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Polk Elementary Archery

August 12, 2019

we have the third week of our archery curriculum unit one all right now and we’ve taken the students through a history of archery and introduce them to the vocabulary different parts of a bow and arrow and then show them the techniques of how to shoot a name we’re doing archery and we could be there playing one-on-one where you have to start at exactly 101 points using the target or you play tic-tac-toe with specific pacto only your students develop we’re always looking for new and innovative things to do with supplement our current curriculum one of the ideas made teachers seem like you said hey you know what why don’t you try archery we sat down we can look at it and think it would be a good supplemental curriculum to add it to our current curriculum so our own teachers seem in they designed it to design the curriculum they are click the equipment well I was excited today and never really done it before and i also was a little bit nervous like what it would be like and how it with your now I wanted to try our dream ok it was now and I’ve never heard that before and I thought it would be Marcus and there and a lot of movies there are a lot of people closing now I thought it was just for the time being the kids interested in guessing it’s kind of hard but we’ll see there are fire and the north- norther doing and there’s no stopping me i’m pretty sure they wish to have the equipment a little bit longer because I appreciate the PSP the multimodal department first for you know getting funding to do to do this program i think it is something really good for the students of help

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