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Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

September 24, 2019

FUCK! Where are all of my games?! No Dead Rising. No Crackdown. HALO?! There is no fucking Halo?! There is no way! There is no fucking way this is all… Get a job…? (Running) No games. Dad, I am going to fucking…(Running) (Slams Door) What the hell? What the hell is going on…? Get a job! Get a life! No more games. -Dad Oh, no! (Evil Laughter) What the fuck is this about? (Opens Door) You have been out of college for how many months? Oh, boy. What are you doing in a mower? You have been out of school for three months. That does not matter! This is what I want to do! I want to game! Well, you want to game…You have to get a job while you do it too! You are insane! Why are you…What are you going to do, mow them over?! Yeah, I am going to mow them over so that way you will get out of your room for a little while and maybe you will get a job… You have been out of school for three months now. Gaming is going to be my job! What are you going to do now? I am really GOOD AT IT! You got student loans. You got car payments. You got insurance. I am really fucking good at it! (Throws Controller) Yeah, well you have to make money while you do it. You are not destroying my games! Oh, pick them up while you can. DAD! Dad! Dad! Pick them up while you can. I am still mowing them over. Please. Please. This cost me like hundreds of dollars. It is an expensive hobby! I do not care. I do not care! You have to get a job. What does this achieve? What does this achieve? What does that achieve? What? What is this going to do? Mowing my games over. Maybe you will quit playing for awhile and get a job and pay some of your bills. I am never going to quit playing! (Starts Mower) Dad! Dad! (Shredding Games) (Laughter) (Crazy Screams) You fuck! (Mating Call) (Cries) FUCK! Fuck you! Fuck you! You fucking! It is okay. Gamestop is just starting to revamp their…You want your fucking… You want your fucking Youtube videos. Oh, you think it is funny?! A little island native over here. I stepped in dog shit! Fuck you! Oh, shit! Jesus! Fucking psycho. Jesus fucking Christ! Fucking asshole! Stupid freaking… I hate my family! Oh, God. Are you really going to do it? I cannot. (Super Saiyan Transformation) Aw, that is too bad… Aw, he is scrounging for the parts again. Oh, wait. A survivor? Aw, he lost the disk though.

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  1. A question was a mulching blade used and at what height was the deck? And do the games compost well with the soil? A job well done dad.

  2. Ofcourse its fake. Though if you are a parent.. you aren't helping them or yourself, with whatever issues it is. Hurting a parental and future relationship with your offspring. Plus you just shredded your own money.. it's like hitting your windows out with a baseball bat.

  3. This was where most of us found the channel. I stuck around and watched every single episode after this, and it was one hell of a ride

  4. You must say to your father "stop destroying his electronic" if you don't and keep your father destroyed he will buy and buy again

  5. I am glad these are fake, not because of waste of games and stuff like that, because his dad would most likely be arrested.

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