Porträt Biathletin Nadine Horchler (1/3)
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Porträt Biathletin Nadine Horchler (1/3)

November 17, 2019

It’s an affair of the heart for me. I put all my heart into it and with a great feeling inside. Obviously, it’s tough sometimes.
That probably comes with the territory. But I’m fulfilling my heart’s desire
and giving it all I have. It would often have been easier to decide against biathlon. Instead of looking in the mirror and asking:
What do I have to do differently? I’ve often heard: I wouldn’t have bet 50 euros on you. But you just never know with biathlon.Just a few meters more. I don’t believe it. And she’s going to make it. She’s going to make it.The fighting spirit of Nadine Horchler
and the jubilation at the finish line.Celebrating her first World Cup victory. It’s obviously been a lot easier for me since that win, because I actually have it in black-and-white,
whereas before, it was just a belief in myself or a wish. Being able to tap into that is obviously always much better than not knowing whether it’s ever going to happen. Winning the World Cup marked a major achievement for me. One which, for a while, felt farther away than a trip to the Moon. But I’m also grateful for the journey to get there. I also see it as a privilege to still be able to do it. I’m just going to try and make this dream come true. with this huge opportunity at the Winter Olympics. Obviously, nobody knows what’s going to happen in the end. I can only get up every day and give one-hundred percent. I am Nadine Horchler, elite athlete,
and I fight with all my heart to achieve my goals.

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