Post Scriptum – Puma Hunting Shermans [GER Comms/ENG Subs]
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Post Scriptum – Puma Hunting Shermans [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

February 14, 2020

He’s right at the FOB! Advance further!
There he is again! Drive past and try to distract him!
Yes! Move out left into the field! And fire a bit! He’s right at the FOB! Oh… No!
Oh dear! Out, out!
Yes, out! He saw us! Go on, go on! Use the trees! Ok, works! We’re in cover! Ok, he’s firing on them! Move up! Back to him! Back in there!
Yes, yes! There he is! Ok, we need to dance here – it’ll be wild!
We can spawn there straight away! Ok, play dead here! Great work…
Oh, you’re still alive… Yes! Then you can get me!
He’s advancing! He’s circling around the barn! Drive around slowly on the left! He’ll hear us! Firefly is evading north-west!
Firefly is running to the north-west! Stay here, maybe we can get a shot in!
He’s stationary! He’s stationary…
There’s an MG firing for sure… He’s firing… He has to be on the right!
Want me to advance? Yes, bit by bit! Very slowly!
Maybe we can get closer! What happened to the Firefly? He’s driving down the train tracks!
Yes, he’s running! If you want smoke on the enemy tank, do tell – I’m close! All good – we’ll try to get him here! He’s running! Try breaking through north! Maybe we can catch him… stop! Stop! I can get a shot in! Firefly destroyed! No! Really?!
Yes, sure! Very nice! Awesome!
Firefly is destroyed! Let’s get home, repair! Enemy infantry ahead! Enemy logi ahead! Stop! There! Oh, ok – nice shot! Gone – thanks! Let’s keep the Panthers ass clear with HE! Drive a bit closer! No more sleeping now – you’ve got targets!
Eyes on! See!
One on there! Now load HE and let’s clean this up!
Hang on! Stay here, we’ll keep doing this! Oh, he even made it!
Woa, something coming back! No, that was TNT – No problem, missed! If that hit us, we’d be dead with that TNT!
Can’t see – They’re throwing smoke at you! One infantry guy went left around the house! They need to… right something – there he is! Has been… Top still!
That was us, covering your ass! He runs into it, idiot! Reverse out of there!
Bazooka from the left – get out of there! Reverse, we’re covering you! That was a hit from the front! There’s one with bazooka left!
Bloody americans! Left, hang on – stop! Oh, hit!
Still left, watch out! Reverse with the Panther! We’ll shut down that market place! Try getting there! Oh! Right, 2h!
That was AT! Sure?
Yes! What?
Yea, no… – Yes, AT, seen! He’s done! We need to go! Let’s get back to the Panther, fix him and get out! We are more than spotted, they’ll all come to us soon – we need to pull out of here! Bit right…
There’s smoke coming in again! They trying to sneak towards us, the basterds! Get to their right!
If you want to leave, switch to driver – I’m wounded! I didn’t notice! 12h! 12h, window! I’m dead!
Dammit! Reverse! Let’s hold here for now! Left, MG!
Infantry ahead! Loading HE! Fire…
Breakthrough or fire? Can’t see – already left! He just runs off…
12h, mg! Ok, he got blown away, ok…
Spotted enemies? We’re surrounded by infantry! Nice! Why is there this shit again?!
Yes, come on… He should be on the right, according to the mark… 12h! We have infantry crawling onto us unfortunately…
There’s a second one! What?! Where did the grenade go?!
Vade, there’s a second one! Oh no… Ok, let’s handle one after the other! Went through! Engine out! That’s infantry but we don’t care! Not yet! Come on, die! We need to run from the Firefly after! Destroyed, ok get out! Reverse!
Reversing or what? Oh oh! Ey, that’s one here! 1h!
Yes, loading HE! Did he [Firefly] just take out the infantry?!
Not sure – think so! That’s good enough, let’s go! Behind the houses – yes, infantry all over! Oh dear… We’re breaking through! Turret to 6h and fire or we’ll never get out of here!
One’s running at the house! We’re driving! We’re driving! We’re driving, we’re good! Loading APCR! Can’t see… He should be somewhere left! Drive around in a big circle!
Yes! Around the houses! We have two APCR, those must be on point! Keep driving, let’s go! I’m going out the hatch, getting sea-sick! Ok, now up here – that’s it! Driving left, I see him! 11h, he didn’t see us! Yes, going down the hatch!
9h soon! 10h! I’ll turn soon here…
Yes, that’s perfect! I can’t, I can’t again…
Turn in now! Ok, that’ll be…
You can go through! Hit!
Hit, penetrated! Driving out right or after them?
Move left! Follow left, follow left! He’s turning left! I can’t! Oh no – ok, we’ll fit!
No eyes on… Firefly infront of us! No eyes on! He’s right! Careful, stop here!
Can we do anything about it? Fire into the back? Reverse! Reverse slowly! Stop! Too far!
Or destroy the tracks? Bit forward! Walking speed! Stop – no, too far! Bit back! Ok, he’s moving! Where is he?! Come on, come on!
He’ll come out left, getting closer! Firefly infront of us at 1h! There, he’s smoking! Got eyes on? Yes! Infantry 12h! Infantry 12h at the road! Here, HE on the road! Yes, that’s right!
Nice! Very good, many thanks! Good work! We need to head home, get ammo and repairs – we’re out! You can stay or follow us, as you’d like… Let’s stay!

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  1. Ein Stream würde bestimmt auch gut ankommen wirklich beeindruckend wie gut ihr spielt auch deine Uboot Videos sind sehr geil

  2. Will you consider doing full gameplay videos? (From match start to finish) The gameplay from these clips are interesting enough that I don’t think a full-length vid would bore me in any way

  3. The virgin M4 Sherman
    – 32t, heavy
    – slow
    – low topspeed, wtf get on with modern warfare gramps
    – oversized 75mm gun lmao overcompensation
    – sloped armor here and there, wtf is this a modern art piece?

    The chad Puma
    – lightweight, less than 12 tonnes; fit and healthy
    – Speedy, easy to drive, goes both ways just as fast
    – Top speed of 90km/h, pioneers modern warfare
    – Small, disciplined and deadly 5cm gun dispersing high velocity shots with precision
    – Beautifully crafted geometric plates assembled in symmetry, leaves foe in awe of design

  4. total wierd, ich hatte fast das ganze video geguckt bevor ich bemerkt hatte, dass ich mit drin bin (Siegwulf). Die eigene Stimme ist einem wirklich fremd.

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