Pubg World Cup Event | How To Buy Token In Pubg World Cup
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Pubg World Cup Event | How To Buy Token In Pubg World Cup

October 9, 2019

Hey guys, how are you today? Welcome to another video from warrior gaming This video is gonna be really OP for you guys, in this video i will tell you all about the new world cup event and how you can get free rewards Watch the complete video otherwise you would be left with questions as to how to do this and how to do that, so kindly watch complete video So if you are new to the channel then do not forget to subscribe to my channel as i bring videos like this on a daily basis Also do press the bell icon so you get notified of every new video and you never miss an update from warrior gaming So now let us start with the actual content, let us go the event page and open up the pubg mobile world cup event Let me show you guys what all rewards are you guys gonna get here As you guys can see there are really OP rewards here, and this AWM skin was in the season 6 RP rewards So if you did not buy RP in 6, then here is your chance to get this skin right now Now how to play this and how to get more token, i will tell you guys in this video If there are any doubts do ask me in the comments guys Let us look at the other rewards, we have a UMP9 skin, crate coupons and coupon scraps among other rewards There are rename cards, RP cards, and many other rewards for everyone here The best part is that you get flipkart vouchers worth 1000 & 2000, so if you rank in top 30 then you can also get those And the biggest prize of them all, 10 oppo mobile phone giveaway guys, so the top 10 will get this free OPPO phone Now how you will rank and how you will get the tokens, lets see all that right away This is just like betting guys, so you can choose a match of your liking and bet on that team that you think will win or maybe there is a tie And yeah do not trust this ratio given by Pubg mobile, think according to your logic and according to your cricket knowledge Now let me tell you guys, how to get tokens for playing this game Soon as you click on get token, you see that you gotta login first, then you gotta play a classic match and survive for 10 minutes in the game Now this is one way to get a token, now if you wanna play more than once in a day then how to buy more tokens, let me tell you guys Now lets say that you have a good knowledge of cricket and you win 30 bets out of the 44, then also you would have only 90 runs In that 90 runs you will not be able to get the AWM skin, in order to score more runs you gotta play the game more times Now to buy the tokens you have to visit the shop, and then go to the lucky shop Herein you can see that you can buy this cricket ball for 6 UC So you guys know pubg is not gonna just give you guys things for free, either you have a really good luck or you gotta spend some money first So now we have a token guys, and we can use this token for betting the world cup event To collect this token we have to go in the messages tab and there we can collect the token This is not really expensive, but again it depends on you guys if you wanna buy it or not Now let us take a look at the rules of this event and how this gonna work out We will look at some of the rules and not all as then the video would become too lengthy So here it clearly states you can earn only 1 token in a day by doing the activities mention in the get token option Now if you predict correctly then you will get 3 runs, and if wrong then you get nothing It will reset daily at 12:00 AM global time There will also be lucky draws wherein everyday 5 winners will get Rs.500 worth flipkart vouchers for free The people who take part will be the ones eligible for the lucky draw too Now its is mentioned that ranking will be done on basis of person getting the highest amount of runs by playing this betting game Now if you want to come in the first 10, 20 or 30, then you have to buy additional tokens from lucky shop But if you win all the 44 matches, then that would be something different altogether Then you should bet in real life bro, lol, anyways that was just on a lighter note Now if there is a tie in the leader board, then the person who has the highest RP, higher level and has a higher KD will be the winner of that tie Now on basis of all these 3 stats the winner will be chosen These were all the important things guys, i hope you guys understood the event, and if there are any doubts do comment and let me know, i will be happy to reply I hope you guys liked the video and learnt something new, if you did then do give this video a like Do not forget to subscribe guys, as i bring videos like this on a daily basis and also press the bell icon so you never miss an update from Warrior Gaming Share the video with your friends guys, so they know about the video and also about my channel guys Thank you so much for watching, your support is my motivation to create new videos, see you in the next one

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