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Proof Batman Kills, A LOT! | The SCIENCE!… of Batman

August 27, 2019

Dear Rocksteady Studios Or is it DC comics? DC Comics Or TellTale? or— I don’t- I don’t know There’s like a thousand developers and publishers And owners of the Batman Ip I can’t keep them straight anymore. HI IT’S ME!! AUSTIN! I’m here to ruin your day. You know Batman has definitely got to be my favorite Superhero stretching to way back. when I was a little kid. He was definitely in the top three along with Zorro and Indiana Jones for Years my favorite movie was Batman returns although if I’m being entirely Honest my main focus was Catwoman, huh? Catwoman, Zorro, Indiana Jones Lot of whips going on there I guess how I like to spend my free time and post-pubescent really isn’t that much of a mystery Where was I? Oh right! Ruining Batman. I love Batman because of this I play almost every Batman game I can get my hands on. My first one being though the Batman Returns for the Snes where I had to punch my beloved cat woman in the face AGHH THE TORTURE!! Anyway, recently I played through the Telltale Batman series and holy crap!! I freaking loved it!!! and when it was over I immediately started mainlining the Arkham series so I could perpetuate my Batman addiction and holy crap guys I just Realized Batman is a God damn murderer and like this wouldn’t be [a] big deal for a comic book superhero But we’re not talking about punisher or deadpool. This is freaking Batman! He’s got two rules: no guns and no killing i’m not a coward who hides behind a gun. But Batman is a bad boy Batman is a Vigilante and Batman doesn’t believe in following the rules including it turns out even his own Austin Batman’s not a murderer I hear you typing Frantically into the comments he even says so and we have evidence the evidence being like you never see him do it Oh yeah, oh yeah, you think so. Oh well ah let me step on my lab Coat, my science hat and prove to you Conclusively that the caped crusader is the worst superhero of all time I first realized something was up while doing one of my favorite moves in arkham asylum: the vertical upside down take down where you hanging upside down and grab moocs that pass underneath you. you then tie rope to their ankles and just Let go. that’s some savage as hell treatment, but it’s not fatal right? right?? WRONG. Now listen, I’m not going to say that hanging upside down is fatal in fact There’s been a few studies that look at this exact thing because in 1980, Richard Gere played a male escort in the movie American Gigolo And there was a scene of him working out while suspended upside down And OH MY GOD the 80s, could you NOT? Anyway, the sight of the then gorgeous man flesh and sex [idol] doing a thing made everybody else want to do that thing so naturally [enquiring] Scientific minds wanted to know is hanging upside down dangerous? turns out well, no Kinda. Sorta. Hanging upside down itself is not that dangerous But it does create a twenty-five percent Increase in blood pressure. this happens because the heart is actually designed to pump harder towards your head this is because gravity pulls your blood down towards your feet. If you’re upside down however your blood is pumping hard towards your head which is also getting helped by the Force of gravity the good news is The blood is pooling in the right direction. if you have to choose between too much blood in your head and too little I Recommend too much. Too little can starve your brain of oxygen and kill you within minutes if you’re not careful however high blood pressure isn’t Good. I mean if it gets high enough blood vessels can burst, the important ones, the ones that bring oxygen to your brain this can Cause pressure on your brain and force you to lose consciousness and suffer permanent debilitating brain Damage. anybody that knows someone that’s had a stroke can attest to this It’s not an easy thing to recover from but a healthy-ish adult being hung upside down is really unlikely to suffer a stroke with A twenty-five percent increase in blood pressure without some other factor coming into play and it’s here that we get our first Gruesome murder technique of the Dark Knight you see cuz Batman isn’t just casually lowering criminals down They’re not just gently hanging there like Richard Gere’s moose Knuckle. He straight-up Drops them like they’re made of dog poop. These moocs are pretty close to Batman’s height, and we can actually calculate how fast they drop using their bodies as a frame of reference if Batman is [6] foot [2] inches or 1.8 [7] meters that means that these moocs are dropping over four and a half meters. The acceleration of G or 9.81 meters per second squared this means that these bros by the time they reach the end of the rope They’re traveling over nine point three meters per second or over 20 miles per hour then like that They snap to a halt and then you can flick away and see that their heart rate rises to about a hundred and fifty five Beats per second. FUN. The game says that this is because they’re terrified, but you know what I think it’s worse I think it’s because they’re experiencing immense pain. you know why? because if someone ties a rope around your ankles and just drops you that distance from something that’s not a freaking bungee cord, your ankles experience over 40,000 Newton’s of Force as the [Rope] snaps taut and your bones flex this is way WAY more than enough force to snap your flimsy ankles and probably break a couple other bones in your legs and Dislocate your hips. these moocs are in agony, but it gets worse These dudes hanging upside down are knocked unconscious in a little over ten seconds. now passing out from pain is Possible, but it’s really unlikely it turns out. When people pass out from pain It’s usually from some other factor, and then the unconscious episode is temporary. No, this is something else AND you’re more likely to pass out from low blood Pressure not high blood pressure which as you’ll recall your blood pressure while upside down Increases. something else is happening here something worse something Terrible. Rapid deceleration and broken bones means one thing internal bleeding Bones contain bone marrow and the legs contain a major Artery: the femoral artery. If put under the right stress mixed with a little bad luck and the wrong amount of torque this Artery can shear open. Even worse internal organs can experience what’s called deceleration trauma which is when your internal organs experience severe enough g-forces and Literally tear away from surrounding blood vessels. This is bad news because these mooks experience a whopping 58G. This means me, a 65 kilogram man, would suddenly feel like I weigh a massive [3,700] kilograms or over 8,000 pounds. Broken bones plus possibly severed major arteries and veins Plus high blood pressure PLUS a high heart rate is a recipe for one horrific condition hypovolemic circulatory shock high blood pressure plus a fast heart rate either induced by panic or pain means that those Severed blood vessels are going to lose blood a lot faster this causes a damaging positive feedback loop where a bad supply of blood leads to rapid cell damage which leads to an inflammatory response by the body to increase blood flow to that area which in turn deprives the body of more precious blood WHICH causes more cell death and OHMYGOD it is just the worst thing. shock is a major cause of death among people with major Illnesses, and if left untreated, the risk of death is basically one hundred percent especially if you reach stage four hypovolemic Circulatory shock. stage four is defined by a low blood pressure due to there not being a ton of blood left Circulating and incredibly fast pulse over 140 beats per minute followed by one of two things coma or DEATH. this is the only stage that has lack of Consciousness as a symptom. once stage 4 is reached brain death can happen in as little as 10 minutes without an immediate blood Transfusion and we can even measure this using what’s called the shock index, a tool that emergency medical responders use to assess Situations. it’s really honestly pretty simple. heart rate Divided by blood pressure given that the average blood pressure is 120 [+] [25] [percent] for being upside down and given that Batman actually reads Their beats per minute we can determine that this mooc with a heart rate of over 150 and a blood pressure of 150 has a shock index of one point zero three three Anything over point nine is BAD And that number is going to get higher as he experiences further blood loss. best case scenario We’re talking persistent vegetative state. nobody who passes out from being Upside down for a long period of time has a long and healthy life ahead of them even if not Everyone he does this to dies, considering the rate at which He loves to dangle moocs in front of their friends Batman has at least killed like five dudes this way You know like a murderer. but to be Entirely honest, this is the least terrible thing that he does. if we’re being generous, we can just admit This is a game mechanic. Rocksteady just wanted to put [moocs] permanently out of commission And they didn’t want to think about it that hard. BIG WHOOP. Rocksteady doesn’t accurately model hanging people upside down. COLOR ME SURPRISE Unfortunately though THIS is just an appetizer for the main course because what I have for you next will blow your God damned minds You and I know that the whole hanging people upside down thing is at the end of the day a parlor trick Batman doesn’t do freak people out. this isn’t what that man is at his heart the thing he does best better than anybody is Fisticuffs the best way to fight crime is by punching it into submission. No risk of death no guns No gadgets just good old Pummeling until they stop moving except as it turns out beating people until they stop moving is really really Bad for them just ask [Nodoz] after Duke goes done with them But AUSTIN, I hear you saying being somewhat annoying and interrupting my video, what about boxing I mean that’s an entire thing. a thing about punching people until they don’t move anymore and nobody dies in that sport worst case Scenario they lose an ear or two, okay? Well you have a fair point. boxing is along with American football built upon a solid foundation of normalizing permanent and debilitating brain damage But it’s really rare for people to drop dead. that being said since 1890, there have been over 700 in-ring deaths in boxing so that’s fun Why is that? Well it all boils [down] to your brain. I used to think that a knockout in boxing was a straight-up coma state Non-responsive visually dead. this actually isn’t the case. boxers who are knocked out rarely lose consciousness entirely and if they do it’s for less than a second in order to understand this, we’re gonna have to look at the nature of punching, brains and Concussions. the worst part to get punched in is the chin. this seems Counter-Intuitive since it’s really far from the brain But that’s exactly what makes it so dangerous. you see in order to cause brain damage minor or otherwise you have to make the brain Impact with something. you can do this by punching someone in the top of the head But you have to hit them really hard. the best way though the best way is to actually get the skull to rotate really fast so the Brain which is suspended in fluid jiggles around and smacks into the walls of the skull because Hitting the chin imparts the most rotational force and leverage this is one [of] the best places to land a knockout punch Boxers call it the button which to me is just a horrifying colloquialization of Destroying someone’s nervous system Other good places are the side of the head near the temples because the bone is softer and it also imparts rotation when the brain Experiences an impact even a minor one the person’s brain is permanently damaged. acutely this is called a concussion and all knocked out boxers have concussions and Experience a ton of cognitive impairment as with just about everything in humanity this isn’t a simple on/off switch it’s a gradient measurable by the Glasgow Coma Scale. the Glasgow Coma Scale is a metric that takes a bunch of symptoms, assigns a number to them and adds them together to give people a general idea Of what’s going on. a severely knocked out boxer for example would have a glasgow score of about nine They open their eyes in response to questions They mutter incoherently and they don’t react to pain normally but what on Earth does this have to do with Batman. Batman isn’t punching people until they fumble around like they’re drunk. He’s knocking them out cold for hours To test this, I even left [my] game running overnight to see if the mooks he punched out ever wake up They DON’T. they don’t respond to pain in the form of me bataranging them to hell They don’t talk. they don’t [open] their eyes. these guys register as a three on the glasgow Coma scale this is Colloquially called two things number one a deep coma or number two DEATH Even if we’re talking a glasgow scale of higher degrees like five or six, the death rate of all people even if they get medical treatment that reached this level of Brain damage is Seventeen percent. that means out of every ten moocs Batman beats into non responsiveness and leave Facedown in a puddle of their own blood at least one [of] these dudes is dying. when someone isn’t moving like this It’s because they’re experiencing Hematomas epidural, subdural intracerebral. take your pick. that’s what happens when you beat on someone until their middle meningeal artery pops open and Batman punches the crap out of a lot [more] than 10 dudes in the arkham series it’s like in the Hundreds and what about these [shock] gloves that are Powerful enough to stop heart or what about the fact that when you choke someone until they lose consciousness? They wake [up] almost as soon As blood flow returns to the brain which means the only way these dudes you’re choking out or staying down is because you’re probably Severing their spinal cord, or there’s this explosive gel that literally blows up walls. BATMAN you are literally blowing people up and showering them in cement shrapnel. YOU ARE MAKING GRENADES and the BatMobile has a freaking mounted gun. WHAT HAPPENED TO NO GUNS?!?!? this is a gun? I’m starting to think that this whole no killing thing is just some propaganda Perpetuated by the police of Gotham who are paid by Wayne Enterprises To cover up the massive number of homicides Batman is responsible for. Batman lowers the crime rate So who cares if he kills 17 to 30 percent of the people he interacts with? if that isn’t a smoldering indictment of the American justice system I don’t know what is. Batman is either a LIAR and a freaking serial KILLER with no conscience and a hatred of the poor OR his rich Upbringing literally made him so isolated from the struggles of the everyman that he doesn’t know what death is Do you not know what death is? Maybe he never got grief counseling after his parents died and he literally thinks the villains are sleeping I mean his main form of therapy is cosplaying In a fetish outfit and punching people in the skulls until they no longer remember their high school education This is EXACTLY why [we] need transparency in our policing system This is exactly why we have checks and balances. Batman checks and balances are mentally ill [man] in clown makeup and a giant Roided-out jock Congratulations Rocksteady. you made Batman a freaking killer, or I guess he always was one But you made him a worse one. you upgraded him from occasional Whoopsie of Negligence to full-blown Mass murderer Congratulations. You made me ruin my favorite superhero. I hope you’re happy sincerely Austin, thank you everyone for watching my video on Batman na na na na na na na na na, BATMAN. follow me on Twitter @arhourigan or you subscribe to the game theorists? And you know do something awesome. I still love Batman even though he’s a jerk. everyone’s a jerk I’m a jerk. I’ve ruined fun things for fun. Anyway. BYE. Love you

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  1. (15:55) one of the reasons why I can't take batman seriously in the movies. His mask looks too tight on his head that it forces him to stretch his lips when he talks.

  2. I would like to point out… this is ARKAM KNIGHT Batman…. His entire story arc is that HE ABANDONS his two rules. So yes ARKAM KNIGHT Batman does kill BATMAN does not. Thanks for trying though Austin.

  3. U could die if u suspend yourself upside down too long, i heared about it from " Thousand Ways Too Die" in 1st few episodes.

  4. So… ether you stoped your obsession with whips because you eventually learned that they are GOD DAMN TARRYING! or… because your parents died……………..

  5. I saw a cartoon where je is about to fall on spikes and then he grabs a midgit and stepa on him and survives

  6. Judge: Batman, you've been accused of murder. How do you plead?
    Batman: Not guilty.
    Judge: Why
    Batman: Because knocking a man unconscious and hanging another upside down isn't murder.

  7. I know Batman would never kill, the only reason why he would is either possessed by a spirit, somehow (but rarely) lost control of himself, forced to do it, or if it was the only way to save the day

  8. You can throw thugs off buildings with the stun kick

    I think when the batsuit reads unconscious…someone messed with that thing

  9. You can’t say Batman kills but then only use one form of media to back you up there are far more stories of Batman not killing than the ones where he does

  10. batman is worse than a murderer a lying murderer
    know how to beat the villans?if there male brains vs balls and female di di di!

  11. I love how through the video there is just a cheerfully chilly music playing with the topic DEATH that's quality

  12. The Game Theories: "Proof that Batman kills by science."
    HiTop Films: "NOPE! Batman does not kill. Nuff said."

  13. I just figured batman was hitting like pressure points and light punches… And kicks and its flashed out through the game play to make it look intense

  14. One time at the gym at the gym we were doing hand stands and I remember that I almost passed out while doing some and I fet lightheaded, thankfully nothing major happened exept for a blood vessel on the white part of my right eye poped, I didnt see it until the afternoon while I looked at myself in the mirror because my eye was kinda irrotated. Bur after that I was fine and everything was cool exep for a bloody eye for a week and a half

  15. Me Looks at vid: Ohh! A chance to proof to my friends that Im not crazy and that that old batty boi is a massive d*ck oh and Im totally not an incarnasion of pure evil… 😈

  16. Also in Arkham knight you run over enemies with the Batmobile at full speed and the game just shows them getting shocked and falling down, we all know those enemies are done for

  17. Without even watching this Ik what he’s gonna say you know how many bad guys this guy has killed more than the joker my g

  18. Batman: he died of natural causes.
    Batman: Gravity is natural.

  19. In Batman Arkham asylum its posisble to yeet enemies off a ledge and even bottomless pits by using the throw move, you can also pull them off a ledge in some parts by using the batclaw

  20. but in detective mode you can see the opponents heart beat while they are knocked out or alive unless it is all a lie?

  21. lol that's all small potato's..thinking about all the buildings he damages(he blows holes in parking garages), all the lawsuits the city has to pay for from injury cases. all the cars and street lights he damages, police overtime, insurance rates in that city must be insane. and all the damage he does to the structures of builds, people can't get to work..he blew up their car..trying to get away from the cops..all the cops that get injured, while he is blow holes in buildings and the car wrecks he causes. but he stop that criminal from stealing that 10,000 dollars.
    5 x Police cars
    3 x Plastic dustbins
    1 x Glass store-frontage
    1 x Car park barrier
    2 x Compact cars (used)
    1 x Concrete car park wall
    1 x Air-conditioning unit (roof)
    3 x Heat-exchanger chimneys
    1 x Mesh wire fence
    1 x Building wiring loop
    1 x Rooftop satellite dish
    1 x Tiled roof (commercial)
    1 x Central reservation barrier
    1 x Divider fence
    1 x Construction warning sign
    1 x Concrete motorway divider
    1 x Roadside hut
    1 x Metal fence

    around 300k to repair the damage from him getting away 1 time from the cops and that's not counting the lawsuits and injuries of the people in car wrecks.
    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice," but the damage overall was estimated to cost about $700 billion to the city
    if you keep added up all the cost of all the damages he has cost..not just human life..he has killed 1000's and bankrupted the city.

    yeah that guy is a "hero" billions in damage + 1000's of people he kidnaps young boys, from the circus, that's had he got

    so he breaks the 100's of laws if not all laws, steals children,destroys personal property,illegally collects evidence, beats up people with no legal right , and murders people.

    technically all the people he attacks could sue the city ..and every person he arrested would never be tried, illegal search and seizure, improperly collected evidence, no one read them their rights.

  22. I have been on a huge game theory binge lately, and I'm naturally pretty paranoid, but episodes like this is makes that paranoia sky rocket,

    clicks next episode


  24. Well to be fair with a couple points,

    1) The cannon/gun on the Batmobile is mentioned to fire non-lethal rounds when an enemy is in target. You can’t fire the cannon blast at any people in the game.
    2) You could argue that maybe Batman has chloroform in his suit that disperses to create the silent takedown, so it isn’t so much him choking a guy out, rather just letting the chloroform knock them out.

    Also, enemies don’t wake up because it’s a game mechanic. Time doesn’t work the same way in games. Protocol Ten in that game happens in like 10 hours from the start of the game but after about 3-4 hours of gameplay it’s already begun. And if you just chill doing side missions for 15 hours to start the game, Protocol Ten is no closer to progressing until you play story missions. So I don’t think the whole waiting around for enemies to wake up thing is valid. Especially when if you leave the room to progress the story and come back later, the bodies are gone. So they probably woke up at some point.

    Not saying Batman isn’t a murderer, the explanation of the inverted takedown was spot on. Same with how he beats enemies into “unconsciousness”. Just defending a couple other points in the video.

  25. Commissioner Gordon: Bruce, you hit 40 people with your 60 ton tank on your way here. We're going to have to bring you in.

    Batman: There's a non lethal taser built in to the armour.

    Commissioner Gordon: Oh okay you can go then.

  26. Yo I thought this video would be more about in arkham city the knockout smash when that thunder sound comes into play. Seeing that his gloves are Kevlar punching at that speed would crush their skull and or permanently paralyze them forever

  27. The batmobile in Arkham knight. Has a riot suppressor the shot rubber tipped bullets against criminals not real bullets

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