Prime Minister Trudeau thanks Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches in Ottawa
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Prime Minister Trudeau thanks Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches in Ottawa

November 16, 2019

(Prime Minister of Canada): How is everyone
feeling? (Cheers) Listen, I know a lot of Olympians were thanking me and thanking us as parliamentarians for
welcoming you into the House of Commons. Let me tell you, we are more grateful that you
came in to youthful up the place and to make us all so proud. The energy you bring anywhere
you go, I mean, in this collected number to this House of Commons, to this Parliament
is amazing. But each of you individually for the rest of your lives will inspire every
room you walk into, will leave people proud of the Maple Leaf we all love so much, and
proud of what our country and what you have done.
So thank you for sharing a little bit of your glory with this place today. (Applause & cheers) But before going too far, I really want to
take a moment to underscore the extraordinary work that Carla does every day as Minister
of Sport and Persons with Disabilities. Thank you, Carla, for everything you do. (Applause) Her commitment and determination in serving
Canadians are nothing short of incredible, and I am sure that everyone in this room can
attest to that. And thanks to all of you for being with us today for this very special
event. It is my absolute pleasure to host you today,
athletes, coaches, athletic staff and MPs. Because of you, and by extension your country,
we all had an extraordinarily successful experience in Rio. Thank you for that.
I know that like most Canadians, my family had the Olympics and Paralympics on at our
place this past August and September, and let me say that your drive and determination
and dedication was really something to watch. Canadians across the country and indeed around
the world felt immense pride in your amazing accomplishments. Accomplishments that you’ve
really and truly trained all your lives for. I think that for me what stood out the most
while watching you compete wasn’t your physical strength or even your mental strength, although
rest assured those were always on full display, it was your strength of spirit, your tenacity,
and it was your willingness to always push past your limits on behalf of that maple leaf
on your uniform. Thank you for that. (Cheers & applause) I want to thank you profoundly. I’d like to thank you sincerely and profoundly for
serving your country, for representing the very best of Canadian sport on the world stage,
and for inspiring a generation of Canadian kids to work hard and dream big.
This nation could not be more proud. Congratulations on all of your extraordinary accomplishments.
Thanks very much everyone. Thank you. (Applause)

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