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Private Land: Nov. 15 – Insane Buck Fight, 5 Yard Bow Kill | The Hunting Public

August 12, 2019

just got in the stand here it’s a new
stand I haven’t hunted yet just got up in the tree it’s about two o’clock in
the afternoon pretty windy and saw a buck down here in the brush and just
about the time I got the binoculars up to get on him
they started another buck and him started to fight that a pretty good
little shoving match going there for a little while I bailed out of the tree
and tried to get close but of course just about the time I got down there
they split up and walked off into the brush there but looked like a couple of
pretty good bucks Fifteenth of November so I guess it’s
that time but we’re gonna sit here this afternoon maybe one of them will come
back by but that’s a pretty exciting stuff right there well finally getting situated in the
tree here actually had another buck apparently decent little buck coming
by while we were putting up our camera and stuff but I’m just wondering if
there wasn’t a hot doe that run through here and that’s what them two bucks were
fighting about obviously and this little buck was kind of on the trail to or
whatever is so pretty windy stands kind of squeaking a little but hopefully the
deer used to that by now but this is it’s real thick back in here right now
heart of the bedding area so we’re gonna hunt this a few times I haven’t been in
here yet like I said 15th to November obviously there’s a bunch of deer in
here must be pretty good next few days so are we sitting here couple times
anyway no horizontal rub here but just pretty close quarters if we get a shot I
think so might be right under the tree one walks
by so we’ll see what happens there’s been
the closest horizontal rub kind of got one on each side of it and there’s
been big bucks on both of them so I know there’s bucks shooter bucks in here so
we’ll hunt it awhile and see what we see but should be a good spot well how about that has that really nice
tall tine ten pointer that we actually had on the rub they’re just up the up
the ridge here a little ways I don’t know he was close here evidently I just
just saw him and and actually probably didn’t get it on video but I grunted at
him there when he was kind of walking away and hit him a couple of times with
the grunt call and and he just turned and come right up here walked right
underneath the tree I had to I had to reposition myself but he stopped like
like I mean just right at the bottom of the tree was able to get a arrow in him
looked like a pretty good hit is pretty steep downward angle there but pretty
nice buck pretty exciting see that buck fight there earlier and then have this
buck come in there he was still limping a little bit but not near as bad as he
was there when he walked up to that horizontal rub there oh that’s been
probably three or four days ago but he was right right down here in this thick
stuff that’s for sure but he was definitely on a look like a death run I
don’t know I kind of lost track of him kind of run down here towards the
ditch but we’ll give him a little time and walk down there and see if we can
find him but pretty cool pretty cool exciting times they got a little bit of blood right
here that’s kind of about the last spot we saw him kind of going down a cowpath
here but not a lot of blood at the top of the back hit like that I don’t know
we’ll see what we’ve got we’ll follow up a little yeah here is the arrow I don’t
know it looked like I got quite a bit of penetration here
I got about that much thought that would have got into the top of the lung there yeah you can see where he went under the
fence here looked like he’s still like a run on full-bore right here so it’s
pretty thick over here on the other side of the fence we’re just kind of ease in here
and see if we can get it general direction he’s going before dark here I think he’s like stopped right here
there’s pretty good blood around on things blood on this tree here but I’m
gonna lose light here pretty quick so we’re gonna ease a little further well
like I say we’ve kind of lost camera light here but switched over to night
shot I guess there’s pretty good ten-pointer go check him out yeah he went further than I thought
that I thought I probably got lungs we got a lot of penetration into his top
just not bleeding a lot was the top of the back hit like that but he probably
went a couple hundred yards I suppose but pretty cool definitely that one that
was on the rub there let’s just right up here on top of the hill so I thought
with that bum leg he probably wouldn’t you know be right in the area here
somewhere pretty close but pretty cool to get him on that rub a couple times
and he was definitely on the prowl there so we’ll go get some help and get him
out of here but pretty cool well here he is
went and got a little help got my son Luke help drag him out of here we don’t
have too far to go just a couple of hundred yards up here to the truck but
nice that everything worked out the way it was supposed to a real cool buck and
a nice hunt with them other bucks fighting and and everything just cool
afternoon that’s for sure I just wanted to thank Aaron and Zach and Greg for
letting me be a part of the hunting public I think that’s gonna be a pretty
cool pretty cool thing with lots of room to grow that’s for sure
so I’m glad to be a part of it and thanks a bunch well you gotta love November woke up
this morning and there’s actually a buck breeding the doe right outside the front
windows there or whatever so that was pretty cool to see him but anyway just a
quick recap on yesterday’s hunt there this is the horizontal rub that the buck
had been using quite a bit I mean it’s although I didn’t get the Buck shot off
the rub I did get quite a bit of Intel from the video camera that you know the
trail camera that’s set up on the rub here mainly heat that he was laying more
than anything and you know I knew he wouldn’t be off chasing does in the next
County so I had a suspicion he would be in this thick cover here pretty close
and that kind of prompted us to go down in there a little deeper into the
bedding area and set up there yesterday and it all worked out you could see that
the hunt was a little helter skelter trying to sell film at all but that’s
originally why I started using these horizontal rubs it just gives a buck
something to do you know while you’re self filming you know in the stand and
you know it just gives you the buck something to focus his attention on
while while you’re getting the camera on him in the bow drawn and everything like
that where as that one yesterday you know once I grunted and he’d come up
they’re all you know he was looking for you know what made the grunt and you
know it just worked out that he walked right underneath the stand and you know
I was able to draw the bow and get the camera on him and everything but it
doesn’t work that way very often let me put it that way
so anyway get a lot of intel off of them that other big buck that’s in the area
here you worked another rub real aggressively over here about a quarter
of a mile and and we checked another rub trail camera there this morning and he’d
actually walked by that rub with his guts hanging out and so and then another
big eight pointer walked up and started working the rub right behind him whether
that’s the one that gored him or not I don’t know but I’m sure he’s dead in
here somewhere pretty close but anyway you get a lot of Intel off of them and
cool trail cam videos and been a little slow on them here I mean they’ve been
working them but you know not a lot once they get with
does they you know they’ll tend to walk right by them and not pay any attention
to him here in mid-november but really the latter part of October very first of
November they’ll work them more that’s when I had most of my activity on him
this year so anyway it was a fun hunt there yesterday and they worked out a
nonetheless so life is good

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  1. Ted-

    I enjoyed going along with you on your videos this season. Beautiful Deer ! Glad your Son was there to help get it out with you. Again Thank you for the lesson on the horizontal rub. I will use that in the future………

  2. Great job! Ever find out why he was limping? The deer I shot this year was limping but he only had 3 feet, he was missing about 4 to 5 inches off his back right leg

  3. That was crazy footage of the buck with its guts hanging out! I hope you can find the head in the coming weeks. No doubt that wound will prove fatal. What a dandy buck he was.

  4. Another superb video and another superb buck. I’m so jealous of you guys because you have such great spots to hunt and you have the skills to get in there with the bucks. I get notifications when you upload new videos and I can never wait until the next one.

  5. good to see this, Ted you did a really great job, hope to see more of your videos, let's me know I can keep on going when the silver comes on strong in my beard.

  6. Congrats on a fine buck! I gotta be honest… I was a skeptic when I hear Zach mention these things lastt year. Now that I see who he was talking about and the proof of how they work, I will have my own setup just to see what will be attracted to it. Do you have any advice for tree types in the southeast? We have plenty of pines and cedars, not Scotch pines. I think I will set up a station with both tree types and see if there's a local preference.

  7. It's very obvious that the horizontal rubs are a major hit, my only question is; do you think it would be a better idea to use lag screws to fasten them to the trees or post? It's seems like it would be very easy for a deer to end up with his horns caught in between the wire and trees and get stuck there?? Just a thought. Great jobs guys in another great hunt!!

  8. Horizontal Buck Rub I think that's the first time I've ever seen that ingenious idea I think this will really catch on as a new hunting strategy for the toolbox

  9. Be careful not to allow a buck to get his rack caught in the wire you use to make the horizantal rub. Good idea though.

  10. You should’ve got out of your tree stand and walked up and choose which one you wanted to shoot. Would’ve been be that easy . I promise that .

  11. Absolutely awesome. As a fellow self filmer I have mad respect for what you're doing/did. That is a great buck, and the way you kept it together under pressure was fantastic. Great job!

  12. Crazy how that wide buck at the end of your video was still walking around like nothing happened with his guts hanging out. That buck must've died a slow horrible death. I wonder if it was actually was from a fight with another buck. I was thinking maybe a coyote did that or another hunter grazed him with an arrow or something.

  13. Finally found you guys what happed with Midwest whitetail? Seems like real tree took over.I’m glad to have re found my favorite public land bowhunters keep it up guys.

  14. ted how do you get bucks to use the horizontal rubs, i have put 2 up with licking branch, they hit the branch but not rubbing, there are old rub tree's from the year past

  15. Surprised you left the guts in so long, we gut our deer or elk immediately. Seems like people keep them in for the photos not caring to much about the meat. That's just me. Takes me 7 minutes if that to gut a deer but lots of great footage though!!!

  16. All of you people hunting animals like it’s something to be proud of our sick degenerates and you should all shoot yourselves and leave the animals alone

  17. what kind of wood are you using on the horizonal rub. Are you doing anything special other than putting 2 poles in the ground and attaching another one across it?

  18. What a shame about the wide buck and his guts hanging out. Mother Nature is a cruel ol woman and doesn't discriminate. Hopefully you'll at least be able to find his rack. Congratulations on the buck you shot and the great footage. I enjoy watching your hunts and am glad you're part of The Hunting Public team.

  19. Mr. Miller your channel is a blessing and I am ever grateful for your ability to share your experiences in the wilderness with all of us. I lost my mentor in my grandfather when I was thirteen some twenty five years ago. It's the older generation of hunters that I attempt to glean whatever helpful influence you can provide. Thank you!!

  20. Why WHY WHY do you people feel that you have to explain what WE JUST SAW, is it that you like listening to yourself talk? or is it to fill up some time?  This is why Shockey's show is so good and popular, he doesn't do a play by play of what they recored on video that is the WHOLE point of the VIDEO. Take a lesson and STHU we can SEE we are watching the VIDEO…

  21. Nice hunt and obviously what a beautiful buck, just two questions, what kind of scent you are using in the rub poles? And what type of set up for the camera? If you can please share a litte bit of info i will appreciate that

  22. not sure what it is but I really like seeing the older hunters on here hunting, maybe because I'm getting on up in years myself and enjoy deer hunting so much more now than I used to….as always great video's. Going to try a couple of those horizontal rubs this 2018 season and put a cam up to see if I can catch some action…great Idea Ted

  23. Congrats on finding that deer. That's definatly a tough shot angle. Many deer have been lost on a shot like that as there usually isnt an exit hole. Glad you found him.

  24. I learned the hard way this last season that shooting straight down on a deer like that is VERY risky. You can hit in what seems like the perfect spot but still not damage vitals very well at all.

  25. Nice Shot i do say I would assume being in a tree stand helps out alot, I was hunting in Lewenston MI 23 years ago with a friend didn't cone prepared with a camera but all the dear stories i had heard about taught me movement is the key and after my encounter with this big Ten Pointer just like yours I was unlucky that winter day when he walked within me 5 feet and i never got a shot off very Embarrassing to be honest, I guess it's called bucks fervor

  26. Are you putting any dominant buck lure on your horizontal rub trees to attract these bucks to them ? I've been thinking of trying this mock rub set up for 2 yrs now but haven't tried it, but will now that ive actually seen someone else doing the same thing.

  27. Even though the ending worked out for you, that is probably one of the worst shots to take. You probably tried to spine him and missed. Often times that arrow will go in between both lungs and miss major organs all together. You got lucky, my guess is it just barely got a lung. But that's what happens when its more important to get it on camera than it is to get in a good ethical shot placment.

  28. That's a really fantastic buck and a job well done. Perfect shot for the conditions, I heard that tree stand squeak, could you use some dry Teflon powder to silence it?

  29. Great Video!! You held it together getting it on film and getting the shot!! I also like the horizontal rub post. I think I'm going to install one on the property I hunt. 🙂

  30. Hey Ted, we’re sure glad your part of The Hunting Public as well! I have to say there are alot of shows with guys on em that I wouldn’t be caught dead hunting with. But I would absolutely love to hunt with any single one of you guys from young Ted to Senior Ted…lol. Y’all are a good group of folks, and a darn good way to burn some time before we can start flingin arrows again!

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