Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL
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Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

October 8, 2019

The morning of the game, I opened the curtains in my hotel room, and I was like, “Oh my god, it was like a scene from Moby Dick.” It was, like, the winds were blowing, the palm trees, and the rain was one of those Miami rainstorms that just would not relent. We’re in this truck, sitting behind don Mischer And I remember Don said, um, “Put me on the phone with Prince.” Don says, “Now, I want you know it’s raining,” and Prince [was] like, “Yes, it’s raining.” [Don continued] “And are you okay?” And Prince is like, “Can you make it rain harder?” And I was like, “…Right on.” We were told, “In 40 years, it’s never rained in a Super Bowl. Don’t worry about it.” So… that went well. We were up in a booth at the top of the stadium and the rain is pouring into the booth. It was so windy and rainy, we couldn’t even see. I was just panicked. Prince was using four separate live electric guitars. The stage was made out of a very slick tile which, when it got wet, was even more slippery. He had two Beautiful dancers with him. The twins, okay? They were wearing, I think, 8-inch heels, and I was just saying, “Oh my God. What’s gonna happen now?” Count it That Prince set is so wild. He does other people’s songs; he’s not promoting himself. He’s just making music. It’s profound, and it’s loud, and it’s funky and it’s just one performer, uh, shaking entire world It felt surprising; it felt spontaneous. Whatever script you might have had in your head for, “Okay, here’s what he’s going to do.” He didn’t do that. Musically, it felt very loose. He played big, epic Prince-style guitar solos. Turning the bad weather to his dramatic advantage… it was almost like a special effect. He could totally lean into that and make it seem like, “Sure, it’s raining. Of course it’s— I would have wanted it to rain! Like, I ordered that.” By the time we got to the end of the set, when he did do Purple Rain, that was one of those times where things just worked magically, and there’s nothing you can do but just say, “Thank you.” Come on, y’all! Don’t it feel good? Can I play this guitar? To me, it’s about one guy in the middle of a hundred thousand people and a hundred million people on television, and it’s your moment to be Prince at the Super Bowl and Mother Nature is dropping thousands and thousands of gallons of rain. I always thought [about] how cool the guy is to rise up and just get stormed upon, and just bring what he brought That was so special. Y’all want to sing tonight?

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  1. How did nobody in the band get electrocuted? How did the heads on the drums not turn into pancakes immediately upon being struck with drum sticks?

  2. Still the best concert ever. For someone to give as much as he did for his fans. It brought so many emotions. A true showman and artist. Miss you. ?

  3. They forgot to mention prince was wearing four inch heels and still strutted and performed like a rock god up and down that slippery platform.

  4. I was 11 years old when I saw this performance on television and one of the first Super Bowls I have seen, and also one of the first sports games I have seen on High Definition. It was an amazing experience watching Prince perform his music during this halftime show on TV. It is one of the greatest live performances that I have ever seen.

  5. They act like the guitars are actually electric, there is no electric in them and he’s using wireless so he’s fine, you over dramatic idiots

  6. I'll never forget this. I saw this while it was happening (on TV, of course. I'm not that damn lucky). I actually felt blessed LOL! Not kidding. Powerful dude.

  7. NFL thank you for this content. You should release all of the best halftime shows leading up to each super bowl.

  8. I was never a huge Prince fan but that was such a badass moment!!! I couldn't help but be a fan after that!!! RockSTAR!!!

  9. I feel sorry for all these young kids who have crap for music. There is talent, do not get me wrong. There are people I would not mind seeing in concert myself. But artists like Prince, we will never see again.

  10. Just goes to show, GOD really does have a plan for each individual person. He gave Prince his purple rain that day.

  11. This magical Halftime show has been & will ALWAYS BE THE VERY BEST!!
    Prince brought it like nobody else ever could've!!
    R.I.P. You God among men.

  12. So this genius plays a most inspired guitar solo and commentator achieves what celestial rain respectfully refrained to do – drowning beautiful music in torrential gibberish. A shame …

  13. Watching this live, I felt like I was in the truman show, everyone was like, NO WAY, NO WAY! It felt we were all floating watching him, absolutely devastated he's gone so soon.

  14. In the dictionary, under the word “professional,” is a picture of this performance. Consummate professional. I remember watching this on TV and being absolutely astonished.

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