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August 25, 2019

Brenda Yeah, you like popcorn. Yes, anu don’t really gets the wrinkles and all we get Keep mine, too what? hey im stupid ronald jk lool Got yet. I just got a ding royals like I have to win them when I’m the worst ever I got some kitchen aah One Cck, oh I HATE ALL OF KEEPCJASSSHDD That’s so good that was disgusting so much chicken alone lot Mmm. Mine was amazing Pringles ketchup, oh and what are you doing? So we’re ready for big numbers Number two all right all right by the way my dish is funny. I want to keep mine. Okay three What? Ya Got to put that we’re teaming I Just uh I got the pink. Oh you jealous And I got the words and no room Is this yogurt? I think it’s sour cream, and then there’s onions So literally I got sour cream and onion and I got the sour cream and onion crystal All right, I get some rhyming oh All right three two one the locals like always oh Gross oh, no get away from me. Get away from me. Goodbye Ronald sour trained onions were like a mess as you can tell my work was delicious So we’re gonna move on to this number three this number three We’re Gonna I wanna I want to switch Alright first with you today. Oh my He’s and him I got ham and cheese. No way bacon It was yeah Y-yeah, I guess You kiki Daniel didn’t do it this time I Got the key Phrase oh Okay, clearly got ham and heat. I made myself a sandwich already and get my ham and cheese. Ham inky Plinky for kind of Pringles one one one might be a french pringle three two one Mmm, what? 91 that hot dog can bite ham and cheese. Yes ready for – number four It’s number four okay. I think it’s your turn to pick right yep All right in what you’re gonna play this one me money Make it mine. Okay. Now. Why not switch switch? all right, what I got a medical m So cheese pringles and I got real a mental cheese. Oh Try strong Mummies ah So Mellie two guys go if you can I Never tried a mental cheese, so I’m guess this is my first time all right, I’m Super Bummed three two one You just look at Union safe Was it awesome? Going on the role of mental season you grew up guys called on one more This one was broke new alternate this a summertime alrighty there bro shaking I’m going to keep mine alright hey, I Thought toward Tara and Salsa, and you got real salsa you have nothing bad I guess tortilla with chips. I’m good, but along with it alrighty Jeremy open it. Let me open all right you guys three two one much on it again spicy Mm-Hmm mine is good. I wonder how salsa Pringles will taste like with Alsa Oh, we got to try this we got try next alright. I got it three two one Good actually um your experiment Doesn’t alsa oh my God somebody’s oh oh double bun lament does everything Alright is it my chain acknowledge my turn. I’m gonna switch Looks like a group. I’m Gonna take off my That’s the pizza that was in the oven. I saw it. Yeah, I don’t like buffets. I think the most okay the disappear Move man, okay. Look are they I think they’re like white? Oh, and I got a diaper needles when they haven’t been read for the like tomato sauce. I’m Gonna try one What? Hmm Gasps peter, oh my God. I have the best thing ever what we put the pringles on top of the pizza How would that tastes? All right, we’re gonna like it’s not these I like this a little bit. Maybe like chewing them you know we keep children We can choke her right over just gonna come on three two one Good the pebbles are awesome. This was amazing. Yeah Okay, when I want to keep my oh no, oh I go it says Graham Weird thing tickling my nose yeah, oh yeah, full force among its food shoes three two one Well tomorrow the water So what oh? You’re an insolent. No, that’s for a girl That was really gross. Oh my was really good. I should like ring up shuffle rings out of you cassius Okay, get your buddy knows. It doesn’t have sharp teeth. It’s not going to bite Nine guys, I’m Gonna let rip the skin This every day It’s my turn, okay. I’m going to keep mine I’m nervous others are gay three two one oh my God body Okay, that means I got don’t think oh yeah. I don’t do bacon. I never lie likes pickles. Are you ready? No my dick once You keeps me from the great This has a bet better son like a better smell. Okay, you you cheer now like 47 No, seriously no transduce. Lee. I hear like on three three two one Hmm That’s good. It is like nothing, but just a little bit of pickle tasting It’s just a little bit close by go actually okay. I guess it’s time for the mixer This number nine all righty. It’s in our turn. I’m going to keep mine. Oh, no three two Okay, I got real cheddar cheese and Korea got two pringles the ketchup smelling me guys one Okay Hmm. I would eat it if I have to buy fang if I have a choice I would so that’s also run or gross. No. I don’t man. I don’t like him No minor gods pretty good. Oh, man. You know what my try goes all Right Tender perennials are much better than the cheddar cheese now. That’s yep the night You devil Andre all night even though I did not try it Moving on to dish number 10. Hi, this is number 10, oh Yeah, I was you’re gonna do I’m going to keep 9 3 what I got with Toby I go Korea I think that’s real Masami. Oh Sobbing oh No, three I feel bad you How much are you Gonna pull? All right, okay smells horrible, and it’s just like a low because I know this is really spicy Spicy mmM Good You might as well Oh guys that was really super spicy even the pringles version through observation, umberland This is not very good at it. All right. Iii, didn’t want to keep mine from the wiggliness, okay three two My second favorite Barbecue freedom I got barbecue sauce beautiful, main Wings buy mine And I’ll back were you wrong actually new you’re like barbecue Divide it is barbecue. Sauce I see uncle Joe. I’m not sure okay three two one Ben is amazing love it This is Gross. Hey Look, it’s all righty You want to do next? This numbers well okay my sister knew me out there james. Oh, I know evening ah Wrong me all me. This is not roly-Poly Haha, I got you now. I’m going to switch Okay, three two one yeah Not seasoned onion, you got cheese and onion, and you have normally got she said onion. I hate onion Jen isn’t that one yin – oh no. She was just cheddar cheese, and onion. I don’t need the cheese part You know, what is that? Perfect Flavor and Anwar you bite. Oh Is it true? First had to find out okay. I guess with the money in on this bill. Then come on. I’m Gonna take your pringle three two one mmm It is grown Like this fine, but are you pardon? I don’t really like it. Just seems wrong that was disgusting. I always feel she’s Okay, but like I wouldn’t eat it probably not okay Moving on to the next dish this number 15 It’s fortune. I think note your turn. Oh my turn ah Okay, – yeah mystery Flavor With what I? Know it far. No, wait. I’m gonna carefully Pillow is all bro. It’s a mystery slater what? Look at this mystery Flavor Box will look super mysterious in Model It says mystery flavor mystery hashtag mystery challenge like fine Five clues in the word search all there’s like many word searches and maybe you can find closes. Oh Good rock star looking, okay. This is Mr.. Hard way What where we might know the smells like I don’t want to try I’m going to open the box okay I Think it’s Dark and ominous. Yeah, this would be sour cream and onion No, but it’s mystery doesn’t taste the same does it okay, okay? How about you try it first No, you have to try the same time three Two one What does it taste like I? Am going to go can I try your pringle? cheese Are you sure now it is my cheese right so this one tastes like onion our cheese We don’t really know but this one is disgusting Fish and get away from me. I don’t want to try that okay moving on your next dish This is number 14. Okay. I know a second yep. I’m going to keep mine It’s a pringle with a ball shooting of pepper. Oh, it’s really funny I’ll run it. I love peppers. I don’t like peppers Gazzaniga under a Second oh, no pepper. It’s like a normal pringle all right now getting the pepper taste. It’s kind of spicy Just a little please Montano mother This one is pretty good even the real one all right Hey, December 15 all right. I’m nervous. I draw a little bit or you switch. Yes Okay, oh, how I was raised oh My God, I look so much I Think these ones are going to be better than the pringles wow I guess not cheap. Oh I’m definitely gonna try that after it looks so hot you pick that one barring this is a Good One oh That’s better Okay, this is so exciting mmM, so I might try that I’m all right my lunch is over Let’s save that for after this video now kind of Rapid video So would we both deserve a thumbs up y’all fall for them moving on to the next vid number 16 already I’m Gonna Keep okay? What? Yeah, I got sapir. Haha is this wrong. I don’t you wrong. No. I doesn’t look the wrong. Are you comfortable? It’s going to teach you at the same time. No. I think it’s ham I got four sciuto Branca more sugar – but that’s Empennage alright try them so excited looks so good can we – what? good I Want either one be good I go, and it’s okay. I expected better aren’t suspected for lunch Why mine no no? November, I don’t want to try okay, let me try yours Is this a piece of saint I wonder it is nothing to same you could yes, but okay? I got nothing to say I’ll try it. No. No it looks like no Saktophe. Good one I don’t know. It’s raw you’re not going to get seven else. Oh So that was the last dish my favorite angles were the barbecue and the catch of my least favorite were like what’s obvious. Yes my favorite one was the sour cream and onion my work real food was the mystery one I don’t like that knew who that was look like bland looks like when Just looks white it was the cat walnut it looks like um break some stewards to you all next time ah you

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