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Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair

August 29, 2019

Give me that fucking camera! You asshole! That is mine! Give me that shit! Dad?! Dad! What the? Dad! Dad! Dad! Stop. You are not- Oh Shit! Dad! I worked hard for this shit! Get out of the way! I am not moving! Holy shit! I am not moving! Get out of the way! I am not moving! Fucking Tiananmen Square over here! Ow, fuck! It is OUR electricity. I built this from the ground up! I do not care, Jess. You do not have a job! Yeah! I make videos for a living! Do you understand that? Oh, my God. You do not have anything but a tent. So? That is because of you! You do not let me live there! I have to put you out of it. Dad! You gotta move! Dad! STOP! STOP! Keep on- Dad, come on! Dad, calm down. Can we talk about this? I am sorry! I am sorry about the trophies! You should have thought about that before you went ahead and did it! This is not fair! DAD! Dad, come on! Oh, shit! Please! Dad! Get out! Shit! Shit! Fuck! Holy shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, my fucking God! (Psycho Smash) (Dramatic “No” Scream) (Call of the Eagles) (Hungry Eagle Call) Holy shit! You should have thought about it, Jess. Holy shit! Are you fucking crazy!? (Birthing Eagle) Now you got a mobile home, you can leave now! I FUCKING HATE YOU! STOP FILMING! (Dying Eagle) Where is the Xbox? Dad?! Dad?! Holy shit! There is the controller! (Screams) Wait a minute. Fuck! Was my fucking laptop in there? YEAH! YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT?! Are you fucking kidding me? You broke my fucking laptop again? Get the fuck out of here, dude! Jesus fucking Christ. You knew this was going to happen! That is why you are filming! You are always filming! Fucking! (Xbox Smash) Jesus Christ, dude! Jesus Christ, dude. Oh, like you never got angry before? Dude, you do not even understand. I worked hard! Yeah, I fucking- Eagle. That was Eagle’s Landing. I had- I made the most of it! Could you not… Can you not- Just go fucking- Just- Get out! Did you tell him? No, I did not tell him. For him to come out here? No. Jesus. I had bought a brand new- Can you get that fucking camera out?! (Kindergarten Laugh) Fucking give me that shit! Do you seriously want me to fucking punch you in the face right now? You are okay. You are okay. You are LUCKY that you are bigger than me! Seriously, stop fucking filming me. I turned it off. It is off. It is off. Bullshit. Bullshit. Great, a fucking Nature Valley bar. Lovely. (Chucks Bar) (More Giggling) What the Hell is that? Uh. What the fuck is it?! It is nothing. (Laughs) Oh, it is nothing, huh? You just happen to have a camera on a tri-pod because you knew this would happen! (Childish Laughter) I mean- Oh yeah, it is recording. OH, HI! HI, JEFFREY! You know- I am taking this. I am taking this fucking footage! I am taking it all! Well, fine. That is why I have angles. Yeah, alright. Yeah, upload that to my channel too. I will make my own fucking channel. Yeah, we know that is going to happen. You are not going to get any subscribers, fucker.

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  1. Residents of California Only:
    When the earthquake hits

    P.S. If you're NOT a California resident,then F.Y.I there is supposed to be a big 7.0 every 150 yrs…
    But with the fact that we are 100 yrs overdue…

    P.S.II That tent could become California someday…
    (I hope all that the earthquake gives is a……..

  2. Dude, This would have all been avoided if you just move the generator far in the woods and use your long extension cord. Then there wouldn't be an issue with the noise. XD

  3. Psycho dad is so so so so so so stupid like he always do and except for this guy who always filming him he's stupid too

  4. Wow since this came out on my birthday I was dying of laughter…. I mean what kind of father would plow over a tent?! xD

  5. Never could tell if this was fake or not but I think it just confirmed it 3:05 he covered his mouth to stop laughing

  6. I built this from the ground up it’s a tent 😂 if I did the stuff the kid did my dad would be by butt

  7. Jesse should just get a job at the mall and stop being disrespectful, but he wants to do everything the hard way.

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