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Pseudo Indian Football Fans (FIFA world cup 2014 special ) – Old Delhi Films

November 6, 2019

So world cup season is going on, the whole world is feeling enthralled and excited about it. But how an average cricket lover looks at this football fiesta is really interesting. So our pseudo football fan was an ardent cricket fan, who used to follow the sport like any other cricket fanatic. But, now he is changing. Well, not really. BOWLED!!! GOAL!!! The first step, he downloads the official FIFA app in his Smartphone to stay updated. Keeping in mind that our fan doesn’t know peanuts about football, he will ask stupid questions Did Manchester reach the qurterfinal? Dude, this is fifa WORLD CUP, not EPL!! Oh right, IPL!! I do watch it regularly man. This fan changes his loyalties according to his comfort. Who’s winning, dude? Germany, bro.. Germany?? If Germany is winning on Monday he will become a German fan. And this process goes on. Although, there are many players playing in the tournament , but our new fan understands only one name. MESSI!! Now he will mention Messi in each and every conversation. What an amazing player Messi is! Messi…Messi!! Messi….Messi!! What an amazing player Messi is, what a goal!!!! Dude, what an amazing player Messi is!! What a goal!!! Messi rules!!! Messi rules!!! Our fan is eating, sleeping and talking football from last 2 weeks. But secretly, he is keeping a track on the India-Bangladesh one-day series. Well even Virat Kohli didn’t give a shit about that series. Moving on, this guy previously used to update about cricket Now suddenly, he found out that knowing and updating about football is the new cool. So now he updates his status violently at every 5 seconds during the match He changes his DP, and even his name, and likes everything available on the internet about Suarez. The best part. He updates his status, even when he is not watching the match. Here are the semifinals. And our fan has invited more pseudo fans, and then they talk about something very controversial. I think messi is better than ronaldo. Oh shut the fuck up man!! Ronaldo is way better.. That night no one gave a shit about the semifinal. And yes, at the end of this football fever, some team won the world cup. Some player won the golden boot. And yeah of course, Spain played like shit. They played really bad, what the fucking hell!! Anyways, what happened to our fan, what he is upto now, looks serious.. Hit a six Dhoni..hit a six!! What the hell are you doing? Hit a six, man!!!

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  1. This is so real.
    And relatable:)
    Looking forward for such great work in the near future too .

    Odf <3

  2. srsly, this is somethin happening wit evry friend of mine, y we are turning soo much to like consiousness 

  3. ha ha so true, but not true in the case of most Malayalees, Bengalis, Goans and people of North Eastern states, who genuinely love the game.

  4. A friend once asked me why Argentina doesn't play in the Euro cup! Another gem by the same guy "How is Messi playing with Spanish players in Barca when he's from Argentina." facepalm 

  5. Not the case with malayalis, bengal, North East and Goals,they love football, football is in their blood

  6. here's a fun fact : sunil chetrri have more number of goals for india than messi for argentina and ronaldo for portugal

  7. I hate these pseudo football fans..during World Cup they appear out of nowhere…and my newsfeed is flooded with " blabla is watching Fifa World Cup final 2014 with blabla and 69 others" like wtf? _.. They only know messi and ronaldo…and their fav team is Brazil…during World Cup my brother asked me " Bhai teri Barcelona kyun Nahi Khel rahi " facepalm

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