Protective Paintball Gear : Paintball Glove Types & Fit
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Protective Paintball Gear : Paintball Glove Types & Fit

August 18, 2019

Hi. This is Robert Stewart, with
We’re going to talk a little bit more about gloves and glove types. Now if you’re a speed
baller, you probably are looking for something with some color in it that matches your uniform
or is married to the same designs and styles that the rest of your team are wearing. If
you’re playing woods ball or if you’re just going out for a first time on a woods ball
course, any type of glove will do. An old pair of Craftsmen work gloves, anything that
will protect your hand. You can spend upwards of 40, 45, 50 bucks for a pair of gloves.
I tend to be a little old school and tend to use Mil Spec black sniper gloves or just
your standard Real Tree Advantage. They cost about 20 dollars, and so I don’t mind punishing
them, because they are easy to replace. The fit of your glove should be very tight and
form-fitting to your hand. And remember if they have Velcro, snaps, or some kind of fastener
at the wrist, don’t over-tighten them, because you’ll spend the day holding a weapon and
your hands will get really numb.

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