Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow
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Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow

August 10, 2019

Northern Olive (Chionansis ramifolia) Cutting wood with stone hatchet from an earlier video Splitting log with a stone chisel Notice that the wood twists Splitting off wood from one side of one end Turn bow around and remove wood from the opposite side at the other end Now the wood is straight Tapering the width of the bow to the tips Tappering the depth of the bow to the tips Narrowing the handle width slightly. The depth of the handle is left alone it is to keep it stiff. String notches. Finished stave Unknown tree with fibrous bark Stripping bark This type of tree is resilient and grows back quickly Separating inner bark fiber Separating inner bark strips A strip of fiber is twisted clockwise. Then it is wound anti clockwise around the other strip and so on. By doing this the fibers will stay together due to being unable to unravel More lengths of fiber can be added to lengthen the cord by twisting them onto the ends of the other fibers Finished string A loop is put onto one end of the bow and the other end is tied on while the bow is bent with the knee using 2 half hitches Bow is slightly asymetrical Wood is scraped off to make it bend evenly Finished bow Cutting a sapling Scrapping off bark Carving a string nock at the narrow end of the stick A bush turkey Some feathers dropped by a bush turkey Splitting feathers Cutting one feather into three parts Stripping ends of feathers Tree resin Sticking feather on with resin (feathers make arrows fly straight) Lashing feather with bark fiber strand Fire sharpening the thick end of arrow Trimming feather with a hot coal 6 arrows Using bark to make a quiver Shooting a log target at 10 meters Arrow sticks in well Bow and Arrows

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  1. Guy: *Crafts Bow Without crafting table*
    Minecraft Gamers: Wait, that's illegal
    Edit. Thnx for the likes!
    Edit 2: 132 Likes!?!? You guys are awesome!

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  3. Ну вообще стрелы на поясе держали, но це пих*й! Чисто первобытный Леголас!

  4. If I may ask, is the reason you do not draw the bow fully to your chin because of technique, or a fear of the bow breaking?

  5. O_O that poor bird, you just see its minding its business, next thing you know, boom his feathers are in his hand. 1like =1 pray for that bird.


    1. A girl who spent most of her life hunting and survived a 24 person battle royale with a bow and arrow.

    2. A random guy with trees and some feathers.

  7. Seems like an American style bow. I've been trying to learn the English longbow and it's giving me see trouble in the tillering stage. 🙃

  8. 2:58 что-то мне подсказывает, что перья не просто так упали🤣

  9. Самоетинтересное У него 50 млн просмотров ,не плохо заработал!!!

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