometimes when we get
there and that could be the hardest part and what we need him to do is commit and
take an area out of there ideally we start here and we go to the
deer but there may be some times in between or I read the dog and he’s not
on so we’ll come back and I’ll mark a note or something them you know if I
have to let him do his job if he’s off he’s off we’ll realize when we get to
that point I’ll bring him back to where I think he was last on that makes sense
once he’s focused he’s usually not yeah I’ve got the other dog he’s calm he’s
easy to get distracted keep this one here refocus once we get
started so okay we’ll start him here we’ll let him work it out and we’ll just
see what what direction he’s got it I can’t really tell him what to do he’s
gonna yeah he’s it’ll be her own things yeah here find it another twist and the adventure begins
got pretty lucky getting permission to walk in here by the land honor which is
really cool and cash is officially on the blood trail we started and where I
shot the deer and just kind of let him walk it out but he’s on it I’m just
crossing my fingers and and hope we turn him up might have turned here I thought there it’s
possible that he did turn this way outside actually but this is right
around where last blood was the dog found it really fast like within ten
minutes of starting he found the last blood that took us four hours to find
yeah but now worth and this friend has taken
over this is the ants job it’s pretty incredible how fast that dog got to this
point minute he hit that blood trail he was cooking he sets really good
expectations yeah which kind of important and that kind of work you know
oh yeah I think the deers laying dead somewhere it’s a bad I was kind of
prided myself on being a pretty good deer tracker until I seen this dog work
this thing’s making us look stupid there’s a bed this is a first bed we
found the dog is working out ahead of us right now and what we found last blood
last night is about 100 yards behind us and that buck turned and veered out
across all this tall grass and stuff they say that this is wild if the things dead he’s gonna find it –
doesn’t look not fresh that bucket dub went right back to where he come from think he’s the one been making some of
these reps and then I when I called him back put ammonia he went a different
direction and then he took me up through here right did you guys come through
this section here yeah cuz he he come across here at first that’s why I was
asking yep he’s right we didn’t last night at all yeah that’s good yeah just
now we got his track and blood right down
this main trail home sick I’ll be fine wet fresh blood we may be dealing with a live deer we’re going to find, I sure hope so a lot of crazy tracks over the years
they’re just so tough all next tracker saying 0.62 miles so far we’ve been on
it for about just under an hour with the dog these are the tracking devices super
handy though cuz you get on a rodeo like this especially at night it’s really
easy to get turned around not know what are you been or a couple of you and your
buddies get it kind of compare and start using it for grading purposes once you
get in there I like to save it and I can change the colors based on each track so
I know definitively which track belongs to which pretty valuable too long this
kind of thing oh yeah blood right here we’re back here in the center of a buck
lair right now we’ve come close to 7/10 of a mile the dog is still working out
ahead but there’s blood right here Greg another big drop the dog is doing little
half circles out in front of us with Doug and we’re back here following blood
just real slow we’ve got it going up into this thicket it’s getting thicker
and thicker where we’re headed a great big buck bed behind the camera
right now with a rubs all in it couple hours yet before dark but gotta
think this thing is going to be late up here soon he was bottom is it fresh blood yeah
except I’m telling you it’s like real well there’s a couple little puddles here I’m worried to keep going to the naked
live a long time oh yeah I jumped them two and a half
days later still going like crazy he has been in here like Heat he was act like
there was a hot night here’s a lot of scent in hearing us so that’s why you
look quit tracking he was one their scent he did it the very first time
let’s probably why we may have jumped him closer to the field and that’s why
he was you know back I know he’s got to slow down and make sure though yeah
second time like some of that scent may have been out there and then you start
tracking that’s the same thing a lot of times real struggle like we jump the
deer you know it’s kind of cool pretty soon he’s gonna start put him down again
you don’t want to be tracking a deer live not that it doesn’t look like we
can catch up to the way that he’s acting like I mean that’s the it looks like
right here it’s right in the middle the body it’s just driving around was consistently offering water and he
acted like he found scent there which I mean I know we go the deers been here so
it was kind of quartering up to that direction this is just a bad I can’t
find the deer if he’s not dead mm-hmm that’s true do you think he’s been
moving since we started tracking him do you think this is from yesterday I think
he’s not thinking smart of it you know I’ve seen it where they’re weak enough
they’ll get in a creek and we can get up on them but then again they got to be
put down you know just found more blood over here
looks like fairly fresh blood and he carries peroxide with him and you’re
always finding little red spots on leaves and stuff that you’re not sure
blood if you spray it with peroxide it turns white you can tell Doug was
explaining that that’s what your stomach type it’s usually have and you never
know you can’t find him if they’re not dead about two and a half almost three hours
I guess into our track ionics is one point one miles
that’s that how far the deers traveling yeah
and Doug and Kashyap stopped right here got a visual on endear it the dog was
howling I’m going back into this corner so you didn’t thank you look we did you
saw it just slinking off time yeah I wasn’t that I wasn’t a high tail hop I
run like a you know a fleeing deer right yeah he’s just staying ahead and
everything the dog was saying was that he was there man it sucks sucks sucks
sucks bad but then what I can’t we’ve done I feel like everything humanly
possible meet ready we’re not done yet necessarily I mean Doug saw him go in
there and there’s a very small piece of thick cover that he’s headed into and
we’re not gonna push him anymore and we can’t get close up I mean he’s
staying out ahead of us he’s got his wits about him enough that we’re just
doing more harm than good right now yeah if we continue to push him now or he
failed my whole nother can of worms at least right well there’s a possibility
he’s in a certain area well I’m fully confident it all that
pretty hair I think I mean just watching you guys work with the dogs like he’s
dead he’s gonna find it it’s usually the case yeah yeah some of these states you
know out west there’s not as nearly as many states that allow the use of dogs
and I hope that chain house I will believe it or not you can’t really use a
leash dog no no kidding no so we track in Iowa or I mean that Illinois and
Missouri and sometimes Indiana but I was a no-go it’s just not
not legal yet no there’s hundreds and hundreds of animals that are a little
bit of tag on you know that it wouldn’t otherwise be you know we usually put
between 25 and 30 you know that’s on the tailgate we call it yeah yeah we yeah
and then I appreciate that trick I said how quickly you got out here and how
hard you guys worked based on Doug’s recommendations we’re gonna give this
deer another day and see if we can come up with him we know the general
direction he went he’s just saw him so we’ll check that
and hopefully he’s expired in the next day and a half so basically your liver
sits in the back of the lungs and there’s a this lower green part as a as
a stomach and it can give you a bright watery blood and it’s a fluid the reason
it’s watery is because it has stomach fluid in it
I like digestive fluids so a lot of times that’s when the the blood look
really really thin and watery stays wet for a long time and it is typical what
we see you know sometimes you get more blood than others but when they’re hit
there that’s pretty typical and if you look back at that video I think that’s
exactly exactly so this green area is that part of the stomach this is your
intestines this is also you know the time but usually we give them 24 here
and there they’re dead either in 12 or 24 but they’ll expire this one that
stomach hitting and my experience has been a long process you know is
sometimes we come back after 24 hours and you know we have to give them
another 12 or 24 or even more sometimes then we can still get them it there’s no
guarantees little chop Greg and I came back in here today to
keep looking for Bryan’s buck the last place we stopped was about a hundred
yards to my east and that’s where Doug thought that he saw him cross him down
through this little creek down through here and the last place we saw the buck
he was headed back up into the same mess of Cedars that we tracked him through
earlier the thing is just doing loops back and forth through there that’s
where he feels comfortable obviously and judging by all the sign in there it’s
not surprising so we’re gonna take the general direction that we saw the buck
moving towards and head up into these Cedars and Greg and I are just gonna
spread out and see if we can find him hoping by this time he’s dead it’s been
48 hours almost since the shot it’s definitely been an eye-opening
experience working with Doug and the dog they show you so much that we would have
never even had the chance of seen you know I feel fortunate to even be in the
game still on this deer cuz if we were tracking without the dog then it would
have been a lost cause a long time ago so let’s hope we can find him he was
still alive as of last night but hoping that he’s dead today well guys Greg and I have searched and
searched and searched this afternoon we used that tracker on on X and just tried
to cover as much of that as possible in that thick cover and could not come up
with the buck we’re not feeling too great right now but hopefully by showing
you guys this video you all can learn from what’s transpired here and maybe
it’ll help you recover your deer in the future the biggest thing that I’ve
learned is the ability of those dogs to smell deer and track them effectively
that is just an eye-opening experience I mean we tracked a lot of them and a lot
of different hits and that dog just put us to shame pretty much I mean it it
tracked right to the spot of last blood in five minutes what took us four hours
to get to as long as it’s legal in your state I would highly recommend using
united blood trackers to help find your deer you know it stinks at some point
you have to give up we covered that area thoroughly in the last two days it spent
a ton of time in there and then even went to some of the surrounding areas
where we thought that it was a very very low chance of him being in there and
checked the water sources the thickets and all you can do is learn from it and
try to get better and move forward that’s all you can do as a bow hunter if
you bow on long enough I know everybody’s heard this but if you bow
hunt long enough it’s going to happen to you and hopefully by watching this you
guys will learn from it and not make those same mistakes that we’ve made so
far especially with a hit like this I mean our first guess was that it was a
liver hit but when you look at the anatomy of a deer and Doug explaining
this very well last night in a broadside shot that stomach sits low right there
in the center of the body cavity and judging from the liquidy blood you know
the watery blood that we found that was right on par with what he was saying
happens with stomach hit deer and he said that they are the toughest
to recover it’s just the highs and lows of bowhunting I mean just earlier today
our good friend Eric barber called us and he’d shot and killed the biggest
buck of his life over on public land in Illinois hit it perfect and watch the
thing fall and you know that happens to OHANA time and that’s obviously what the
goal is but at times you end up in a situation like where we’re at right now
and it’s a head scratcher it’s hard to deal with but just got to
push through it and keep on

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  1. Man….where to even begin? For starters, I'd like to thank Aaron, Greg, Jake and Ted for the hospitality and for the opportunity to chase public land whitetails as a complete rookie. You all taught me a tremendous amount in such a short period of time. For you guys to sacrifice your time and your own hunt during some of the best days all year long to show me the ropes was awesome.

    I love your style of hunting…the strategy the aggressive nature of your set-up's and your willingness to push the envelope vs. more traditional ways I've heard of hunting these deer growing up out west. In all reality, it is so similar to how we hunt out west. Mobile, full of hard work and a brotherhood with the guys that is truly special.

    You'll never feel lower while hunting then when you can't recover a deer or an elk or any animal for that matter. Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement, the persistence and the drive to keep pushing through this difficult process. I can't tell you how much it means to me. 

    Doug and Kash are the real deal and I'd hire them for their services again in a heartbeat. Doug is very passionate about blood tracking and you can see it in his work. He's professional, works his tail off and like I mentioned sets very realistic expectations walking into every track job. If you live near him…keep this in mind for a resource shall things go south. 

    We made a decision years ago at Hush to show everything. Good and bad, because after all, this is real. THP feels the same way and although its tough to be vulnerable in a situation like this we would rather keep it real vs. edit out the truth of our hunts. These situations are more common that what you'd be led to believe by watching outdoor TV and that is another reason we love the You Tube platform so much. 

    Lastly, to The Hunting Public nation….you guys are amazing! Please continue to support this great group of men as they try to live out their dream. They are what you see. Down to earth average guys just like all of us and I can tell you first hand that I'm one of their biggest fans. Please share their channel with your hunting buddies and get them the support they deserve. 

    Gentlemen….we'll see you this spring! 

  2. Sounds like Warb has his priorities straight lol. All joking aside, there is not a buck out there for which it is worth sacrificing your relationships. Make sure you guys at THP do right by your loved ones this season. You will never, ever regret it.

  3. To witness a tracking dog work is pretty amazing. Pray youll never need one but if you ever do you'll instantly gain a greater respect for man's best friend.

  4. Going to see his gf? well we all know who has this dick in this crew LOL. The rut is on boys, personally i also walk away from my stand for a piece of doe myself, and later i dont have to worry about scent control

  5. Dang that sucks… I knew soon as I saw that shot it didn't look good. Probably my least favorite spot to hit a deer. I've lost a couple to that shot, and the blood trail can be deceiving.

  6. It's great reading through the comments and none were negative. I think that speaks volumes to you, your content and your followers.

  7. That was very unfortunate, but don’t feel like you didn’t produce another great video. I love watching y’all but I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed watching that dog work. I would have watched another hour of just that. Better luck next time!

  8. Amazing video guys. As always I love how real it is, alot of hunters experience the ups and downs of hunting. we gotta band together and pull each other through, just as you have,

  9. Warb skipped hunting to see his girlfriend….? Tail has been the demise of many a Buck and Bull…a few Hunter's as well! Haha

  10. Kudos for the extended effort and realistic video, in my opinion this was by far one of the best videos you guys have published. Thank you.

    I need to ask though – after the dog initially pushed that buck, any regrets from the crew about not trying a stalk for a follow-up shot? It wasn't discussed in the video, but I'm wondering why you backed out on a wounded deer with a low hit, and didn't try to stick a second arrow on the morning of day 2 – was the area just too thick? It seems like a 50-50 call, and I suspect ya'll might've discussed it…

  11. Good to see somebody is seeing some action. 3 trips here on TN public and no deer sited. Not seeing much sign here this year. Best a luck to ya fellas.

  12. This is why I love this channel it’s simply the real deal of what deer hunting is. None of that fake cut it out and edit it to look perfect. Hunting is called hunting for a reason.

  13. You guys did all you could. It happens. I’ve been in the same situation. As a hunter you do everything you can do to try to find the deer. It’s not all pretty and perfect.

  14. Thumbs up to Aaron. All these things happen in real life . You have to skip some hunts to be with family , or girlfriends too. I know YouTube deer hunting is your job specific to the season. But you won't have much else if you don't tend to your relationships.
    As for losing the buck. Everyone has been there. It's a real low in deer hunting emotions. We don't want the animal to go through that at our own hand. But it is a time to learn ,and reflect on what went wrong. And progress in our hunting decisions. I know I've made mistakes. I tend to learn through errors. Hopefully we're better for it.
    The hunting public is doing a good job of showing what we all go through each season.

  15. I haven’t finished the episode yet theirs about 4 min left but I felt the need to comment on the persistents of you guys 3 days later tracking this deer. A lot of us hunters need to really strive to do anything and everything you we can do to recover any animal you shoot. I have personally gave up on trails where I knew the deer was dead I just couldn’t find blood, weather, lights going dead exc.. I’m going to go back to the episode I hope all this hard work pays off you guys are A1..

  16. That deer will show back up in s few days. He is out there and I know you guys will find him. I know you will because you young men can t let it go, you want that deer. Love y'alls channel and HUSH!

  17. Third year hunting with a bow. I shot 5 times at my 9 pt this year hit him 3 times. And we just kept tracking and going after him. Got him the next day at 1 pm I shot him at 6:41 the day before. I have learned so much from this and I know better for next year. It was cool for me to see two of my favorite hunting channels coming together. Good luck to everyone this year!

  18. Keep it real guys because we all know it happens its unfortunate but its part of bowhunting, I love the authenticity

  19. Sorry about the luck but thanks for taking us along. That's real life.
    I rattled in a nice public land 10 point on Oct. 29 around 6:50 PM. Made a stomach hit. Came back the next morn. Ran out of blood after about 100 yards. Searched ahead another 50 yards and jumped him at 10 AM. Backed out and came back with a friend at 1:45 PM. Was bleeding again. Tracked a couple hundred more yards then ran out of blood again. Scoured area for an hour, then waded into a nasty mess of native grass and cockleburrs. Found him still alive and shot him again around 5 PM. Thank God.
    Keep the videos coming, brothers. This is the next best thing to me being out there myself!

  20. I have hunted deer with a bow for 48 seasons now. I have been on countless deer tracks going all the way back to the old recurve days with gas lanterns. You guys went above and beyond to recover this deer. I commend you on your efforts. Your hunting ethics are unrivaled and your work ethic at both pursuing and recovering deer are an inspiration. No shame. You did your best and that is all anyone can do.

  21. That's rough… only question I have is what grain arrow was Brian using? I know alot of guys shooting way to light of arrows to get speed. Props on tracking and exhausting all resources. Great video

  22. the worst feeling in the world happened to me last year phone said I walked 6.8 miles looking and in the spring I got a picture from the neighbor that found it dead and havent been able to get the rack from the guy keep the awesome videos coming

  23. We actually called in a dog for the first time down in Virginia this past week. My brother hit one of our hit-listers and thought he doubled lung it, and footage looked good. after the shot it rained for about an hour and was raining while we tracked it, after about two hours we made it 100 yards then the blood basically washed away. Called in a dog from Nose to the ground in virginia and got hooked up with Nathan and Candy. and after about 15 to 20 min she found the right trail then less then 10 min later found the buck, he made a complete circle and fell 60 yards behind the stand, total about 200 yards around. Its amazing how fast and easy a dog can make a track. Too bad you guys couldnt find the buck. Goodluck the rest of you guys!

  24. One of my best friends(who lives in Indiana, and i visit every year in november to hunt with) buddy just killed a 205" deer in late October. Spent 2 days tracking, called United Blood Trackers, and found his deer that same day with the dog! Talk about an emotional ride, and a worldclass whitetail recovered. If it's legal, use a dog, it's incredible how good they are!

  25. i'm surprise you guys didn't make a drag line and put doe estrus on the drag line and walked to and past your stand and hang it within a shooting distance …when bucks is rutting like this you will have a higher success with scent drag line..last week my friend just shot a 144 class palmated buck with a scent drag line.

  26. I knew the shot was to far back and low. Been there done that, sorry man. Just don't let that destroy your confidence.

  27. The broadside shot is not the one to take. For the very reason that you may hit liver or guts. Let's face it. There is nothing in the liver or guts that will cause the deer to die quickly. There is that age old excuse, " if you hunt long enough this is going to happen to you. " Yes it will, if you keep taking the wrong broadside shot at deer; it's always going to happen. You guys are seasoned deer hunters. However, you haven't learned the one and most important thing about shooting deer with a bow and arrow. When shooting deer with bow and arrow. Always take the shot with the deer angling away, into the chest cavity. With it's head facing away  from you. You take that shot because the arrow will enter the vitals. such as the lungs and heart. There are no vitals in the back half of a deer. Just liver and guts, if you are off the mark.  You see what that has gotten so many hunters that has taken the miss guided broadside shot. These guys are a good example. Always try your best to take an angling away shot. I recommend taking it with a fixed blade broad head. There will be no deflection of the blade, and excellent penetration.  With the deer facing away or quartering away. Even if you hit the deer in the guts, the fixed blade broad head will penetrate through the guts, like a hot knife through butter, and enter the vitals. Such as the lungs and heart. Then and only then, leading to a quick kill. No two day tracking job. The quarter away shot. Leads to instant deer meat, and a happy hunter. I hope you guys start taking  my advice on shooting deer the correct way.  Tell your friends about using the quartering away shot. It is not questionable. It is absolute,  if you take it. The deer will be dead. He will be dead in about  18 seconds. That will put a big old smile on your hunting buddies face, when he sees that big buck tip over. Good hunting in the future.

  28. This sucks, however you guys did everything you could to recover this animal. My cousin does dog tracking to recover wounded animals and does amazing. Thanks for showing this to the public. Keeping it real success and failures. This is why I watch this YouTube channel.

  29. It is critical that hunters communicate positive aspects of the blood sport. I believe your program does a good job with Fair Chase. Spending three days looking for a wounded animal went beyond what many in the field would of done. Good for you boys and thanks for sharing your appreciation of nature through participation.

  30. Guys looks like y’all did your very best , I have killed over 400 with a bow and not a one with a cross bow , and just about after the 100 th deer tracked I decided to never ever wait to track a deer , I have lost way less deer since that day but I have had to shoot quite a few in their beds looking at me. Not a pleasant experience. I once spine shot a big eight pt buck , he escalated in his tracks to an upside down position and did not move , all four feet in the air not moving , I hurried as fast as I could get out of the tree , when at the bottom, I grabbed my bow and one arrow , nocked it and as quite as I could walked up to my buck with the release on the string, and at ten yards , he stood up and started to leave but that arrow busted his heart before he could.

  31. as a hunter i admire your diligence and determination with every available method to find the deer. I dont bow hunt and i have never had to track my kill but you guys did the very honorable thing.

  32. You guys are awesome! Fun to watch and great knowledge…you need to start coyote trapping and calling them in…lots of fun there also…and sounds like you have plenty of dogs to take

  33. Makes sense why they gave up a day early on the Kansas hunt….had to be here to wound another one…..smfh….this is getting disappointing hush……I really enjoyed the majority of your videos/hunts up until lately….way to many wounded animals due to bad/rushed shots

  34. Where were you fellas huntin in missouri? Ive been trying to hunt on my property too! Havent got my hands on the buck i want yet

  35. Sucks when this happens. I still think about the bruiser i hit in the rain at barber creek in IA i think i messaged you guys for guidance lol. Keep on truckin boys

  36. I would like to know a bit more about the shot. It seemed that either it was a pretty long shot or the bow is relatively low poundage (guessing the former). I’ve been there and I know how it feels. It’s rough.

  37. Try muzzy 100gr next time . I've shot reds with it straight through pass and drop within 5 to 10 yards .

  38. You guys have put out some great video's but I think this one has been one of the better ones. That dog was absolutely fantastic.. You did your due diligence.

  39. That sucks but your right it happens.. If anyone is ever hunting MS look up MS Blood Trailing Network on FB they have lots of guys with dogs

  40. Definitely stomach, very little penetration maybe 2 or 3 inches tops. What I believe happened is that deer had a stomach full of corn or acorns as you can hear that sound of like punching a bag full of corn when the arrow hits. Hit that it is like shooting into a sand bag, nothing is going to penetrate far.

  41. Nope he's not dead. He's still trucking and Hushin made a bad shot. Hey it happens, every bowhunter out there has lost a deer at some point. You aren't the first. Learn from it and improve on your skills. Thats the best advice that I can give.

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