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Police Officer Plays As A Cop in Grand Theft Auto V • Professionals Play

August 27, 2019

now there’s a helicopter oh it’s got so out of hand so fast I would have some serious explaining to do to my sergeant and supervisors [Music] my name is Amber I’m a police officer in Southern California so our day to day as a police officer it actually Perry’s a great deal we respond to radio calls we do traffic stops sometimes two Lakeville pretend like they’re gonna stop and then they take off a listen it is a car or we’ve had people that just straight up like bail out and it’s take off right on foot if that happens that means that I they’re like the car is stolen or there’s like a weapon in the car people don’t generally just run off because they got pulled over for speeding this should be interesting this is crazy like realistic I’m like the logos like that’s that’s on the back of our cars the field even has like the bumper sticker meet this back to being all the traffic rules okay see that car made a right and Rhett but do not stop stop Munroe am i this this is my sister prison eggs oh my oh my gosh that was what does that mean y’all need to settle down that came out of nowhere it’s like it’s not even my pursuit anymore it’s like they can have it can I hit them hit them I mean art before those cars that’s good do what they want I guess they did pit them we would have to like stop and like clear make sure no other cars are coming in that intersection before we okay what kind of car do they have what my own car has rained me is that paper plating now there’s a helicopters oh it’s got so out of hand so fast I would have some serious explaining to do to my sergeant and supervisors get out you’re not helping I walk along the high oven-like pull them out alright I mean what I do now oh no like how do I wear the handcuffs alright why do they can cut her mind kept wanting to jail for at least felony evading at this point that’s because he took off on a very funny suit that would never ask elite to what does happen that was there’s so much that was wrong with that oh I get like more towards like the middle of the city could that’s where people drive like the biggest Able’s everyone thinks where they’re going is much more important than everybody else [Music] check out how awful this is we hit lights but I can’t exactly go like running red lights that that’s that way when I’m pulling people over for so I just want a regular old traffic stuff what mine are they turning from so they’re going like up to the right and do with that you have to turn is like the closest link to you so I’m gonna ask further I deep Oh Frank Liotta let me just get the license plate Frank that’s so many more numbers but now I’m just gonna make sure that there’s no warrants on the car or that it’s not stolen and that he has no warrants dude license spell with no active warrants this is so cool red for sure to add it’s registered in his name cool ice let’s see what write-in tickets like I like it changed okay we actually don’t have control over how much the ticket we use hey you can’t do that that was so bad we almost had a different issue so I pulled this person over because he made a left turn in front of you and I had the green light wait I pulled over the rock this is awesome hold it for Dwayne Johnson I don’t know what I would do if I actually pulled over a dozen the ocean Victor Victor William license expired no active warrants I told her card honestly I would probably just say hey do you have any buddies that come and pick you up cuz telling people scars I mean I asked to leave a vehicle oh yeah yeah so I’ll give them a ticket at least oh no oh so fat so it seems that they’re in pursuit definitely put out what but for pursue certainly that means sack up in which basically be responding jumper so I’m gonna try to hit maneuver yeah oh wait there should be other cards there we go I’m gonna shove another cards with me we got two pastors Oh duh I have signal friends stop I knew it I knew it dang it I knew it I think too good to be true where are we going we’re in the back of like a shipyard I’ll begin to the gate oh all right always bailing let’s see oh no he’s getting the fastest take them right oh I feel like I’m about to do nope this is so bad this is so bad okay oh my god where’s my gun drop the gun drop No oh wow that was so out of nowhere I did not expect that this is so bad look at this oh my gosh like anything like this happen this whole block we get plucked off all these cars is dragging through it that’s that’s real bad oh my gosh so I pulled them over because they rammed my car and I said points to one Tom William Henry 7-7 reported a stolen all right in which case I would normally that’s awesome in which case I would normally call backup but because the backup in this game is so out of control I’m just gonna like nobody to come back up and we would have the exit the car like while we’re behind our car just as cover but in this case that just goes house my hands up at oh wait no oh all right so now not only is she being arrested for driving a stolen car should be arrested for battery on a police officer there we go all right this is a pretty complete shift I think it’s time for me to go home I’m gonna have a lot of reports to write mod it was really cool I thought it was really really sick as far as like the details like on our cars and our uniforms though it was pretty unrealistic and like the responses of the officers that they’re not gonna be 20 officers that come out flying ramming you Randy the car people in this game deserve tickets just cause of how crazy they are people in the rules I tend to give a little bit of slack as long as it’s reasonable for the most part [Music] [Music]

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  1. I can't get over how cute it is to see her character walk up to cars after traffic stops. She's so calm ???

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