PS4 Pro + PC Minimal Living Room Gaming Setup
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PS4 Pro + PC Minimal Living Room Gaming Setup

January 30, 2020

(dramatic synth music) – I think it’s about time to revisit some ultimate gaming setups, this time with Playstation 4. In the past, some of the
gaming setups have been a bit much. (thunderous epic music) So this time I want to do
something a little different, and focus instead on a setup that is a little more functional, but still aesthetically pleasing with a minimalist, very
clean-looking design, which led to this: As you can see, super-minimal setup. I mean, there is nothing on display here other than the TV and the sound bar. As far as these go, the TV is one I’ve used a couple
times before from Samsung, I’m not gonna say the name ’cause it’s just a bunch
of letters and numbers. The point is that it’s a 4K
TV with great color depth, but more importantly, a
super-low response time for a 4K television which is super important
for multiplayer games. As for the sound bar, it’s from LG. Same deal, I’m not gonna say the name ’cause it’s a bunch of
letters and numbers. The point is is that while this is the
most cost-effective option, it does offer amazing audio quality and a passthrough for 4K systems. While we do obviously have
the PS4 set up right now, I wanted to do something a
little extra on this setup and have not just one system, but two. (snap)
We not only have a PS4 Pro hooked up to this TV, but also a living room PC, upping the amount of gaming goodness and giving you just way
more games to choose from. The way we’ve set this all up is that we have this Credenza
right here from Living Spaces called the Bale Credenza which is a great-looking
piece of furniture, and it basically has three main doors where we’re storing all the
functional bits of this setup. Behind door number one is this little top-down opening shelf. We’ve got our PS4 Pro
and our Alienware Alpha which we’re using as our
living room PC for this setup. Loaded up with a GTX 960, the Alpha is the perfect balance for what we need in this setup: something that is small
and aesthetically pleasing to fit on this shelf, but at the same time
offering the power necessary to give us a good, smooth
frame rate while gaming. Below this is a drawer which is where we’re storing all of our physical copies of games because I’m a caveman and still
buy all my discs physical, I avoid digital whenever I can, and as well as a little storage case for additional accessories we may need such as additional
controllers, so on and so forth. And on this third, larger door, is where we’re storing the PSVR. The PSVR is a bit messy
when it’s fully set up, so to kind of avoid that instead we just have it set
up on a charging base for now, and this little storage cubby filled with all the additional wires and pieces that are needed so when we wanna set it up
it’s all easily on hand, but it’s not constantly there
creating a huge mess of wires. Something that we’ve done with past setups that I wanted to avoid this time is having a lot of important bits like controller charge stands, headphones, all that kinda stuff on the entertainment console itself ’cause let’s be honest: who actually wants to
walk up and pick things up to then sit down? You should be able to just
sit down in your comfy chair and play games and have everything you need
on hand right next to you. So that’s why on this little side table we have a charging dock solution setup for our PS4 controllers so you can just have them
right there within arm’s reach and not have to worry about
the batteries being dead. We also have our Platinum
headset setup right here. We don’t have it set up
to be charging right now, but that’s why in this drawer we actually have a charge station setup so we can plug stuff in when need be. You can also use it for things
like charging your phone or anything else on hand
that needs charging. And then when we’re using the PC, we have this Bluetooth
wireless keyboard setup, we’re able to use this as a lap keyboard with a little place to
use the mouse as well. (inspiring digital music) For this design I really
wanted to focus on just having something that was functional but still aesthetically pleasing but in a very minimalist way. Not every setup has to
have statues and figures and all kinds of bells
and whistles everywhere. Instead, we just focused
on all the things necessary to make an excellent gaming experience.

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  1. Nice setup but this PS4 pro will fry inside of there… I have mine in open space and it can still get super loud playing 4k games.

  2. All console players should still buy physical. At least in the UK. It's cheaper and everywhere has next day delivery. Going digital doesn't make sense.

    Nice setup but I don't think the seats are the best. Good place to sit is as important as the screen you're using.

  3. Bro if you want to play 30fps "4K" gaming use your PlayStation build a media pc with a ryzen 1600x and a 1080ti for 4K gaming at 60fps. You'd be better off without that Alienware trash and you'd actually get windows ten instead of steam os.

  4. Why do manufacturers use a bunch of letters and numbers for electronics? There could just be 3 models of TVs like LG HD, 4K, premium 4K with the year at the end.

  5. I shit you not saw the title saw the entertainment center and was like there's an alienw are pc in there low and behold I was right lol I have one of those too sick setup dude

  6. I feel sorry for the PS4 and PC burning themselves alive in that wooden prison we call furniture. We hardly knew ye. You will be missed, you brave machines.

  7. In the thumbnail what is the wallpaper on the display. If anyone can find a link that is a high res version pls help me out.

  8. I'm really not enjoying these gaming set up videos. They are mostly not very well constructed (Nintendo Switch held to post with double sided tape) or thought out (PS4 Pro AND a PC inside a non ventilated drawer) and not fun to watch. Who the hell puts systems inside a closed drawer.

    Click bait videos.

  9. Putting the PS4 Pro and a PC in small closed room ! There will be lack of air which might cause a critical overheating i guess !

  10. Minimal gaming setup? Boii you need to learn what "minimal" is, im rocking a 27" 1080p 60hz beselless Acer monitor, a wide enough table to hold both the Xbox One S and the monitor, along with the game discs, i have a potato 75$ CAD Windows 10 Dell PC underneath the table, and using the Xbox as a stand for 2 of my controllers

    EDIT : my monitor is used as a stand for my headphones

  11. can you make a setup that has every nintendo console (nes, snes, n64, gamecube, wii, wii u, switch) plus a pc? (also maybe a vr headset connected to the computer)

  12. physical is better than digital imo lol, even though its less convenient, you get a physical collection that you can display in person

  13. i have a xbox and a full size pc so what i will do is put the pc in the big door with the xbox in the other door and maybe a switch

  14. Awesome. This is what I needed to see, minimalism is something I am trying to practise and this is a great motivation towards it. Thank you very much for the video. Hope the channel goes big.

  15. whats a ps4 and PC doing in a living room. they are fucking useless, cant even play a 4k bluray. get an Xbox one X

  16. Do you have to open the drawer to play games or no need? I was worried if the signal between the controller and the system is strong enough

  17. I'm actually coming up with a gaming desk where have multiple gaming consoles will not mess the wood or systems up at all. It's gonna be amazing. Lol

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