Protect Your iPhone, Android Phone and Video Games Consoles With Skins
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Protect Your iPhone, Android Phone and Video Games Consoles With Skins

September 15, 2019

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
many of you if you’ve been following my videos for any amount of time know that
I’m not a huge fan of using cases on my phones however for many years I used
skins and so I thought we’d take a look at some and skin it was nice enough to
send along these skins and sponsor the video so we could take a look at them
now this particular skin is the carbon fiber skin and what’s unique about skin
is they’ve been around before most skin companies or even a thing they’ve been
around since 2003 and they even allow you to create your own the skins and
they have a lot of brand deals with every sports major sports company or
also colleges and DC Comics Marvel Disney and some others as well so back
in the day when the iPhone 4 or even the 3 3GS 4 or 4s were out I always use the
skin on my phone and so I’d use one like this and so this is a carbon fiber skin
and then we have a marbled skin that’s on a pixel 3 XL and of course they make
it for a ton of different devices and in all sorts of colors so this is the
marbled skin you’ll see it protects the back and personally I’m more concerned
about protecting the back of the phone like this because I pick it up and send
it down and usually what happens is it where is quite a bit right here so a
skin can take that damage and then doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk to the
phone but instead you get a better experience using the phone and also a
little bit of protection as far as scrapes and in those sorts of things now
you can create your own skins but one of the skins that we’re going to check out
has to do with the Nintendo switch but before we do that they do also make
cases and this is just a marble case that they sent along it fits the iPhone
X and XS as you can see here so I’ll slide the ten in place and you’ll see it
fits nicely around the camera no problems there the buttons feel pretty
good they’re not too hard to push they still have that nice tactile feel to
them the volume buttons too they don’t feel mushy you can feel the actual click
underneath them which is nice and they do protect the bottom as well so you’ve
got the same protection on the bottom that you would get with most cases but
then you can customize the case or you can change it to whatever you’d like
this is just the black one so let me set this aside and we’ll
take a look at this this should be kind of interesting so this is for the
Nintendo switch and it’s a carbon fiber skin and I do have a switch right here
it is missing the kickstand since this is one of the release day switches these
were pretty cheap and it’s probably around but it falls off pretty easily
and then I have a terrible screen protector on it that didn’t fit right so
we’re going to put this on instead and see what it looks like so I’ll put this
on and then we’ll come back and see what it looks like so I’ve begun wrapping
everything you can see this is completely wrapped as is the controller
and the switch itself now like I said I am missing this piece I’m sure I’ll find
it around here somewhere but it falls off pretty easily on the early switch
models so let me set this aside and I’ll show you how we wrap this one and you
just have to be really careful and line it up as good as you can and you can
actually stretch this a little bit so you see I want it to line up perfectly
around the buttons but to get it to line up here you actually have to pull on it
a little bit so we’re good here let’s move around to the edge and there we go
here and then let’s just make sure this is straight it looks good and then we
just push it down all over the place and it’s wrapped on to this so it’s pretty
simple to do if you take your time and then that’s carbon fiber wrapped now
there’s a lot more to go so I’ll wrap some of this stuff and we’ll take a look
at it afterwards so I’ve got everything wrapped with this
carbon fiber wrap and I wanted to show you a little bit more close-up you’ll
see here along the top everything’s lined up pretty perfectly no issues
there same thing is true with the bottom here you’ll see everything it looks
pretty good and again with these controllers this is pretty perfect here
and we even have these carbon fiber wraps so if you want to use this little
thing here it looks in matches pretty nicely and then again slide it off and
everything matches really well you’ve also got it here on the stand or the
charge base and even on the back the sides and one thing that impressed me
when I was putting this on you’ll see how well this is cut right here all
these holes are perfect and then along the top it just lined up so it wasn’t
terribly difficult to put on I have probably had the hardest time
with these oddly enough and you just line up the middle fold them over and
they look pretty good so they all fit really well and then if you want this
carbon fiber look for your switch you can have it so it looks good I think if
you want to protect your switch or any video game machine or phone or whatever
this is a great option and then this just sits in here and everything matches
and now of course if you don’t like it you could remove it and change it to
something else your favorite team or or whatever they have that available and
then also for this as well it’s fully wrapped all the way around so that’s it
for skin it I’d love to hear what you have to say about them in the comments
below I think I like this one the best on the back of this phone just gives it
a little bit more unique look protects the back from scratching and it looks
good with these sides so I think it looks pretty good overall but let me
know what you think in the comments below of course I’ll link all the
products in the description and this wallpaper as well if you’d like to get
your hands on it if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and
like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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  1. Hi Aaron! Interesting I did not know that they were the first to come out with protection case. After your review, I will probably get one although I like a see through one but the designs are fab! Thank you for sharing and look forward to more…

  2. Thanks for another great video. I like the carbon fiber look. I have the real carbon fiber case bumper for my Apple Watch 3. You need to check out the carbon fiber AirPods case cover it looks pretty slick. I found them on eBay for around 40 something dollars. Mine is on its way I will be rocking it on my AirPods case soon. I like the carbon fiber skin’s they always look great. I will see you in the next video peace ✌️.

  3. I use a clear gel case from Wal-Mart, don't know how well it protects my phone but I actually love the way it makes the device feel. I have an iPhone X and truly love the glass design and look and feel of it when there's no case.

  4. Oh boy! Dbrand probably salty😅😅😅! Good video man! Idk how you protect your phone w/o cases! I break phones even when I am using a case! Goddam it😑

  5. Here in Germany we have the company ARTWIZZ. They have vergy good cases and also a so called NOCASE. Probably one of the thinnest out there it doesnt destroy the iPhones Design. The protection is fine for me, prevents all day use scratches and survives a small fall also.

  6. Come on Aaron . Don’t sell out like all the rest . When the subject of your review is paying you it really hurts your credibility.

  7. Did you actually shoot this one on iPhone XR as well? I am now skeptical of your footage now that you've revealed to us you shoot videos for YouTube on it.

  8. Make sure you’re careful putting it on or else you’ll destroy your front glass and be out $44 for a new iPhone X screen like me

  9. Skins do protect your phone from dust and fingerprints, even when the back glass breaks you won’t actually worry about it since it’s not visible. But I pretty much like cases more because I feel like my device is much more protected. Anyways, another great video!

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