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Private Land: October 28 – Big Mature Buck at 10 Yards | The Hunting Public

August 20, 2019

it’s the evening of October 28th we came
back into the same set that we were in this morning I don’t really care for
doing that too much but there’s too much buck activity not to be in here at this
time on the way in this morning in the dark we just walking by a camera we
slipped a card in and out and then on our way out of here we had two more
cameras that I had placed and we there’s a lot of bucks in here and one in
particular that we at least like to see him maybe get a shot at this evening he
just kind of showed up about oh three four days ago the first pictures of him
we’re on the 22nd he’s kind of been here to stay ever since these cameras are
located on really good scrapes thick in the cover here and he’s been on him in
the daylight you know early in the morning later in the afternoon he looks
to be old mature there’s several other nice ones in here but that’s kind of the
one we’re after kind of look out in front of me here everything kind of
comes together we got hardwoods a creek running through here CRP across the
ditch big cedar thicket north of us here it all kind of funnels together right
here a couple summers ago when in and if you look over my left shoulder here I
kind of did a little clearing just got some trees out and then made a little
lane right here in front of us and these deer coming through the Cedars they like
to pop out their horse that are like coming along the creek they like to just
kind of cross right in here so that’s the game playing for tonight I was
actually in here to shoot though doing some doe huntin later in November last
year and this Creek as you can see down in front of us I had a buck coming up
and had really tall brow tines and some you know a few extra points
he caught he come out of that Creek and went south
I know it’s the same deer that might be the same way he’s traveling to either way if he
comes in through the Cedars or up the creek or along that timbered edge here
hopefully we’ll get a shot at him it’s pretty chilly tonight the wind has
really died down from this morning so that may help us or may hurt us as far
as deer a little bit we’ll have to see pretty excited to be in here I don’t think it’s him I think that’s gonna do it for our hunt
tonight that buck slipped through the hole on the top in there after we have
15 yards kind of worked up the edge in this little gap stood on the hill snort
wheezed he went ahead through that main trail
this cedars down to the scrape got all the pictures of them there at the last
minute when I drew that down out there 30 yards into the Cedars it kind of
stopped I don’t think we spooked him too bad he’s smart old dear you can tell that I could have to get a little for you days
here get back after him I didn’t think we’d see I knew we had a shot but I
think he come I mean first see him in 20 yards that’s heartbreaker

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  1. It’s. Going. Go. Down. Stay on. Him. I. Guided. In. Southern. Iowa. For. 10. Years. Keep. Wind. Right. Put. Him. In. Dirt. Good. Jod.

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