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August 10, 2019

what are you doing papers up there down
what’s going on guys are just tuning in are in the base of a scheme in this
prison as you know we’ve been tracked down with the creepers and they’ve set
us up in this prison guys i think jake has some sort of plan to get us out but
right now we’re surrounded by four guards we have one over there one on top
and we have one that stays around there yeah guys as of right now we’re not sure
if they’re hackers or spies or what they are
so we’re referring to them as creepers as you can tell they’re extremely creepy
but in the last episode we found out some pretty valuable information there’s
an abandoned golf cart that’s only missing a battery if we can get that
thing up and running we’ll be able to get into it in escaping of you’re fast
enough on top of that I was able to locate a battery in the interrogation
room but he took me into there’s a small car battery that using the power of
their devices as well as that we know to get out of these cuffs the one of the
guards with the white mask has keys on it so this does with a fairly reflects
plan here’s the map the prison we are currently here we need to get here to
the golf cart while obtaining the keys from this garden we got to be extremely
quiet we can’t let these creepers know what we’re up to
okay the main issue on top of that besides obtaining the battery and the
keys we need a huge distraction to get out of here I’ve got some ideas but I’m
not sure if I can flush them out yet so before we get the battery I think the
first thing we use the keys we can figure out the distractions later I’ve
got an idea you can get close enough to the white mass
guard distract him I should might be able to get up behind him and steal the
keys I don’t know Gus is their only chance to get out of here
that’s right now we’re not gonna last much longer and food they’re giving us
is slow it’s not good guys it’s not okay thank you okay I’m so hungry but I
don’t know this is it could be poison come on sink dog food
think Oh me rather starve in this place than the abyss Jake this stuff looks
really gross be careful we don’t know what they could have put in that guy’s
comment below would you even eat this go flies in it Logan just gonna run the
floss disgusting what eating around the fly they haven’t said we can’t come out
of her cells so maybe if we just glide paths a pill to get around the other
side I know the white mask bar isn’t only hanging out around there if we can
get over there I should be able to guess looking you distract him so I can get in
there cable what am I gonna do I just run out and yell or something
you want me to just run out there and yell I don’t know what do you think Isis
I think it’s the only thing we can do I’m just gonna go run out and pretend I
really want to play basketball all right that might work hey ready no four three
two one how’s the chance those are chance Rico where do we go let’s go to
something in there wait wait he’s over here I might be able to reach and grab
them okay I’ve got idea wait till he goes back all right when he walks back
over here I can see if we can steal the keys off of him also guys check it out
there’s some stuff in here we might be able to use these our escape Oh Oh my heart’s beating so fast right
now I think the scariest thing I’ve ever done Watson okay gasps I’ve used the
keys to free myself of the cuffs I’ve got to get them back to Logan to help
them help but before we go I think I saw some stuff that we can use to grab it a
head back now looks like there’s a soul attack drawn here we might be able to
use this as a distraction I don’t look here listen rope hurry let’s head back
and hit that fast we gotta get back for the nose I’m gone
the battery that we need should be in the interrogation room should be able to
grabbing you back to lockup then we can plan our escape gonna be able to get in
there and grab it all right I’ll get back to logging out fuck okay Logan I got the keys I said
looking to offload how did you do that a lot of sneaky dude boss like I said I’ve
never been that scared in my life while I was in the room I found
something else it’s a tack drop we can use this to
distract them I really I was gonna use this to distract them as we escaped but
there’s one in the interrogation room right now without that car battery
there’s no way we’re getting the golf cart started I think we’re gonna need to
use this to distract whoever’s in there to come out once I’m in there I can grab
the battery and then we’re gonna need a different version as distraction
distraction Plan B what’s plan B Jake all right I know it’s a little bit crazy
but I found this rope look guys some of them have smoke grenades on the side of
their belt if we can get one of them in here loping could strap this around the
smoke grenade pin once they leave the room we could pull it igniting the smoke
grenade causing a massive amount of smoke out in the courtyard Jake that
seems really crazy I know but guys if we can do that everyone will run rushing
over there don’t be such a commotion we’ll be able to slip up the back get
into the cart and get out of here all right fine let’s do this what step
one right step one is using this attacker do you even know how to fly
that I’ve told you before I’ll tell you again if you know how to drive a bike
you know how to fly an attack drop all right let’s get this thing set up that
makes no sense all right when he runs over the room and
run in there and grab the power in carriages
all right here we go there goes nothing they’re gonna know it was us whatever
you gonna do with the robe ready get the robe ready you guys hide right we’re
doing this right now yeah Oh what what is that I’ve never seen that before in
my life that was a hundred percent not mine
I did not take that oh okay you can throw that at me that will that is fair
I will not do anything bad ever again can’t got the battery all right three
two one oh look it’s worked who’s working is working
goodbye Joe Stratton Jocasta perfect chance dude pass about your purse back inside
try to start it all right Logan super works here we go
three two one it’s working G Oh perfect let’s get out of here we’re gonna go
fast there could make you lookin for us any second now G careful there’s a guy
up there oh no no no no no pool ball Logan this might get bumpy kukuku for to dry faster cheapy Lawson
let’s go Jeter take us as far away from this place as you can we gotta figure
out where we are and how we can get back home good fast before these guys –

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  2. Ok, I have so many questions!
    1. Why do they let you record?
    2. How do you get the clickbaits? I only asked two because if I asked to many it would not let me post this comment

  3. No do not do that he's something else to do get something to throw it out of the place and throw it out of wall not in your cell

  4. I wiiiiiiiilllllllll nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot eat that

  5. Maybe there trying to brain wash you, so you don't have any memories of your past life and get turned into one of them?

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