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Presentación oficial | Víctor González | Samsung Paralympic Blogger

November 29, 2019

Hi, guys. I’m Vic González. I’m a Paralympic athlete from the Spanish Snowboard team. I’m here in PyeongChang to enjoy and participate in the Winter Paralympic Games. I’ve been selected among other athletes by Samsung International and IPC to explain my experience here at the Games with a video blog. And well, first things first and here behind me I have this character, whose name is Bandabi, which is the Winter games mascot and I’m going to introduce you. Bandabi is an Asian bear that means “strength” and “tenacity”. And whose name comes from “bandal”, which means “half moon” in Asian, because of the half moon it’s got on its chest; and “bi”, which means the celebration of the Winter Paralympic Games. Well, if you have any doubt about the Winter Paralympic Games, about the Olympic Village, about our trainings or anything else you’d want to know about the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games, just leave me a message on my social media accounts and I’ll try to answer through a video blog and answer the questions you may have. Greetings from PyeongChang.

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