Premier League Classic: Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool | Reds stun Highbury
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Premier League Classic: Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool | Reds stun Highbury

March 24, 2020

Good evening and welcome to one of
English football’s most famous stadiums, Highbury, and this a match of
great meaning to the destination of the Premier League trophy this season. Liverpool in general have had the better
of recent meetings with Arsenal, they’ve won four of the last five and they’ve
scored quite a lot of goals in that time, notably through Robbie Fowler, who has
actually got a hat-trick against Arsenal in each of the last three seasons,
though they all came at Anfield. Arsenal calling the shots
in the early moments, Keown knocks another one across,
Wright underneath it! And it’s well parried by James. McManaman making himself available
to pick up the pieces. And now he’ll move forward quickly,
Fowler will look to get it onto his left foot, McManaman sweeps it across for Collymore! Spurns the opportunity,
and it was a good one too. They found it rather easy to thread their way
through the Arsenal defence, it has to be said. That was a mistake that releases Collymore,
he may have taken too long again. Well, I wonder if Stan Collymore
will have two better chances than the two he’s been presented
in the opening quarter of an hour here. Roy Evans, a proud man but he knows that
since he took over from Graeme Souness the only trophy in the cabinet
has been the League Cup. Decoy run made, and Collymore has gone on,
he can finish this time… Well, it was a feeble toe poke at
the end of some intricate footwork. Barnes still skilful enough to shield
the ball then deliver the pass. This time it’s David Platt
who wins it for Arsenal. Down the line,
Bergkamp is in there alongside him, here’s Bergkamp!
And he spoons it high. Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, into the crowd. Harkness, asks McManaman to take on Platt. Sqaure ball, good shot, surely Collymore now! No stopping Stan Collymore
from four yards out. And the hard-struck shot
bounced back off Seaman’s chest and Collymore pounces
for his 15th of the season, and they are off their seats. Bergkamp, lovely chipped ball for Wright,
who will certainly keep it in. Hooks it across the face of goal
then it’s knocked back again. Bergkamp, Vieira,
who’s going to be strongest here? It was Mark Wright of Liverpool, he’s hacked it
away and Collymore charges on, and he might get something else here! Thrilling try from Collymore, and that would
have been a goal within five seconds of the move petering out
at the other end of the field. Robbie Fowler here, he’s round Seaman
and goes down… Penalty given, is it? Robbie Fowler with the touch that took it away
from his England colleague David Seaman. Ian Wright furious, being told
to go away by Gerald Ashby. Robbie Fowler can extend his extraordinary
scoring sequence against Arsenal… Seaman makes the save – but McAteer’s in! 2-0 Liverpool, and at long last McAteer
has got his first Premier League goal. But what curious circumstances
in which to break his duck. Here’s a shot! And a save,
Vieira is still in there. And Platt stabs it wide,
McAteer knocks it away. Garde. Nice little flick from Bergkamp to Wright. And Ian Wright did so well,
he did brilliantly well. A goal out of nothing really from
the goal-poacher supreme. A super goal from a super striker. And it ends in Liverpool’s favour:
Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool.

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  1. Why do I only get this notification now?
    Edit: To let late comers know, I got it a minute late! It's still too late! 😂

  2. we’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league, corona couldn’t stop us, corona couldn’t stop us, corona couldn’t stop us, we’re gonna win the league


    (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪ𝙵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🎗

  4. Listen carefully Guys stay save and don’t go out wear gloves, mask and also corona isn’t a joke to some people who thinks that it’s just a flu please guys take it seriously before its too late thenk you .💕💕

  5. I like classic matches, classic matches make me know more of the legend in the Liverpool team

    Terima kasih admin💕

  6. Would like to see highlights of our best matches during our glory years, in the 70s and 80s, if that’s possible.

  7. everything were beautiful, the football kit, the filming, the quality, the commenter voice, the goals, everything

  8. These combo deserved at least one premier league title each;
    Collymore – Fowler
    Heskey – Owen
    Torres – Gerrard
    Suarez – Sturridge

  9. I'm a man utd fan you deserve too win the title best team this year by far but if they cancel the premier league it Will be funny like if we were going to win the title after 30 year's 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Still one of my favourite Liverpool sides. If only we had an Alisson and a Van Dijk in defence to supplement our superb attack. Evans always played good football going forward.

  11. 0:15 – "Liverpool in general have the better of recent meetings with Arsenal. They have won 4 of the last 5 and they scored quite a lot of goals in that time as well"

    Things haven't changed much since then, have they?

  12. Arsenal must be thinking they wish they stayed at Highbury, than going to that soulless new ground of there's playing in now.

  13. Can’t believe that Fowler Pen didn’t go VAR, jokes aside the refereeing was shocking Fowler was adamant it weren’t a Pen but the ref bottled it and went for pride

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